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Forms to Capture all your
Visitors Information

Are you trying to efficiently collect your visitor's information?
Are you looking for contact forms that easily integrate into your website?
Do you want to give your visitors the best experience as they give you their details?

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Create Your Style

You can pick from any of our templates or build your own contact form easily

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Customise and Embed

Make the form consistent with your brand and embed on your pages very easily. You can also use the form by itself and your visitors will still be as thrilled!

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Know Your Users

With our analytics, you can see what countries your users are coming from, how long they spend filling out your form and more.

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Get the Right Format

Receive only valid emails and phone numbers with field validation. Ensure you have correct contact information to get back to your visitors.

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Web and Mobile

Whether your visitors are on a phone or computer, your forms will look and feel just as good.

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You’re Covered Offline

Do you think your users might be filling your form offline? Formplus forms work even then so you don’t have to worry.

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File Upload for You

Whatever files you need to get from your visitors, Formplus helps you receive files of any size from your visitors.

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"Actually, if it was not for Formplus we would have been stuck where we were in the beginning. We would not have been able to handle and maintain a certain rapport with our customers. We have been able to complete over 1500 custom signs just between my daughter and I. an average of 100 orders in a week, as opposed to the 5 we were struggling with."


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