As you work on growing your business and making the best entrepreneurial decisions, you would need to carry out a lot of research, which is where you need a business surveys.  Business surveys make research easy and equip you with relevant information for better decision-making.

Knowing what a business survey is, how to create one, and seamlessly administer it should be a priority for any organization. When properly implemented, a business survey can aid the exponential growth of any organization 

What is a Business Survey? 

A business survey is a research tool that is used for collecting relevant data about a business from a predetermined audience. It is made up of a set of structured questions that help you to gather information about industry dynamics, market preferences, competition, and other important business variables. 

For instance, a restaurant may need to find out how the customers rate its overall service delivery. To achieve this, it can administer a customer satisfaction survey that allows the customers to provide feedback on different aspects of the business. 

To get the right information through a business survey, you must ask the right questions. With a business survey, you will gather first-hand information and gain interesting insights that are crucial to the overall growth of your organization. 


Importance of Business Surveys 

  • A business survey helps you to gather important insights for different aspects of your business. Gathering first-hand information from customers allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and to improve on organizational processes. 
  • With a business survey, you would be able to gather feedback from your customers. Asking customers to provide feedback on your business helps you to know where you stand and also identify any areas of the business that need improvement. 
  • Data gathered via a business survey would help you improve your customer experience and build lasting client relationships. When you provide excellent service delivery for clients, you would record repeated patronage and expand your client base.
  • A business survey plays a major role in the optimization of overall business operations. Data gathered from such surveys highlights areas needing improvement in your business which you can concentrate your resources on. 
  • It is an essential step towards making objective and unbiased business decisions.  

Types of Business Survey 

Customer Surveys

A customer survey is a type of business survey that is used to collect first-hand information on the perceptions of your customers. Typically, it consists of questions that bother on the opinions and expectations of your customers as they interact with your business and make use of your product or service. 

Since customers lie at the heart of every business, it is important to always be abreast of their needs and to also understand how they view your organization. Working with this data would help you to improve your business processes for better service delivery. 

Top Customer Survey Questions for Businesses 

  1. How would you rate our service delivery? 
  2. What was your experience like? 
  3. Did our customer service representative resolve the issue on time?
  4. Are you satisfied with the resolution of this issue?
  5. Are you satisfied with the available payment methods? 
  6. How can we improve our service delivery for you?
  7. Do you have any suggestions/comments to help us serve you better?
  8. How likely are you to recommend us to your network?
  9. How easy is the purchasing process with our company?
  10. Did you find our website useful? 

Customer Survey Templates For Businesses

  • Customer Complaint Form 

Use this customer complaint form template to gather information on the challenges faced by customers for easy resolution. With this form, you can collect important information that will be useful in swiftly addressing any issues faced by customers as they interact with your products or services. 

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey helps you to find out if your customers are satisfied with your products or services. With this survey, you would be able to know what your customers think about your product or service and the extent to which your product meets their needs. 

  • Restaurant Satisfaction Survey

Allow customers to rate your service delivery after a hearty meal, by carrying out a restaurant satisfaction survey. Data gathered via this survey helps you to improve your overall service delivery and provide a great customer experience for your clients. 


  • Website Evaluation Survey

Use this website evaluation survey template to gather feedback from users about your website. This survey allows users to share their experience using your website. 

  • Event Satisfaction Survey

An event satisfaction survey is an important tool that is used to gather feedback from event attendees. This survey provides meaningful insights into attendees’ perceptions of different aspects of your event and also helps you to improve on future events.


  • Post-event Survey

This survey allows attendees to assess your event. Here, attendees can rate their overall experience and provide specific feedback on different aspects of your event also make specific suggestions for improving future events. 


  • Online Feedback Form

An online feedback form is used to seamlessly collect feedback on business processes from customers. With this form, you can easily collect, organize, and process useful information from customers on products, services, and other aspects of your business.

Product Surveys

A product survey is a tool that is used to gather information on what users think about a product. It helps you to understand users’ experiences with your product and to also gather information for improving the overall product experience. 

