As an organization, your brand image is everything – it determines how you are perceived by your target market and other industry players in your field. But how do you ensure that you are projecting the right brand image at all times? 

Conducting brand surveys regularly helps you to keep track of your brand and how it is perceived by your target audience. In this article, we will take you through the world of brand surveys and show how they can work for your business. 

What is a Brand Survey?

A brand survey is a tool that helps organizations to keep track of their brand image in the eyes of the public. It is an important means of staying on top of your industry by measuring different aspects of your brand as dictated by your audience. 

A good brand survey fields questions that help you measure the overall perception, value, and awareness of your brand. A good brand helps you to know how effective your branding policies are, and to know if they are yielding the right results.  

Types of Brand Surveys

Brand Perception Survey

A brand perception survey is a type of survey that allows you to understand the audience’s perception of your brand. It helps you to know what your customers think about your brand image and organization. 

Many things combine to determine how your brand is perceived by your audience including their level of satisfaction with your product and how likely they are to recommend your product or service. Let’s mention here that brand perception can make or mar your business. 

The first step to conducting a successful brand perception survey is to know who your customers are. To do this, you need to answer the question: “Whose opinions are most important for my brand and how do I find them?”

After this, you should draft questions centered on discovering the feelings and perceptions of your target audience. These questions should be structured in a way that allows customers to freely communicate how your brand makes them feel. 


Objectives of a Brand Perception Survey
  1. A brand perception survey helps you to understand customers’ sentiments towards your brand. 
  2. It is an important tool in brand management as it helps you to build the right image for your organization.
  3. It serves as a means of receiving real-time feedback from your target market and customers.
  4. A brand perception survey helps you to track your brand performance in the industry. You would know how your brand sits against its competition.
  5.  It allows for optimized communication between your organization and your customers.
  6. Data gathered from brand perception surveys allows you to create an excellent customer experience for your brand. 
  7. It is an important indicator of brand loyalty. 
Questions to Ask in a Brand Perception Survey
  1. Are you familiar with this product or service?
  2. How would you describe this product?
  3. When you think of this brand, what comes to mind?
  4. How likely are you to recommend this brand to your friends?
  5. Do you enjoy using this product?
  6. How would you describe your latest experience with this brand

 Brand Positioning Survey 

A brand positioning survey is an important data collection tool that helps you to strategically align your brand for success. It combines different branding aspects like brand awareness, perception, and value to help you make the right organizational decisions for your business. 

This type of survey can also be termed a brand equity study and it should be carried out as part of market research. Results from brand positioning surveys go a long way to determine how you present your product or service to the audience. 

Your brand positioning survey must be tailored to the unique needs of your organization, industry, and target market. This is why you must take the time to come up with a survey that asks the right questions and leads to beneficial research findings. 

Objectives of Brand Positioning Surveys
  1. It provides important data for brand strategy
  2. It helps you to occupy a unique position in the minds of your customers and target audience.
  3. It emphasizes unique brand features and helps you to differentiate your product or service from others.
  4. Brand positioning helps you to create the right customer experience for your target market.
  5. It strengthens your business and establishes your brand as a key industry player.
  6. It improves brand perception and builds a strong emotional connection with your target market.
  7. Brand positioning helps you to communicate the unique value of your organization to the target audience. 
Questions to Ask in a Brand Positioning Survey
  1. Why do you buy from us?
  2. What unique value does our product offer for you?
  3. What kind of brand appeals to you?
  4. How would you describe our organization?
  5. How would you rate our brand in terms of customer experience?
  6. What brand qualities stand out for you?

Brand Awareness Survey

A brand awareness survey is a tool that helps you to measure the degree of popularity of your brand in the industry. This type of survey captures data that gives a fair idea of how well your target audience and customers know your brand. 

A brand awareness survey is important because it provides insights into how customers view your brand. With this information, you can work on targeting the right market segment and improving the brand image and popularity of your business. 

Basically, the right brand awareness survey takes you right into the customers’ psyche so that you see what they think and how they think. This allows for targeted marketing and ultimately results in increased sales and revenue for your business. 


Objectives of Brand Awareness Survey
  1. It helps you to understand your brand’s stand in the market.
  2. It plays a crucial role in targeted marketing.
  3. It improves customers’ awareness of your brand.
  4. Brand awareness surveys provide useful data that help you impact your custom positively.
  5. It fosters communication between your brand and your target audience. 
Questions to Ask in a Brand Awareness Survey
  1. How well do you know our product?
  2. When was the first time you heard about our brand?
  3. How often do you come in contact with our brand?
  4. When was the last time you used our product?
  5. How familiar are you with our brand? 

