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Founded in 2003, through The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and the Royal Oaks Hospital, the National Psychology Training Consortium has trained over 400 psychology interns and residents.

The NPTC is a doctoral psychology internship program which is a collaborative consortium of primary care and psychological centers across the United States. This organization focuses on providing services to rural and underserved patients.

In order to manage their live continuous education and home study training, Toni Ripper-Operations Coordinator, needed to implement a more collaborative system for the team.

The Challenges Before Formplus

“Previously we were using Survey Monkey, however, with their new updates, it was becoming difficult to access surveys for our organization. We also tried their teams, but it just didn't give us the functionality we needed. Using FormPlus has allowed our organization to utilize the surveys without having to jump through additional hoops. ”

Teaming Up

“We were looking for a way for our whole team (4 individuals) to collaborate without a lot of extra work. FormPlus provided a solution with the Teams feature. Now we can collaborate and access the surveys without having to log in and out of accounts.”

What NPTC Loves about Formplus

Asides from registration forms for new applicants and the collaborative team features, NPTC uses formplus for

Feedback and Evaluation: We get to learn about how effective our training and workshops are using feedback forms.

Logic and Calculation: These features have helped with creating CE tests for the interns and residents.

“Infact, we have utilized almost all the functions available to us”

Ready to collaborate and effectively manage events  like Toni and the NPTC team? With Formplus, you can create functional forms that get the job done. Sign up for Free here.

You can also share how Formplus has helped your organization achieve goals and get a customer feature across our channels. 

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