What are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are add-ons to Google Chrome that users use to customize their browsers. This means that each Chrome user can create an experience that is better suited for their needs. 

There are several useful extensions and apps that an event planner, office administrators, and managers can add to their Google Chrome Browser to make work more efficient.

As an executive assistant, office manager, or event organizer, you should look out for technologies that make the delivery of your work swift

This article will discuss why event planners need Chrome extensions, and what they should look out for before selecting an extension. Also, we have profiled the best Google Chrome Extensions that will help event planners manage their time better, so keep reading. 

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Why Event Planners Need Chrome Extensions 

Time is changing and almost every part of human life is connected to technology. These technologies are designed to aid human productivity and bring out more efficiency.

Therefore, an event planner is not left out in making use of technological advancement to better their craft. Event planners need to make use of Chrome extensions to better plan their time and resources, to ensure efficiency in the delivery of their services, and to ease their workload.

They also need Google Chrome extensions to track events and ensure accuracy. As an event planner you need to be able to monitor the pace of your event at all times and chrome extensions can help you do that.

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An event planner also needs Google Chrome extensions for improved productivity. For example, making use of tools for the automation of emails reduces manual writing and distribution through the post office.

This will help everyone in the field to increase their efficiency and help to achieve more in a limited time.

What Event Planners Should Look Out for in Chrome Extensions

When deliberating on the right Chrome extensions to add to your browser as an event planner, you must also watch out for some things such as: 

1. Ease of use: Before you install a chrome extension, it is best to consider how easily accessible it is and whether it matches your interest. For example, if you want to add an extension that checks your grammar, you want to consider the ease of use of the extension you selected.   

2. Proficiency: You must also consider the proficiency of the Chrome extension you are about to add to your Google Chrome browser. This is because you need to ensure that the extension is reducing your workflow and saving you time.

Therefore, ensure that questions such as “Will this save cost and time?” “Will my organization improve in its delivery using this extension?” and others are answered.

3. Price: Also confirm the price or cost of your proposed extension. Ensure that it is within budget and that the selected tool can give you your money’s worth.

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Best Chrome Extensions for Event Planners

1. Event Merge

All event planners need an event merge extension as it visually merges the same events spread across multiple Google Calendars as one. This includes your personal calendar, work calendar, and your shared calendar.

This extension is important if you have multiple email accounts for your organization as it helps to avoid events cluttering up your calendar thereby making it hard to sort and read. 

Event merge extension also eliminates the risk of events duplication by giving the events individual strips with all the available calendars colors.

2. Tags for Google Calendar™

Pricing: Free 

Tag for Google Calendar is a visual add-on that adds special markup to question marks and tags in the names of an event. It causes a change in two markups of Google Calendar. These changes are:

  • For event names that have a colon (:) the parts before the colon will be displayed as a colored tag. This will help to discern the different types of events without creating several calendars. For example, “Accelerators: 2022 Conference” becomes “[Accelerators] 2022 Conference”.
  • Any event names that end with a question mark will be displayed transparently and in italics to show that it is optional or it is yet to be confirmed.

3. Facebook Invite All: 

Pricing: Free

  • You can make use of Facebook Invite All extension to invite multiple people to an event without going through a long list. You can use the “Select All button” on Facebook to invite large groups of friends. You will find the “Select All” feature on the top right corner of the list of friends.

You can use this feature for events and pages.

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 4. Boomerang Calendar

Pricing: Free

  • If you are a Gmail user, then this is a perfect extension for you. Boomerang Calendar allows you to schedule appointments and meetings within your email. This tool is designed to simplify your scheduling and make it seamless. Boomerang calendar also allows users to send the calendar many possible times to a recipient while the recipient chooses the time that works best for them. That is not all, boomerang also syncs with your existing calendars.

5. Formplus

Pricing: Free 

  • One advantage of Formplus to you as an event planner is that you can create any form you can think of easily. It provides more than enough templates for you to choose from and you also get to customize your forms without a single line of code. You can create inventory forms, checklist forms, and other types of forms you may need for your events. You can also share the forms through your social media platforms and through emails.

6. Checker Plus

Pricing: Free 

  • Check plus is an extension that allows the users to preview their meetings and events from multiple email accounts. It provides notifications. Event planners can make use of this extension to read or listen to their mails from multiple email accounts and even delete them without opening their Google mail. This extension also has popup and voice notifications.

7. Event Duration for Google Calendar

Event planners can make use of Event Duration for Google Calendar to better manage their time and create events that will be accurate with the desired time. The default duration you create will be the meeting length for all online events in your organization or community. However, this duration can be edited as deemed fit.

8. AddThis

Pricing: Free

You can make use of AddThis extension to share web content on multiple social media networks using one place. AddThis supports over 300 social media sites, so it’ll save you a lot of time. As a  social media planner or administrator, you should place this extension as a priority as it also allows you to print, translate and bookmark pages. This will make social media sharing less tedious.


There are many extensions designed to help you work more effectively and manage your time better. It is important to seek and make use of these technologies to simplify your everyday life as an event planner.

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