Brand Identity Survey

A brand identity survey is a tool that helps you to find out how well your brand communicates its core values and image to the target audience. It is a good way for organizations to evaluate their brand image and understand what the public associates their brand with. 

When it comes to branding and brand image, it is important for you to always pass the right message across to your audience. This would help you form the right business impression and also establish your brand as a credible force to be reckoned with in your field or industry. 

Objectives of Brand Identity Surveys
  1. It helps you to find out what your brand says to its target audience.
  2. It allows you to understand your brand from the clients’ point of view.
  3. It allows you to create the right brand image for your business.
  4. A brand identity survey gives you a better sense of your clients’ wants and needs. 
Questions to Ask in a Brand Identity Survey
  1. When was the last time you used our product or service?
  2. How long have you been our customer?
  3. What is the first thing you associate our brand with?
  4. Why do you like our brand?
  5. What unique value does this brand present for you?
  6. How would you describe our brand to another person? 

When Do You Conduct Brand Surveys?

To stay on top of your game, it is important for you to conduct brand surveys at specific times and at regular intervals. However, conducting a brand survey isn’t all fun and games – it is expensive and can become quite complex; especially when you are dealing with a lot of people.

So, when is the right time to conduct a brand survey for your business? Here are a few situations that let you know it is brand survey ‘o’clock: 

  1. When you need to assess your current marketing efforts and produce new content for your business.
  2. When you need to identify new market trends and developments.
  3. When you need to improve your product or service. 
  4. When you need to gain more insights into customers’ expectations to improve client experience with your product. 
  5. When you need to improve your brand’s visibility. 
  6. When you need to create ideal buyer personas for your product.  

Tips for Conducting the Best Brand Surveys

  • Clearly define the purpose of the survey

Be sure to state the type of survey it is and also align the primary objectives of the survey. With Formplus, you can include an intro page that provides information about the data gathering process

  • Know the right audience to target

To get the best results from your brand survey, you need to identify the right audience. No matter the brand survey type, your target audience should include survey respondents who have some knowledge of your brand. 

  • Administer the Survey Effectively

We recommend that you make use of online forms for your brand surveys as opposed to paper forms and in-person survey methods. This is because online forms help you to effectively collect and process data from a large audience. 

Formplus makes it easy for you to create and administer your brand surveys without any hassles. In the drag-and-drop form builder, you can edit existing brand survey templates to suit your organization’s needs or create your form from scratch using multiple form fields. 

  • Organize your Survey

Your survey should be well-organized and easy to understand to avoid high survey dropout rates. Ensure that you include questions that are relevant and important to your data collection process; avoid listing too many questions. 

You can place your survey questions in categories and use the multi-page feature in Formplus, to arrange each category in a different form page. This makes it easier for respondents to navigate your survey and provide the right answers on time. 

  • Avoid Leading/Loaded Question

Leading and loaded questions can lead to survey response bias which prevents you from getting the best results from your data collection process. It is best to include open-ended and closed-ended questions in your survey to help you gather insightful information from your customers. 

Top Brand Survey Templates 

Use this form to decide on the right name for your product even before it launches in the market. This form template is easy to use and it is a simple way to get your target audience involved in your branding process. 


Use this logo testing form to help you arrive at the right logo that offers the best visual representation of your brand. With the Formplus logo testing survey, you can easily sample the opinions of your audience and choose a logo that resonates with your brand. 


Do you want to know what customers think about your brand image? Then, use this brand personality survey to gather useful information from your target audience to help you improve your brand image. You can edit this template to suit your organizational needs in the form builder. 


Use this form template to gauge your brand’s popularity in the target market. This Formplus brand awareness survey is easy to administer and it would help you discover how well your customers know your brand and what it stands for. 


This competitive analysis survey allows you to gather useful information that separates your business from the crowd. With this form, you’d be able to discover important insights about your industry competition including their strengths and weaknesses. 

Use this product packaging testing survey to find out what your target market thinks about your product appearance and design. You can collect different types of data in this form by adding more form fields in the form builder. 


Are you planning on launching a new product or service in the market? Test the waters and gather the right information using this product testing survey. With this form, your target market can provide feedback on product samples before it officially goes public. 


Use this product pricing survey to determine the right price for your product or service and avoid overpricing or underpricing your product. This form would help you sample market opinions and choose the most ideal pricing mechanism that suits your customers. 



Staying on top of your industry and building a brand that stands the test of time doesn’t come easy; you need to put in the work. One of the many things you have to do is to assess your brand regularly by conducting different types of brand surveys at different points in time. 

In this article, we’ve examined different types of brand surveys and we’ve shown you how these surveys work for your business. To get the most out of your surveys and questionnaires of any kind, use Formplus to create and administer them effectively

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