Since 2004, Total Sec Oy has been in the business of providing private security services in Finland. They are known for providing security services to the biggest events and most demanding customers.

Think of everything related to security – Bodyguards, Private investigators, Real estate and office building protection (guards and/or electronic surveillance), safety planning and safety training – all are right up the Total Sec Oy alley.

In order to manage their network of ~ 300 employees all over the country, the team uses Formplus forms to collect data and manage their sensitive files. We had a chat with Miko Linnavirta, a Senior partner at Total Sec Oy and here’s what he had to share:

When did you start to use Formplus?

We have been using Formplus since May 2018. I was scouting for form building solutions through web search and I found it.

What challenges were you experiencing that led you to look for a tool like Formplus?

Our main challenge was finding a way for all our employees around Finland to deliver information to us, easily, reliably and securely. We send and receive sensitive data like tax documents, copies of ID’s etc, – things that you can’t send with unsecure email.

Did you explore other solutions prior to using Formplus that did not necessarily work out? If so, which ones did you try and why did you choose to use Formplus?

We use Google Apps and experimented a lot with Google forms. However, receiving attachments requires signing in with Google account and not everybody wants to create an account. There were some add-ons to Google that would have made this possible but we did not trust those (and neither did Google).

Then we found Formplus as a Google Forms Alternative. This made our move to Formplus necessary as we needed to send and receive attachments.

What do you like most about using Formplus?

  • Google Drive and Sheets Integration: It is really great that Formplus sends all answers and attachments to our Google Drive where these can be shared efficiently and stored safely.
  • Embed forms in Websites: We can embed our online forms in our personal website without ads from Formplus. This makes it appear to be like our own data collection system.
  • Email Notifications: At Total Sec. Oy. we also organize trainings for employees and people with interest in Security. Using Formplus forms, people can register to our courses using our course registration form that is embedded. Once a submission is received, notifications are sent out to the training team so they can prepare accordingly.

On a scale of 1-10, how easy was it to adopt Formplus into your workflow?

10+ , The entire process starting from creation of forms is very simple and even after that the online forms have worked automatically. This could not have been easier. We didn’t experience any challenges at any point.

Want to manage employee data efficiently and effectively like Miko and Total Sec. Oy? With Formplus you can collect and manage data efficiently through online forms that work. Sign up for a free trial here.

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