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Free Dating Application Form Template

Match make potential lovebirds with our online dating application form templates. The dating form gives you personality insight on different people and helps find ways to link people with similar traits together. Use or dating form template or create you customised form now to start accepting dating applications

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Free Dating Application Form Template template



Mobile-Friendly Forms

Create a mobile-friendly dating application form for your dating services using the easy-to-use Formplus form builder. Take advantage of the existing dating form template offered by Formplus or create your own from scratch with features that function perfectly on mobile.

You can create a dating form with just your mobile phone and make it accessible to others. This mobile-friendly form can also be accessed on any device including a mobile phone, PC, and tablet. 

You can organize the forms using a section header and multiple pages which makes it easy for mobile users to still the dating application form.

Redirect After Submission

You can redirect applicants to your website or social media pages after successfully submitting their dating application form. Redirecting applicants to your personal platform after submission is very useful in sharing more information about your product or generating more readers for your blog posts.

Sharing a link to your social media pages will also help generate more followers, shares, retweets, or likes on your posts. Generally, this is a very good organic marketing practice that can help improve customer engagement across platforms.

Data Import And Export

You can import data from your local storage or through cloud storage platforms like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Sheets, and Dropbox into the Formplus Database. This data can be useful in creating a lookup field or prefilled dating application forms.

Alternatively, you can export the data gathered from your dating application form into your local storage and the cold storage platforms highlighted above. Therefore, you can reuse data generated on Formplus on other platforms and vice versa.

The data generated can be imported and exported in PDF or Docx format.

Embed Forms on Website

Embed dating application form into your WordPress blog or websites in a few minutes using multiple sharing options on Formplus. Make it easy for people to view your relationship form by sharing it on multiple platforms, including your social media pages and blog posts. 

You can embed the form below a blog post explaining the dating application process and the process of application. Alternatively, a call to action button linking to the dating application form could be added to the blog post.

Either way, you can make the form easily accessible to potential applicants.

Google Sheets Integration

Automatically update your spreadsheets with details of the responses gathered from the dating application form with Formplus Google Sheet integration. Get a proper insight into the entries submitted through your dating application form with the analysis features available on Google sheets.

You can also easily collaborate with other team members involved in the matchmaking process. Hence, applicant details confirmation, review of applicants' requests, and all other things involved in the matchmaking process can be done simultaneously.

Create Smart forms

Avoid overcrowded forms with smart features that help you organize your dating application form into multiple pages. Your applicants are kept engaged with a button and indicator showing progress and the number of pages left for the applicant to finish filling the form.

You can also ensure that specific questions are prompted by the applicant's response using the conditional logic feature. For example, an applicant's monthly income will only be asked if he/she is fully employed or an entrepreneur. 

File Management

Allow respondents to upload images, documents, and mp3 files to your dating application form. Applicants can upload a medical report containing their genotype, blood group, and any historical family disease. 

This will assist you in making better matchmaking decisions for applicants. You can, therefore, avoid pairing applicants with incompatible genotypes or similar family diseases together. 

Respondents can also upload their pictures on the relationship application form, giving their partner insight into what they look like before the date.

Advanced Form Fields

Start your own dating services today by creating a dating application form template with the plethora of form fields offered by Formplus. With the 30+ form fields offered by Formplus, you can add tables, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions that help you ask the right questions.

Use your dating application form to collect relevant data needed to matchmake each applicant with a perfect date. You can also use hidden fields to ask questions that are relevant to only specific applicants.


Gather useful insights about the applications submitted through your dating application form with Formplus. Know the exact number of people who viewed your form, submitted an application, total impressions, abandonment rate, and conversion rate.

Reports on the region each submission is coming from will also help inform marketing decisions in the future. You can invest more in promoting your dating services in areas with low impressions.

With Formplus, you can also build custom analytics and a more robust summary of the applications submitted through the relationship form. 

Form Customization

Easily customize your dating application form with beautiful designs tailored to your brand using Formplus. Increase response rate with an attractive ready-to-use dating application form template from Formplus.

You can choose to either tweak pre-built form themes, colors, layouts, and templates or modify them using a custom CSS. It doesn't matter if you are unfamiliar with CSS, you can still add your brand logo, colors, fonts, and background images to the dating form.

Submission Deadline and Limits

Set submission deadlines and limits for relationship applications with Formplus. This feature is very useful for dating applications that are collected in cohorts.

For example, you can create a submission deadline for the first cohort of dating applicants in a year. This will assist you in better matchmaking applicants and also making proper plans for date locations and other things that may be required.

Custom Subdomain To Host Forms

Showcase your brand identity with a custom subdomain for your dating application form. You can host your relationship form on a subdomain that has been customized to depict your brand and the services offered.

The customized form link is also very good for search engine optimization, which will drive organic traffic to your dating form. Your custom link is usually unique and cannot be shared with any other Formplus user.

Your form link can be edited at any time. However, it is advisable to avoid editing the form link after collecting responses in order to maintain uniformity.

Robust Email Notifications

Applicants will receive an automatic confirmation mail once the submission is made. You can, however, customize the content of this email as you please.

Use a friendly tone when creating a custom message for your autoresponder in order to create that between your brand and the relationship applicants.

You can receive submissions as docx/pdf attachment sent to your email address and to that of other authorized team members. The responses to the application form are sent in real-time.

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