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Free Demographic Survey Template

A demographic survey can be used to measure different variables. This sample demographic questionnaire can be used to collect data on —age, gender, marital status, work status, household income, level of education, ethnicity, etc - basically anything relevant to your study or research. Your respondents can fill out this form easily without any hassles

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Free Demographic Survey Template template

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Form Customization

Formplus allows you to modify your demographic survey form to reflect your organization's image. We offer a range of form customization options in the form builder that can help you to create beautiful and more professional forms easily. 

You can tweak your form's outlook by adding your organization's logo to your form, changing the color theme or adding suitable background images to your demographic survey form. With knowledge of CSS, you can modify your form layout, create your own form theme and modify pre-built form templates.

Submissions as Docx/PDF Attachment

To ease the communication process between your team, stakeholders and form respondents, you can add a copy of the form as a Word or PDF attachment in your email notifications and confirmation emails. This way, everyone has a copy of the form submission for the purpose of future references. 

Conditional Logic

Create smart demographic survey forms and improve form responses with the conditional logic feature. Conditional logic allows you to show or hide form fields based on the information provided by a survey respondent. 

Form conditional logic allows a form respondent to view the fields that are relevant to him or her while hiding the form fields that do not apply. This makes your form more concise and efficient while providing you with the most appropriate responses.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

With the multiple users option, you and your team members can work on your demographic survey form and form responses together. All you need to do is add team members and other important collaborators to your shared Formplus account. 

As the administrator, you can grant permissions, assign roles and grant or restrict access to your form, folders, and responses. Formplus works with an audit trail that enables you to track any changes made to your demographic survey form by team members and collaborators. 

By adding team members and collaborators to your shared Formplus account, you can easily process form responses and create an efficient workflow for your team.

Form Fields: Table field, Hidden and Read-Only Fields

Formplus allows you to modify your form fields to be hidden or read-only in line with your survey needs. You can collect a range of demographic information from your form respondents by adding preferred form fields to your demographic survey form. 

The Formplus form builder has over 30 dynamic form fields that enable you to collect demographic information anyhow you choose to. You can create a grid in your form with the table field or place form fields in a row.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Formplus allows you to personalize your demographic survey form link by adding your organization's name to the subdomain. Sharing your form with a custom URL is a good way to promote your organization's brand in target markets. 

A custom subdomain is easy to remember. It also serves as a valid security measure as form respondents can easily ascertain the authenticity of the demographic survey form before filling it out; hence allowing form respondents to enjoy a more secure experience.

Tips for Using the Demographic Survey Template

Collect data for your research with this easy questionnaire. Start by modifying form fields to collect specific data. For example, you can change the questions into diversity demographic questions like age, education, and ethnicity. Next share this survey with your research sample via an email invite, QR Code, social media, or as a form link. Get notified when people fill out your survey by turning on email notifications on the form settings page. You can also nudge respondents to complete their submissions with an email reminder. Save the responses you get on the secure Formplus storage or choose to export them into a Google Sheet

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