Now that you have a partner that you really like, have you considered how compatible you both are? A compatibility test can answer this question.

For instance, Do you both agree on many things? Do you both enjoy the same flavor of ice cream? Are you both big on matching colors? Do you both love a big family or are you both conservative? Do you have the same political views? If yes how does having all these similarities work best for you?

When we talk about compatibility in relationships, a lot of factors come to play. Why not? Both of you are from different backgrounds and have been exposed to different lives.

If you’re confused about you and your partner’s compatibility, then you should consider taking a compatibility test. This should help you get the right perspective of where you’re both are headed. According to experts, if you feel uneasy about your compatibility test results, you might just need a change.

So in this article, we’re going to learn about compatibility, the 12 types of compatibility quizzes you can take as a couple, and where you can access them. Let’s get started!

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What is Compatibility?

To many people, compatibility means that you and someone complement and/or relate well with each other.

You may have even experienced that before. When you meet someone and you both instantly click. You both love the same colors, you have the same hobbies, and you share similar views about life, politics, or even fun. That can pass as compatibility but there is a broader way to look at it when it comes to relationships.

In a relationship, compatibility means you and your partner understand each other, enjoy each other’s company, support each other’s ambitions, and are not preoccupied with what needs to change in your partners.

Compatibility in a relationship is important if you want a long-lasting relationship and a successful one at that. Experts say that understanding the difference between a loving and a compatible relationship will help you make the right choices to have a happy relationship.

In a regular loving relationship, partners consistently try to meet the needs of each other. However, in a compatible relationship, the partners can be their own person or have distinct personalities yet, both agree on the important cores and allow areas they agreed on to shape how they want to manage their relationship.

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Psychological Basis of Romantic Compatibility

According to psychology, romantic relationships comprise of three love components which are intimacy, passion, and commitment. These three components are referred to as the Sternberg’s triangular love theory. 

As explained by Sternberg,

  • Intimacy is when you feel connected to someone. It is the feeling of closeness to someone.
  • Passion is that feeling of attraction to someone. When you feel excited about someone.
  • A commitment which is the last of the components is the continuous decision to remain in and grow a relationship.

In a romantic relationship, either of these components can decide which of the seven types of relationship a couple is in. The seven types of relationships are listed below to give a better understanding.

Infatuation: In this type of relationship, passion (as described above) is the only component of love present.

Friendship: This means that only intimacy is present in this type of relationship.

Empty love: In this case, the only commitment is found in this type of relationship.

Romantic love: In a romantic type of relationship, there are two components of love present. These two components are passion and intimacy

Fatuous love: This means both passion and commitment are present in this type of relationship.

Companionate love: In this type of relationship two of the three types of love components are present. These are intimacy and commitment.

Consummate love: This is the last of the seven types of relationship and in this type of relationship, all the three components of love are present. These are passion, intimacy, and commitment.

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What are the Factors that Affect Compatibility?

There are several factors that can affect compatibility between couples. However, we are going to discuss this in two major categories which is the objective and subjective factor

1. Objective factors

The objective factors that affect compatibility in relationships are usually physical attributes, character traits, cultural backgrounds but to mention a few. Some of the objective factors include:

  • Personality type

There are distinct characteristics that separate a person from another, and we know these characteristics as personality types. People have differences, and understanding these differences helps us relate better with others.

You may have noticed some traits in your partner and wonder why they have them. Each personality has a personality type and they approach romance differently which may be because of their type of personality.

For example, Analyst Personality Types (INTJ) are careful and calculative in all things including romantic relationships so they may seem laid back in showing affection. 

The Logicians (INTP) are more open-minded in romantic relationships. They are open about what they want and focus on the connection they share with their partners.

The Commanders (ENTJ) are the goal getters. They boldly talk about their preferences in a romantic relationship and they pursue them. They are direct but have the tendency to keep a strong bond.

There are other personality types and they all have their unique approach to a romantic relationship. If you are not sure what your personality type is or that of your partner, you can perhaps take a personality type to find out.

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  • Culture

We cannot overemphasize the place of culture in a romantic relationship. When partners from different cultures and backgrounds come together, they should know that they are likely to experience more misunderstandings and culture shock if they don’t respect and adapt to each other’s culture. Some other things to consider for cultural compatibility include language, food, and religion.

  • Love language

People express and feel love differently. In a romantic relationship, knowing your partner’s love language can give you an advantage and help nurture your relationship.

There are five love languages we speak as humans. They are; Words of affirmation, Quality time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Receiving Gifts. The key to this is understanding which love language is yours and which is your partner’s. That way you can love them how they want.

