YMCA is a global non-profit organization founded in 1844. With over 700,000 volunteers and 96,000 professionals, the YMCA has served more than 58 million people in 119 countries and 11,000 communities. 

Its movement in Latin America and the Caribbean promotes the integral development of humans through an extensive network of community centers, lodges, camps, and recreational facilities that focus on the construction of the best society in these regions.

To respond to the growing demands of their ongoing projects, YMCA opted for Formplus.

In this post, they share how Formplus has helped solved these demands by streamlining their processes.

The Challenges

With Non-profit organizations, there’s always a lot of paperwork. Especially with gathering data on projects that align with the mission and vision of the organization. YMCA wanted a tool to help achieve this while keeping things organized and professional.

“We needed an application that would allow us to easily create high-quality, on-demand surveys and forms”.

Meeting Work Team Demands with Formplus

With Formplus accounting forms, YMCA has been able to streamline its daily accounting. Also, they’ve used surveys to gather data from specialized audiences on topics relating to their mission and vision.

“Thanks to Formplus, we’ve been able to achieve that. We’ve also been able to create a customizable material to respond to the demands of the team while presenting a clean and professional image.”

We look forward to seeing the YMCA team explore Formplus in receiving online donations and volunteer applications. 

Interested in streamlining projects with Formplus like the YMCA team? Sign up for free to get started.

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