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Post Event Survey Template

This survey template can be used to collect feedback on an event when it is over. You can rate the overall experience of your attendees at your event, analyze ratings, and receive specific suggestions for future improvement. Get started with this customizable 5-point Likert survey for free today

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Post Event Survey Template template

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Post Event Survey Template

What is a post-event questionnaire?

A post-event questionnaire is a set of questions designed to gather feedback and insights from attendees after an event has concluded. This questionnaire helps organizers assess the success of the event, understand attendees' experiences, and identify areas for improvement in future events.

What questions should you ask after an event?

Include a variety of questions in a post-event survey to capture different aspects of the attendee experience. Some examples include:

  • Overall Satisfaction: Rate the overall satisfaction with the event on a scale.
  • Key Highlights: Identify the most memorable or valuable aspects of the event.
  • Speaker/Presenter Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of speakers or presenters.
  • Event Logistics: Assess the logistics, organization, and venue of the event.
  • Content Relevance: Gauge the relevance and usefulness of the content presented.
  • Networking Opportunities: Evaluate the networking opportunities provided.
  • Suggestions for Improvement: Gather specific suggestions for enhancing future events.
  • Likelihood to Attend Again: Assess the likelihood of attending future events.

How do you create a post-event survey using the Formplus template?

To create a Post-Event Survey using the Formplus template:

  • Visit the Formplus website and sign in or create a new account.
  • Select the "Post-Event Survey" template.
  • Customize the template to align with your specific event and feedback goals.
  • Modify or add questions to cover different aspects of the event experience.
  • Use Likert scales, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions for a comprehensive survey.
  • Include a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions.
  • Set up conditional logic to guide respondents based on their answers.
  • Preview the survey to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Save the survey and share the link with event attendees for feedback.

What makes a good post-event survey?

A good post-event survey is characterized by:

  • Relevance: Questions should address key aspects of the event and be relevant to the goals of the survey.
  • Clarity: Use clear and concise language to ensure respondents understand each question.
  • Variety of Question Types: Include a mix of question types to capture different types of feedback.
  • Balance: Strike a balance between quantitative and qualitative questions for comprehensive insights.
  • Ease of Completion: Keep the survey concise and user-friendly to encourage participation.
  • Open-Ended Questions: Include open-ended questions to gather detailed and specific feedback.
  • Timing: Send the survey promptly after the event while the experience is fresh in attendees' minds.

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