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Free Customer Complaint Form Template

Resolve customer challenges by receiving feedback with this online customer complaint form template. A satisfied customer is one step away from referring your services to friends and Families. Get started with this complaint template to customise as you prefer.

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Free Customer Complaint Form Template template

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Customer Complaint Form Template

What is a Customer Complaint Form?

A customer complaint form is a document created to help customers present their complaints in an orderly and structured manner that can be easily handled tracked and recorded for future reference.

How to Resolve Customer Complaints Quickly:

Resolving customer complaints quickly can be achieved by applying the following principles;

Active Listening; This means listening to understand, not necessarily to respond or defend the position of your business. This would help you empathize with the customer and lead to a quick and effective resolution. 

Acknowledge the Issue: Acknowledging the customer complaint as valid, would help you give it the required attention necessary to resolve. This usually fosters quick and effective resolution.

Investigate Thoroughly: Get all the facts and don't act mainly on hearsay, perceptions, or gut feelings. Knowing what the facts are will give you the true picture and help you proffer appropriate solutions.

Set Clear Expectations: Communicate a clear timeline for resolution. Underpromise, but overdeliver, by setting realistic timelines for resolution. Overpromising can compound customer issues even more when you fail to meet the timelines set. 

How to Create a Customer Complaint Form

  • Sign up to Form Plus to create your user account
  • Select the customer complaint form from the free forms templates library.
  • Use the code-free drag-and-drop form builder to customize to align with your brand elements such as logo, color, font, and layouts, and a variety of question types like open-ended questions, and multiple choice questions.
  • Tweak the form to include fields relevant to your business Categorize customer complaints to make it easy for users to explain their problems without any hassles.
  • Share the form with your customers using any of the advanced sharing options, like email links, and QR codes, or by embedding the form on your website.

Once customers submit the form you get to see their responses in real-time which fosters quick and effective resolution

That's not all, with the Formplus complaint form, you can have the results analyzed with the analytics and report feature, this way you can identify trends and proffer quick resolution. 

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