In many countries around the world, couple surveys are often used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of partners. They are considered as fun quizzes that reveal just how much you and your partner have in common. 

A couple survey also highlights the convergent and divergent values of the individuals in a relationship. It is necessary for you to understand what a couple survey is and the type of questions that are typically contained in a couple questionnaire. 

What is a Couple Survey? 

A couple survey is an online survey that reveals the values and ideas of partners in a relationship. It is made up of a series of questions that highlight important issues for you and your partner to discuss as you progress in your relationship.

This survey type also reaffirms the strengths of your relationship and shows how much ideas you and your partner have in common. It is usually advised that you and your partner take a couple surveys in order to better understand each other's priorities. 

It is important to note that a couple survey is not a compatibility test. Here are 55 couple survey questions for partners and intending partners. 

15 Couple Questions for First Dates 

  • What is your favorite food? 

This is a personal question that would help you understand your partner's meal preferences. You may ask questions about food allergies too. 

  • What is your temperament?

This refers to individual behavioral differences. Every human has a temperament and this is broadly classified into the 4 major types: Sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic.

Each temperament has its defining characteristics. It is important to know where your partner falls in. 

  • What is your biggest achievement so far?

 Your partner should feel like he or she is a huge part of your life. With this question, you'd get to know what your partner places the highest priority in terms of success and achievements. 

  • What kind of job do you do? 

It is necessary to know the kind of job he or she does too. For example, if your partner is a doctor, he or she may need to be away more often than normal. You need to be sure that you can cope with this.

  • How many siblings do you have?

 Getting familiar with your partner's family is necessary too. Find out as much as you can about his or her family. 

  • What do you love most about your job?

 This will reveal the kind of value he or she places on career and professional excellence. With this question, you'd know what motivates your partner to excel in his or her workspace. 

  • Do you have any pets?

 Some people like to have pets around while others do not. Whatever divide you fall in, you need to be clear on how your partner feels about sharing your attention with a pet. 

  • What is your greatest regret

This question takes you into the depths of your partner's mind. You'd get insight into their priorities and values. 

  • What is your favorite color

Discuss color preferences too. This may seem like a piece of minute information until it's time to pick a wedding color theme or choose a color theme for your new home. 

  • What are the habits that you'd never tolerate in a person?

 This question is extremely important. Since you're a new couple, it is important to clearly outline the habits that you like and dislike. This gives your partner some sort of behavioral map to work with. 

  • If you didn’t have to work to support yourself, how would you spend your time? 

This question reveals the values and preferences of your partner. 

  • What is your favorite movie of all time?

 Questions like this fill you in on your partner's preferences and choices. If both partners like opposing genres such as drama and thriller, they'd have to compromise when it's time for a movie date. 

  • Is there anything you are extremely passionate about? 

This question reveals your partner's desires and interests. It is necessary to know what he or she is passionate about. After finding this out, figure out how to support him or her. 

  • What is the worst pickup line you've heard? 

This question allows you to know your partner's past experiences. It creates a common ground upon which further conversation can be built. 

  • When do you feel the most protected and taken care of? 

This kind of question reveals the personality of your partner. Information such as this is useful because it will inform on how you treat and relate with your partner. 

15 Relationship Questions Before Marriage

  • How many kids do you wish to have?

 It is necessary to clarify this. Children are one of the most important results of marriage. However, people have different perspectives when it comes to the number of children they should have.

Ensure that you and your partner address this question. If you're both on extremes, reach a compromise before you tie the knot.

  • What is your genotype? 

Getting your partner's health information is pertinent. Certain genotypes are not medically compatible. Ensure that you know your partner's genotype before getting married. 

  • Do you have any special disease?

 It's also necessary to inform your significant other about any medical complications or diseases that you have. 

  • Will you sign a prenup agreement

A prenup agreement is a marital protective clause. It is a written contract that highlights both individuals' assets and liabilities and specifies the property rights that would be enjoyed after marriage. 

Some people have reservations about signing a prenup while others do not. 

  • Splitting of Bills:

 Agree with your partner on a bill sharing method. You can choose to handle certain financial aspects of the relationship while your partner handles the rest.

  • What is your greatest fear in life?

This question helps you gain insight into your partner's personality. You would learn about what your partner considers important enough to fear.

  • Are you in any debts?

 The last thing you need is for unexpected creditors to start showing up at your doorstep after your marriage. This is why you must find out whether your partner owes any kind of debt. 

  • How much do you earn? 

In order to draw up a realistic financial plan, you need to know what your partner earns. This way, you would be able to make informed financial decisions in your marriage.

  • Do you have any children from past marriages or past relationships? 

Trust is also important in a marriage. It is best to open up about previous relationships to your partner. Also, request the same information from him or her.

  • How important is your personal space for you?

 While this may appear basic, there are some people who cannot bear to share their personal space, even in a marriage. If your partner is one of such people, then it is best he or she opens up about it so you can reach a compromise. 

  • Do you believe in creating a family budget for expenses? 

Coming from different backgrounds, some persons prefer to strictly plan expenses while others prefer a certain degree of financial flexibility. Whichever one it is, it is best to let your partner know. 

  • Are there genetic diseases in your family or a history of cancer, heart disease, or chronic illness?

 It is also a good thing to open up on any hereditary health conditions you have. Not doing this can breach trust later in the union. 

  • Would you adopt family planning methods?

 You and your partner should make a decision on which family planning method(s) is best for you. Start by finding out if your partner believes in child spacing and family planning. 