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2. Subjective Factors

There are people who are big on horoscopes, palm reading, and other factors, and they use those as the basis for determining whether they are compatible with their partners. Some of the subjective factors are:

  • Palm reading

Palmistry is done by reading the shape of the lines of your palm and studying its placement. There is a traditional belief that we were born with the left hand and we all create with our right hands. Because of this, the right hand is first analyzed before the left hand.

To understand palm compatibility, the texture of your skin, the shape of your nail, the size of your hand, the shape of your fingers, plus the month of Venus are all considered. Romantic compatibility can be predicted by the following all these things.

Although this doesn’t guarantee emotional connection so you may need to also consider other characteristics of your partner. You can take a palmistry love test to find out.

  • Birthdate

You may be familiar with the zodiac sign, but do you know about the ancient art of numerology? It is a divination method that uses symbols to express numbers. In romantic relationships, a birthdate can be used to find out your compatibility level with your partner. Once you know your birthday root numbers, you can find out what it says about you or your partner.  Your root numbers can be from 1-9 and they can be used to predict who you are and how you may handle a romantic relationship. 

  • Name Numerology

If you do not have your birthdate or that of your partner, just input their name and check for your compatibility. The name numerology will tell you if you both will have a big love story or a long-lasting friendship.

Name numerology checks if two partners have an aligning destiny and compatibility between them, and from your reading, it will score your relationship. So if you know your partner’s name, you can easily check your compatibility.

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How is Compatibility Measured and Tested?

You can use either of these five measurement tools to check your compatibility with your partner and see how well you both fit for each other

1. Take a compatibility assessment 

Compatibility assessments are a set of questions that you’re required to take with your partner. These questions are a way of understanding just how similar you and your partner are in core values and how you might both react in hypothetical situations. At the end of the assessment, you both will have a compatibility score that will help give insights into areas that need adjustment or where you both need to work together in your relationship.

2. Use astrology

Like we mentioned earlier, some people prefer to check the star signs and horoscopes as a way of measuring compatibility. This could be either comparing zodiac signs or going in for a palm reading. Whatever recommendations given during this comparison can be used to measure how you and your partner would work together, or what the future may look like for you both.

3. Quality time

Another way to measure compatibility is by actually spending quality time with your partner. Through real-life situations that arise, you’ll be able to assess what their views are, how you both react to situations, and your plans for the long term. It helps give perspective as to whether you can continue spending time with each other.

4. Expert opinion/ Counselling

Speaking to a licensed counselor or seeking an opinion from a relationship expert can help you understand how compatible you and your partner are. These experts might give you certain exercises to try out or even use one of the other measurement tools to assess how compatible you both are. In some cases, they give recommendations based on their interactions with you and your partner.

5. Questioning

It is also advisable that you ask your partner the relevant questions that will help you understand their views, and determine if they resonate with yours. It could be how they deal with public affection or more detailed like what attributes are mutual to you both.

How to Create Compatibility Questionnaires and Surveys 

If you want to create a compatibility template in the form of questionnaires, quizzes, or surveys, you should definitely check out Formplus.

You can use Formplus to create simple questionnaires and surveys for your compatibility assessments. Here’s how to

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on creating error-free surveys on Formplus. 

Step 1: Log into your Formplus account to access your dashboard. You can sign up for a free Formplus account here

Step 2: On your Formplus dashboard, choose the “create new form” option to access the form builder. If you’d like to use any templates, click “templates” and follow the prompts. 

Step 3: On the Formplus builder, you have access to multiple fields, including rating fields, scales, and advanced features for calculation. Drag and drop preferred fields from the inputs section into your work area. 

Step 4: After adding the fields you’d like, click on the small pencil icon beside each one to edit the field. On the edit tab, you can add questions and answer options and also make the fields “hidden,” “required,” and “read-only.” 

Step 5: Click on the “save” icon to save all the changes made to your form. This also gives you automatic access to the builder’s customization section. 

Step 6: Use the form customization options to change the look and feel of your survey. You can add preferred background images, choose new fonts and add your organization’s logo to the survey.

Step 7: Use the form share options to share the survey with respondents. You can copy the form link and share it as a QR code or via the form builder’s social media direct sharing buttons. 

Here are some of the amazing features Formplus offers for helping you create an effective compatibility survey or questionnaire.

Question Development: Formplus has over 1000 templates you can choose from and these templates are absolutely free and ready to use. Simply start by choosing a template you like and get your compatibility form by using the simple drag and drop editor to customize your questionnaire.

