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Handling complex documents like agreements and legal contracts can be quite tedious especially when you’re drafting them from scratch. Luckily, the Formplus PDF Builder is designed to help you create legally binding documents without the need for a legal practitioner. So you can sit back, cut costs and create your legal agreements for free.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can draft legal agreements and contracts with the Formplus PDF builder.

What is a Legal Agreement?

A legal agreement is any written document that highlights the contribution, interests or responsibilities of each specific individual referred to as parties. Immediately a signature is appended to this document either physically or electronically, it becomes a legally binding agreement.

Essential Features of a Legal Agreement

For a legal agreement to be valid, there are some essential features required on your document. These features include but are not limited to the following;

  1. Name of the parties involved
  2. Signature fields for each of these parties
  3. Agreement terms and conditions
  4. Effective date of agreement

Creating a Legal Agreement with Formplus

Ready to create your first legally binding agreement? Here’s how to

Log on to the Formplus PDF Builder 

The first step is to visit

Pdf builder

It’s free, no signup required and no trial period.

Create an Agreement

Using the drag and drop editor, move fields from the control panel to start creating your agreement.

PDF editor

Explore short texts, long texts, description, signature fields amongst other available options.

Customize Your Agreement

On the control panel, click on the customize button. Customize your agreement by adding a logo, changing width, font, colors etc to fit into your brand.

Customize your pdf

Use the preview button to see your form progress.

Download as a PDF or Share Online

You can download your agreement as a PDF file to your local device without any restrictions or signup necessary.

The share online button redirects you to the Formplus builder where you can share your agreement with parties by embedding on your website, sharing via email or as a link. 

Save cost and time by drafting your own legally binding agreements today with Formplus.

Create Agreements for Free

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