  • How much influence do your parents still have over your decisions?

 Parents are a very big part of our lives, even when we become adults. If your parents can considerably influence your decisions, it is best to let your partner know these then, both of you can compromise and achieve a middle ground. 

  • What do you think about members of my extended family living with us?

 If you would prefer to only have your extended family as seldom visitors, let your partner know. In the same way, inform your partner if you would like your extended family to live with you. 

15 Couple Survey Questions for Married Partners 

  1. Where will you like to go for the holidays?
  2. Where should the family take its Christmas holiday? 
  3. What kind of new home should we get? 
  4. How much should we keep aside for pleasure?
  5. How should we spend the summer?
  6. What kind of car should we buy?
  7. What kind of investment should we make?
  8. What school should the children attend?
  9. Where should we relocate to?
  10. Should we spend Thanksgiving with the rest of the family?
  11. When should I make a major job change?
  12. Should we allow your parents to move in with us? 
  13. How much mortgage should we take?
  14. Should we get life insurance?
  15. How much should we invest in our new business? 

10 Couple Questions on Finances 

  • Should we open a joint account?

 Many couples prefer having joint accounts. Some view it as a symbol of trust while others believe it helps the family to plan and execute projects better. Regardless, you should sit with your partner and find out if he or she wants to maintain sole control over his or her finances. 

  • What is our overall credit situation? 

You should also the overall credit score of you and your partner.

  • How much debt do we owe?

Just as with the credit score, you should know how much debt you and your partner collectively owe. With this information, you both can plan to offset these debts. 

  • How much should we save every year?

 Determine how much of your collective income should be put aside for future expenses. Saving patterns may differ based on overriding financial circumstances. Regardless, it is best to sit with your partner and make a decision on your savings. 

  • What expenses would you cater to?

 This is important if you've decided to equally split expenses. Decide which aspects of the expenses you would be responsible for. 

  • How much should we budget for Christmas?

 To avoid unnecessary expenses, create a budget to cover expenditure during the festive periods. 

  • Who will be responsible for the family’s financial planning?

 Decide on who would handle budgets and planning for the family. Usually, this should be the responsibility of the more prudent and level-headed partner. 

  • Do you have any inheritance?

 If you have any inheritance, your partner should know about it. This helps to build collective trust in the family. 

  • How much do you earn? 

This is one of the most basic information that your partner should have. There is no way to plan the family's finances if you do not know how much collective income you both earn. 

  • Do we need to take a loan to cover expenses? 

Sometimes, unexpected expenses may arise. This is a good time to decide whether you want to take a formal loan to cover these or you want to pull funds from friends, family, or your savings. 

10 Couple Questions on Domestic Issues

  • Will you be a stay at home dad or mum?

 Reach a compromise on who would work and who would stay home to take care of the kids. 

  • Where should we stay?

 Also, make a collective decision on where the family would live. Some people prefer to live in the city while some others prefer more secluded areas. 

  • What kind of decor should we have? 

You'd also need to decide on the type of interior decor for your apartment. Make a decision on color themes and designs for your home

  • Are you ready to have kids?

 Having children is a big decision in marriage. You and your partner should discuss when you both feel like it's the right time to add kids to the picture.  

  • What kind of home should we buy? 

You'd need to decide on the type of house to buy. Again, personal preferences will differ so it's best to reach a compromise when it comes to this. 

  • What kind of car should we buy?

 Also, decide on the right type of family car to purchase. There are several factors that influence this. For instance, if you plan to have kids any time soon, you may need to buy a family car like a van or SUV. 

  • How many times would you make dinner in a week? 

Split the chores right up to who makes dinner and when. 

  • Who would be in charge of the monthly shopping?

 This comes with splitting the chores. You may assign this task to one of you or create a shopping roaster. 

  • Should we get a nanny for the kids?

 If both of you have full-time jobs, you may need to get a nanny. One of you can opt to become a stay-at-home partner and take care of the kids too.

  • How many kids should we have?

You also need to reach a compromise on the number of kids you want to have. 

Uses of Couple Survey Questions 

  • The Intention of Both Sides

Couple survey questions help to reveal the intentions of both partners before and during the marriage. It helps when you have a full grasp of your partner's ideas before you both seal the union formally. 

Through these questions, you'd understand your partner's stance on a number of issues. This will broaden your knowledge of your partner's preferences. 

  • To Avoid Future Disagreement

 Couple surveys help to prevent any future disagreements between partners. This is because you already have a clear idea of what you're going into before getting into it. 

You can always refer to responses given in your couple survey to mitigate issues.  

  • To Protect One’s Self

 It's always better to know what you're going into before you get into it. A couple survey provides you with prior information about your partner's needs and preferences which, in turn, protects you and helps you make informed decisions. 

  • For Marriage Counselor/Therapist

 Marriage counselors often require clients to complete couple surveys in order to get a better grasp of their personalities. 

With the right questions, you will gain more insight into the couple's lives and use this information to make the right decision. 


A couple survey is an excellent means of gaining insight into your partner's needs and preferences. Interestingly, many of the questions contained in this type of survey are questions that may not be addressed during ordinary conversations with your partner.

It is necessary to think through your responses before inputting them into a couple questionnaire because these answers go a long way in setting the tone of your relationship. As a marriage counselor, you can create a couple of survey questionnaires using data-gathering platforms like Formplus

Formplus allows you to create custom couple survey questionnaires using the Formplus builder. It also offers different survey templates for which you can use to collect data from a couple surveys.