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Product Evaluation Form Template

Launched a new product in the market? Use this online product evaluation form template to get product feedback from consumers and use the data to improve your product as required. Get started with this free online product evaluation form!

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Product Evaluation Form Template template



Teams and Collaborations

Formplus allows you to effectively collaborate with your team members on forms, responses, and folders via a shared account. You can add important stakeholders to your shared Formplus account so that you all can work on your product evaluation template together. 

The shared account works with an audit trail that helps you to track any changes made to your forms, responses, and folders. Also, as the account administrator, you can assign roles to team members, grant permissions, and restrict access to form data.

Analytics and Reports

With the report summary tool in the builder, you can generate custom visual reports for your form data. Once you select your preferred form field or data, the reports summary tool will automatically display the information in the form of a detailed graph or chart. 

Formplus allows you to gain useful insights into your data collection process without any need for coding. You can access important metrics such as the total number of form views, weekly and daily submissions plus the physical locations of form submissions in the form analytics dashboard.

Embed Forms

You can make it easily accessible by embedding the form on your organization's website. This is simple as you only need to add your form's shortcode to your site's HTML. 

You can also add your form to your web pages using the Formplus plug-in on WordPress. This plug-in allows you to embed your product evaluation template into your preferred website through a widget.

Mobile-friendly Design

Formplus forms have a mobile-responsive interface which makes it easy for form respondents to view and fill them out conveniently. In other words, form respondents can fill out your product evaluation form without having to pinch or zoom in on their screens. 

You can also create your form on the go in the mobile-friendly Formplus form builder. Drag and drop preferred fields from the builder's inputs section into your product evaluation template; right from the comfort of any internet-enabled device including your smartphone.

Conditional Logic

Formplus allows you to improve on the quality of responses provided in your product survey through conditional logic. Conditional logic hides or shows form fields based on the responses already inputted by a form respondent; resulting in a smarter and more concise product survey form. 

This means that a form respondent would only be able to view and fill out form fields that are relevant to him or her. Conditional logic cuts down on the time spent in filling out your product survey, reduces your survey drop-out rates, and makes your form user-friendly.

Google Sheets Integration

Formplus allows you to automatically update data in your Google spreadsheet without having to export or import information, and this makes team collaboration seamless.With Google sheets integration, you can easily organize and share form data with your team members.

Track Email Invitation

Sending email invitations to your form respondents allows you to track submissions and prevent multiple entries in your product survey. This is important because multiple submissions can affect the quality of data gathered via your product evaluation template and ruin your survey. 

Once a form respondent successfully fills out your product survey via the email invitation, you can prevent him or her from having further access to the form. You can also track the status of form entries; that is, whether they are pending or completed

Location-Enabled Forms

To help you gather more insightful information in your product evaluation form template, you can enable geolocation in this survey. Geolocation uses Google Web Map Services to automatically capture the approximate physical locations of persons filling out your product survey. 

Location-enabled forms require the form respondent’s consent before accessing his or her physical location.

Beautifully-Designed Forms

With the various form customization options in the Formplus form builder, you can tweak the appearance of your form in line with your brand image. Formplus allows you to create a beautifully-designed product survey using one or more form customization options. 

Without any knowledge of CSS, you can add your organization's logo to your form, change your form font and also add preferred background images. You can also change your form theme and layout and stylize your form using your CSS.

Field Validation

Field validation helps you to automatically sift out wrongly-inputted data in your product evaluation template; allowing you to gather accurate data in your survey. Field validation can be set for different form fields including text fields, number fields, and file upload fields.

Intro and Post-submission Pages

Formplus allows you to create custom intro and post-submission pages for your product survey. In these pages, you can include a variety of information that would prove useful to form respondents before, during, and after they complete your product survey.

In your intro page, you can provide a variety of information including a background of the product and the purpose of the survey. In the post-submission page, you can also leave a custom message for form respondents after they complete the survey.

Offline Forms

Formplus allows form respondents to conveniently access and fill out your product evaluation survey even with poor or no internet connection. This means that lack of internet connectivity is no longer a barrier to your data collection process; thus helping you to gather diverse data. 

All responses provided by form respondents on the offline mode will be automatically synced to the Formplus database immediately stable internet connectivity is available. With Formplus, there are little or no limitations to data collection.

Customized Email Response

After a successful submission is made in your product evaluation form, you can notify the respondent by sending out an autoresponder email instantly. In your autoresponder message, you can include important information about your organization like the services rendered or other custom messages.

If you want the form respondents to have a copy of their responses, you can add a copy of the form submission as a PDF or Word attachment in your autoresponder email. This way, form respondents can easily access their form submissions whenever the need arises. 

User Redirect

After a form respondent completes your product survey and makes a successful submission, you can automatically redirect them to a web page or another form of your choice. User redirect helps you to share relevant information with form respondents including other products or services offered by your organization.

Form sharing

On Formplus, there are numerous ways to share your product evaluation form template with your target markets. You can gather responses from your social media followers by sharing your form link online via the social media direct sharing buttons. 

You can also send out email invitations to form respondents  to track submissions and prevent multiple entries in your form. Formplus also allows you to share your form’s unique QR code so that respondents only need to scan to fill. 

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