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Ready-to-use Booking Forms

Simplify your booking process with custom-built online forms. Create booking forms with payments to embed in your website pages.

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Booking Form
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Booking Form

Simplify your booking process

With Formplus booking forms, you can use one form to sign people up and also follow up. The form builder helps you create stylized booking forms for your business, school or organization.

Booking Form

Collect information right the first time

All of the information you collect from your attendees will be formatted perfectly from the start with form field validation. With this, you can Improve your list and ensure that follow-up emails don’t bounce.

Dynamic reservation forms

With advanced fields like Calculations, Repeating Data sections and Signature, you can create powerful reservation forms. Give your attendees a better form filling experience than they are used to by using registration forms with logic. Use conditional logic to hide and show questions and pages based on specific answers.

Logo and Branding

Formplus makes it easy to design booking forms that are consistent with your branding, without coding. Add a logo or background image to increase visual interest, select your preferred theme and font, or tweak your form layout to blend with your website.

Booking Form

Limit Bookings

Do you want to close bookings once you hit your maximum capacity. With Formplus, you can automatically stop reservations or set a deadline for bookings. Once you have hit the number, this form closes automatically so you don’t double-book a guest.

Booking Form

Receive Instant Payments

Simply integrate a payment gateway into your reservation form and receive online payments at no extra costs. With Formplus booking forms, you can automatically compute multiple items with form calculations while using popular payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Paystack and Flutterwave to receive payments directly.

Automate Booking confirmations

Display personalized confirmation messages once they are done filling out your booking form. You can also use the post-submission page to convey more information such as the next steps after booking.

Keep your team and vendors in the loop

Using notification emails on your registration forms, you can notify your team whenever a new submission is received.

Application Form

Embed or Share?

Whichever one you prefer, Formplus has a wide variety of sharing options, including form link as QR code, email and social media share. Embed your booking form directly in your website so your site visitors can make bookings while visiting your page.

Notify Your Team

Using notification emails on your booking forms, you can notify your team whenever a new booking for your service has been made.

Email notification

Notify Your Team

Using notification emails on your booking forms, you can notify your team whenever a new booking for your service has been made.

Cloud Storage

Sync with your preferred apps

Send information to Google Drive, Google Sheets, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive for better file management.

Start taking reservations and bookings from your website today