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Online Feedback Form Template

Get feedback on your business processes when you modify this free Guttman online feedback form template. With it, you can gather useful information on your products, services, and more.

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Intro and Post-submission Message

Educate your customers about the purpose of the online feedback form and establish trust with an introductory message. For example, a message like "Thank you for shopping with XYZ. We would like to rate our service so that we can serve you better in the future." will likely get more responses compared to if there is no intro.

You can also add a message after submission, thanking respondents for their feedback and a call to action link. This is a great avenue to tell your customers about the other services you offer and how they can access it.

Custom URL

Generate a custom URL for your online feedback form with the name of your brand or form using Formplus. This will help your brand to stand out and also exudes professionalism on your part. 

Also, respondents are more likely to click on a URL with a custom name than an automatically generated URL with random numbers and letters. Therefore, it is a great strategy to increase response rates on your forms

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to Others

Let your respondents know how much you value and appreciate their feedback with confirmation emails. Formplus allows you to automate the process of sending confirmation emails to respondents immediately their feedback is submitted.

Rather than sending the auto-generated emails, you can create a custom personalized email that will be sent to respondents after their submission is made. You can also ensure that your team members are up to date with the feedback generated from the online feedback form by sending them email notifications regularly.

These notifications can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to specific team members.

Collect Feedback for Different Products on a Form

When you sell numerous products or services, you need an online feedback form that helps you generate feedback that is well-tailored to each one of them. This feedback form template allows respondents to select the product they would love to give feedback on.

After selecting their product of choice, they can give specific feedback about the product in the online feedback form. This can be done using the Formplus form logic feature.

With this feature, you can show or hide form fields according to the response of the customer. Therefore, showing different form fields for each product or service.

User Redirect

Market other products and services you offer to your customers using the user redirect option. This feature allows you to redirect customers to any website you want after form submission.

You can redirect customers to your website, social media page, product page, and so on with the user redirect. For example, if you currently have a discount on a product, respondents can be restricted to that product page after submission.

Offline Forms

Increase response rates on your feedback form with the offline feature, which allows respondents to fill your form without an internet connection. If the internet connection in a place begins to fluctuate or is lost, respondents can continue filling the feedback form and submit. 

It will be automatically synced and saved into your database whenever the internet connection is restored. This gives all your customers a chance to give their feedback regardless  of their location or internet accessibility.

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