Seamlessly add your new Formplus respondents to your Mailchimp mailing lists with the easy Zapier integration. All you have to do is link your Formplus and Mailchimp accounts.

Why Should I Link My Formplus Account to Mailchimp?

  1. You can automatically gain and follow-up with new leads from your external respondents
  2. Grow your newsletter subscribers by automating contact imports from your forms
  3. Build relationships with your form respondents by sending relevant messaging

How to Connect Formplus to My Mailchimp Account

To get started, visit the Formplus Mailchimp Integration

  • At the bottom of this page, click on ‘connect Formplus + Mailchimp’

  • If you don’t have an existing Zapier account, it’s time to create one

Next, Setup your Trigger (Formplus) Settings

  • Under App and events, Confirm that the trigger app is Formplus and that the trigger event (what starts the zap) is a ‘new submission’
  • Next, select the Formplus account you want to collect contacts from
  • To choose a Specific Formplus account, click on ‘connect account’
  • Sign in on the pop-up modal displayed and give Zapier authorization to transfer your contacts from Formplus.  
  • Once this is complete, click on ‘continue’
  • Set up the trigger form by choosing a form from the dropdown you want to collect email addresses 
  • Test the trigger to be sure your Formplus settings work just fine.

Finalize Your Mailchimp Settings

  • Select what action event you want to achieve with your zap from the dropdown

  • Next, connect your Mailchimp account by signing in.
  • Once this is complete, set up actions by  following the prompts for each field
  • Test the actions you’ve setup
  • Once the test has been marked as successful, go ahead and turn on your Zap

And this is how you do it!

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