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Market Survey Form Template

Want to create a market research survey that help you gain better insight on your customers’ needs? Use this market survey form template to collect research data from financial power, to product prefereference and general demography.

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Market Survey Form Template template

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Cloud Storage

Store and organize uploaded files and collected data in a secure cloud storage platform. You can  choose to store your files in the secure Formplus cloud storage or in any one of Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Simply connect  your accounts on any of the above-named cloud storage platforms to your Formplus account, your files will be automatically stored there. Formplus offers awesome support that makes this process seamless.

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to Others

Give your respondents some closure by sending them autoresponder emails letting them know that their responses have been received. Feedback like this will encourage them to participate in other market surveys you carry out in the future.

You can customize the content of this email with a more personal tone in the form builder. Keep team members in the loop  by sending them email notifications daily, weekly, monthly, etc. as you see  fit.

Form Customization

Make your market survey form visually appealing with the inbuilt Formplus customization option. This feature makes sure that you don't just send out forms but send beautifully responsive market surveys.

Increase response and form completion rates with a catchy background image, attractive colors, and fonts that are pleasing to look at. If you will like your brand to be known by respondents while carrying out your survey, you can also add your brand logo.

A custom CSS feature is also available for you to explore more design options.

30+ Form Field Options

There is no limit to the kind of data that can be collected through the market survey form with the numerous form fields that are available on Formplus. The versatility of the form fields allows you to ask any question using your market questionnaire form.

This will enable you to collect the required data needed for you to complete extensive market research and analysis. These form fields also come with validations that help to prevent response biases.

For example, the respondent can not enter a string of letters in a number field.

Custom URL

Leave a friendly impression on your prospective respondent with a professional market survey form URL. You can choose to stick with the auto-generated shortened URL or create your own URL.

Having a custom survey with the right keywords will also make it easier for people who take online surveys to find you. It will help increase your reach and the number of responses received on your survey.

Form Embed and Social Media Sharing

Collect more responses on your market questionnaire form by embedding it on your website and sharing it on the platforms where your target market is. This will help  you achieve a wider reach and will automatically increase the number of form views.

Formplus has an easy-to-use social media sharing button for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also embed the form in your WordPress website with a shortcode or copy the link and paste it on other platforms.

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