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Free Event Satisfaction Survey Template

This free 5-point rating scale event satisfaction survey template can be used to measure participant satisfaction after an event. This could range from the food, to the speaker and workshops. This online event satisfaction survey can be used to learn more about event attendees and and reposition for future marketing. Check out this customizable event satisfaction survey.

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Free Event Satisfaction Survey Template template

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Tips For Using the Free Event Satisfaction Survey Template

What is an Event Satisfaction Survey?

An Event Satisfaction Survey is a series of questions crafted to collect feedback from attendees of an event on their total experience. The goal is to evaluate or gauge the level of satisfaction each participant attained and the collective results are then analyzed to see if the event was a successful one based on the feedback of the attendees. This w event organizers use this feedback to either consolidate areas of strengths or improve any areas of weakness. 

What are Good Satisfaction Survey Questions?

  • Good survey questions should cover the following.
  • The event experience
  • The ambiance and overall venue
  • The quality of refreshments
  • The quality and conciseness of the speakers
  • The order of events, timing, and organization
  • The registration process
  • The service received from ushers and volunteers/staff of the event.

How to Create an Event Satisfaction Survey:

  • Set the objectives of your survey and define what information you want to gather or collect.
  • Set appropriate questions covering the area of your interest.
  • Once that is settled log on to Formplus to access the form templates library
  • Choose the event satisfaction survey template
  • Customize the form to align with your objectives, Use the drag-and-drop form builder to include the questions you set, and with Formplus you can use a mix of question types from open-ended questions, to multiple choice questions, Likert scales, etc. The form builder also lets you customize or tailor the form to align with your brand in terms of layout, colors, and font type and you can even add your brand logo.
  • Share the form with your target audience via any of the advanced sharing options from email links, to QR codes or by embedding it on your website.
  • Analyze the result using the analytics and reports feature. Voila in a few minutes you can have your results that provide a clear night of how the vent was perceived by users.

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