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Free Name Testing Survey Template

Use this Name Testing Survey Template to choose on the right name for your brand or product. This easy-to-use template helps you listen to what potential customers have to say about your brand/product name before launching. With a product naming survey, your target market will help you chose the right name out of the many options being considered. This removes the burden from you and also helps to develop a name that your potential customers love and understand.

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Free Name Testing Survey Template template

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Tips For Using The Name Testing Survey template

What is Name Testing?

Name testing is the practice of evaluating the potential success of a product, service, or brand name before market launch. It is typically used by companies to ensure that their product or service will be well-received by their target audience. 

Name testing can help to uncover the potential strengths and weaknesses of a proposed name, helping to identify any potential legal issues, as well as how the name will be received by the intended target audience. It is also used to gauge customer reactions to different names and test the effectiveness of various marketing and advertising tactics.

Name Testing Survey Outputs

Name testing surveys can help to provide valuable information about the potential success of a proposed name. The survey results can be used to determine whether the name will resonate with the intended target audience, as well as what potential legal risks may be associated with the name. 

Additionally, name testing surveys can provide valuable insights into how the name may affect the company’s brand as a whole. This information can be used to develop effective branding strategies that will help a company’s products or services stand out in the marketplace.

Name Testing Survey Tips

When conducting name testing surveys, it is important to make sure that respondents understand the purpose of the survey and that their answers are kept confidential. Additionally, it is important to provide survey respondents with a variety of names to choose from and to provide a variety of response options. This will ensure that the results of the survey are accurate and meaningful.

How To Write Name Testing Survey Questions

When writing name testing survey questions, it is important to keep the questions simple and to the point. This can include questions about how the name sounds, how it makes the target audience feel, and any potential legal issues that may be associated with the name. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the questions are designed in a way that allows for accurate responses from the target audience.

Questions should focus on the names being tested and the respondents’ reactions to them. Additionally, questions should provide respondents with an opportunity to explain their reactions, so that the survey results are as meaningful as possible.

How To Create Name Testing Surveys on Formplus

Formplus is an online form builder and survey software that allows you to quickly create surveys and collect data from your customers. With Formplus, you can create a Name Testing survey to quickly collect customer feedback on a brand or product name.

Here's how to create a Name Testing Survey on Formplus:

  1. Log into your Formplus account and select the “Name Testing” template from the Formplus template library.
  2. Using the Form Builder feature, enter the name of the brand or product that you want to test in the form title field.
  3. Enter the name options you want to test in the survey questions field and customize it as you prefer
  4. Click the “Save Form” button to save your survey.
  5. To distribute your survey, click the “Share Survey” button.
  6. Copy the survey link and share it with potential customers to collect their feedback.

That's how to create a Name Testing survey on Formplus. With Formplus, you can easily create surveys and collect customer feedback to help you make informed decisions about your brand or product name.


Name testing surveys are a valuable tool for companies looking to ensure that their product or service names will be well-received by their target audience. By carefully crafting survey questions that focus on the names being tested, companies can gain invaluable insight into customer preferences and develop effective branding strategies. 

Additionally, it is important to ensure that the survey questions are clear and concise, and are relevant to the proposed name. By following these tips, businesses can be better prepared to make informed decisions when it comes to naming their products, services, or companies.

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