You can administer a product survey as part of market research before the launch of a new product. This will help you get first-hand information about what the market really wants and create a product that meets these needs. 

Every contact a consumer (or customer) has with your product goes a long way in determining his or her perception of your business. Collecting feedback on users’ experiences gives you an opportunity to understand the concerns of your customers and make sure your product is meeting their needs. 

Top Product Survey Questions for Businesses

  1. How often do you use our product?
  2. What product features do you find useful?
  3. How likely are you to recommend this product? 
  4. What value does this product provide for you?
  5. Did the product meet your expectations?
  6. How would you describe our product?
  7. How satisfied are you with the product?
  8. How long have you been using our product?
  9. What are the top 3 benefits you get from our product?
  10. How can we make this product better for you? 

Product Survey Template For Businesses

  • Customer Complaint Form

A customer complaint form is useful in improving your product and customer experience. With this form, you would be able to collect information on any issues faced by your customers and swiftly resolve them for a better user experience. 

  • Product Pricing Survey

Use this product pricing survey template to sample opinions on product pricing. If you are launching a new product and want to avoid pricing your product above or below the market standard, you need to get customer feedback on your product’s price. 


  • Internet Usage Survey

An internet usage survey is used to gather information on the daily “internet behaviors” of respondents. With this survey, you would understand how the internet fits into the everyday lives of your customers. It can be used as part of market research for a product. 

  • Product Evaluation Form

Administering a product evaluation survey is one of the most important steps you can take after launching a new product. This survey allows you to gather feedback from users on different aspects of your product in order to improve the product as needed. 

Market Surveys 

A market survey is an important method of gathering information about the preferences of the target market. It is made up of a set of structured questions that bother on the inclinations of consumers, their behaviors, expectations, and purchasing power. 

A market survey is an important aspect of market research because it helps organizations to collect insightful feedback from users. With this information, you can develop effective marketing strategies for upcoming products and services, and also improve on the features of existing products. 

A market survey helps you to make business decisions from an informed point of view. Rather than basing business decisions on sentiments or guesses, you would be able to depend on actual data from your target market to drive objective decision-making. 

With the data from a market survey, you would better understand consumer demographics and record higher customer acquisition rates. Not only that, but the information retrieved from the target market via market surveys and segmentation is also a source of creating definite and long-term marketing plans for a product. 

Top Market Survey Questions for Businesses

  1. Would you choose this product?
  2. What do you like about this product or service?
  3. How can we improve this product for you?
  4. What do you like most about the competing products in the market?
  5. Would you choose this product over its competitors?
  6. What is your monthly shopping budget?
  7. Is our payment plan convenient for you? 
  8. Would you recommend this product to others?
  9. What do you dislike about this product?
  10. Do you think our product is the best in the market?

Market Survey Templates For Businesses

  • Market Survey Form Template

This is important for market research and is used to collect information about market preferences and consumer behaviors. With this form template, you’d gain insights into the needs of your target market. 


  • Demographic Survey

A demographic survey is made up of a set of questions that help you to gather information about your target market. With a demographic survey, you would be able to collect relevant consumer data such as age, occupation, educational status, income level, etc. 

It is also very useful in creating an accurate buyer persona.

How to Create a Business Survey with Formplus

  • Sign in to your Formplus account to access the form builder. Click on the “create new form” button on your dashboard. 
  • Enter the title of your form (e.g. Business Survey Form).
  • You can click or drag and drop preferred fields to your business survey. 


  • Save your business survey to access the form customization section. Here, you can modify your form’s appearance by adding background images, including your organization’s logo, and changing the form layout. 


  • Use the multiple sharing options to share your business survey form with respondents. You can send out email notifications to respondents or share the form with your online community via the social media direct sharing buttons. 


Understanding what a business survey is and how to go about it would help you make better decisions for your organization. A business survey provides useful insights into market preferences and behaviors which are extremely important for the formulation of growth strategies for your business.  

In this article, we’ve discussed different types of business surveys with question samples and we’ve also shared meaningful tips for creating a good business survey. You can use Formplus to create and administer different business surveys for your organization with little or no hassles. 

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