Conditional Logic: Another thing you can do with Formplus is make use of Form logic to reveal or hide survey questions based on the response it has gotten. For example, if they love pets, a follow-up question could be why? And if they don’t like pets, the follow-up question, in this case, could be why not? This way, couples can gain insights into specific areas of their differences.

Survey Distribution: Once you have your compatibility survey form developed, you can choose to embed it on your website or share your survey with your mailing list. This is great when you have several couples you want to assess. Formplus also allows you to share your survey via QR code and on social media platforms so .couples around the world can understand their compatibility

Result Interpretation: Formplus has this brilliant advanced reports and analytics feature that offers insight about your forms. You can review what the individual answers are and even choose to export these answers to a Google sheet for clearer comparisons. Over time, you can compare these answers by saving them with the secure Formplus storage.

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12 Compatibility Quizzes You Can Try

  • Enneagram Compatibility

Enneagram compatibility test focuses on helping couples understand the situations that could arise in a romantic relationship based on their personalities. These situations can be either positive or negative. So what Enneagram compatibility test does is to look for the pairs that best match. Enneagram compatibility test doesn’t look for the most perfect pair or the least compatible pair.

  • 365 Tests Love Compatibility Test

What 365 Tests Love Compatibility test does for you is try to find out your preference when it comes to a partner and analyzes your response to see how your partner fits into those preferences. The important factor here is for you to know what you want before taking the test because what the result will tell you are the traits you desire in a partner and then you can go ahead and find your type.

  • Nanaya

Nanaya is a scientific personality test that predicts future love life. It collects your data by asking questions surrounding your social life and preferred partner, analyzes it, and projects personalized data that can help you improve in your social life and build a romantic relationship.

  • Love calculator

The Love Calculator shows the love percentage based on your names. So what you’ll do is enter your and your partner’s names, or even your crush’s name then the love Calculator will analyze your names to find love compatibility between you two and predict if you have a chance at a long-term and happy relationship.

  • The Big five compatibility test

This is a one-person compatibility test. You will be asked some questions about your social life and traits and your answers will be analyzed to determine your personality type and you will also get suggestions on the personality type that would suit yours. This compatibility test will help you know the personality you should look out for.

  • Gottman relationship quiz

Gottman Method provides a therapy approach to partners through an assessment of their relationship. Gottman’s method seeks to help partners find a way around conflicts through verbal communication, improve their intimacy and foster mutual respect. This method is good to strengthen the bond between you and your partner, it provides a sense of understanding of each other and boosts empathy among partners.

  • Psychologia compatibility test

This test provides insight into your personality type. You and your partner will be required to answer some questions that relate to all personality types. You will answer a column and your partner answers the other. Once you’re done, your results will be displayed. The result will tell you what you scored for each personality type. Your personality type will be the one you scored the highest and so also, your partner. With knowledge of your personality type, you can proceed to answer the compatibility questions that follow to know your compatibility level with your partner.

  • My Real Personality

This compatibility test site will ask you questions to determine how much you and your partner are in sync. At the end of the survey, your result will reveal if you both compliment each other well to nurture a long-term relationship.

  • 5lovelanguages

The five love languages have a good twist to them. You can take the compatibility test on the site to learn if you and your partner are loving each other and how you both want to be loved. Also, you will understand these five love languages well by reading the 5lovelanguages book. The book gives you better insight into how you should relate to your partner.

  • Zodiac Love Compatibility

Zodiac love compatibility helps you find the right love for yourself. It tells you why you prefer one person to the other and which zodiac signs you should look out for by telling you your love signs. This knowledge can improve your chances of finding a great partner. To learn about astrological love signs, get a love birth chart reading.

  • Similar minds compatibility test

In the similar minds compatibility test, you and your partner have to take part. There are two columns and each has 60 questions. You and your partner will answer a column each, and when you’re done with it, you’ll each be given a link for your partner to fill. In this method, the partners will score each other and see how similar they are.

  • Birth Date Compatibility Calculator

This is a numerology compatibility test calculator. What it does is it uses you and your partner’s birth date and your life path numbers to predict your love life. Life path number is important in numerology to determine your life’s goal and understand your love life compatibility. This method can be a little complicated but it helps to know what your future love life can be. You can also use names for this test.


Compatibility quizzes are a simple, inexpensive way to assess you and your partner’s long-term plan along with whether or not you are suited for each other. From objective to subjective reasons, you can create these simple quizzes for yourself or share them with couples who you think need a compatibility test.



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