An agreement form also known as a contract document can be drawn up in a simple contract format or agreement format. There are also many agreement samples available on the internet, but be careful to follow the contract format or agreement format as the case may be.

You sign an agreement; you make a contract, you live up to it. You never get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. You got a right to say yay or nay – Don King

An agreement is quite simply any understanding or arrangement reached between two or more parties. A contract is an offshoot of an agreement that, by its terms and elements, is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law.

An agreement form also known as a contract document can be drawn up in a simple contract format or agreement format. There are also many agreement samples available on the internet, but be careful to follow the contract format or agreement format as the case may be.

For a contract to become legal, an offer must be made by one party and accepted by the other, alongside a mutual consideration and a willingness for both parties to enter into a binding agreement.

Types of Contract Agreement 

1. Unilateral contract

Unilateral contracts are in practice are one-sided. In a unilateral contract, one party makes all the promises. Examples include maintenance and repairs of items of property. An offeree(person making the promises) cannot be sued for:

  • Abandoning the project
  • Not being able to finish his or her work.


  1. It the most efficient way to publicize a business activity. 
  2. It is an efficient way of trying to recover lost items. 


  1. The entire obligation in the contract falls on the offeror and is not reciprocated. 
  2. An offeror cannot generally sue for breach of contract. 
  3. Difficulties may arise when the offeror decides to revoke the reward before its terms have been fulfilled.

2. Bilateral contract

In a bilateral contract, unlike the unilateral, both parties make promises. Both parties involved in a bilateral contract promise to implement certain things. An example is when negotiating real estate. 


  1. It gives parties access to new markets. 
  2. When there is demand, both parties will open more job opportunities. 
  3. Bilateral agreements also enable consumers to buy goods at lower prices. For example, some types of products may be more expensive without an agreement.


  1. Lose of a price advantage due to the elimination of taxes.
  2. A bilateral agreement can result in competing agreements between other parties.

3. Contracts Under Seal

These types of contracts are used to be enforceable only if they contained a seal showing they were official. It is a polar opposite to an unconscionable contract which is an unfair type of contract, made only in favor of the party that is superior in the negotiations. 

The ‘seal’ could take the form of a wax seal, a seal ‘embossed’ onto the document by a special stamp, or simply the attachment of an adhesive paper seal (usually red).

4. Executed contract

This is as straightforward as it gets. An executed contract is one that’s been completed. The contract is often made between two or more people, but it can also be between a person and an entity, or two or more entities. An example of an executed contract; is a contract in which the promises are made and completed immediately, like in the purchase of a product or service. 

The main difference between an executed and executory contract is how quickly the contract’s promise must be fulfilled. An executed contract must be satisfied immediately, while an executory contract has terms that will be fulfilled later.

5. Implied contract

These contract details and promises are committed to writing or expressed orally. An implied contract has the same legal force as an express contract, which is a contract that is voluntarily entered into and agreed on verbally or in writing by two or more parties. 


  1. No person should receive unjust benefits at the expense of another person.
  2. A written or verbal contract is not needed to get fair play.


  1. The implied contract is more difficult to enforce.

6. Valid contract

A contract is considered valid if it meets all the qualities necessary to be a legal contract. A valid contract provides proof of what was agreed between you and the other party


  1. It provides proof of what was agreed between you and the other party.
  2. It helps to prevent future misunderstandings or disputes by making the agreement clear from the beginning.
  3. It gives you security and peace of mind by having the terms of the agreement down on paper which the terms do not change.

7. Voidable contract

If a single element is missing from a contract, it is considered voidable. If a party with the power to reject the contract chooses not to reject the contract despite the defect, the contract remains valid and enforceable. Once there’s a mistake, misrepresentation or fraud, undue influence or duress, or a party’s legal incapacity to enter a contract, it becomes voidable.

A Voidable contract, unlike a void contract, is a valid contract that may be either affirmed or rejected at the option of one of the parties

Feature of a Contract Agreement Forms 

  • Signatures

The contract form allows the intending client to sign an agreement on a binding agreement for the business. For original signatures on a contract, it would require that the original contract be signed by the parties, and not a copy, fax, or scan of the contract.

A key issue with the signature of a faxed or scanned document is whether it can be proven that the party, which purportedly signed the contract, did, in fact, sign it.

  • Description of the services

The description of the services to be provided field is also presented on a contract agreement form. Contracts are agreements between a customer or client and a person or company who will be providing services. For example, a Service Contract might be used to define a work-agreement between a contractor and a homeowner.

  • Required resources 

Resources are necessary such that if the plan states that risk should be shared equally between both parties, the contract needs to be appropriately drafted to make sure that this happens. Contract documents including the Agreement, the Conditions of Contract, the Drawings, and the Specifications must be attached.

  • Name of Signatories/Companies

On the contract agreement form, there are field options to input the names of the signatory or company going into a contract agreement. The personal details of the intending client are also included in the contract. Their names, addresses, phone numbers, as well as project location (if any).

  • File Uploads

The contract form also allows either contracting party to upload relevant resources to aide in the contract agreement.  These documents must have a relevance to the contract with has been drawn up. 

Contract Files are either solicitations (till awarded) or awards. Contract Files are similar to file folders that contain acquisition information in a single place. A Contract file is a view that enables you to see the information related to the acquisition from a single location.

How to Write a Business Contract Agreement

It is quite simple for two or more people to come to an agreement on a business transaction but drawing a contract that legally binds the agreement is a bit tricky. Although there are a few things that are common to all business contract agreement forms like the parties’ names, signatures, etc, the conditions will differ according to individual terms.

Also, before signing a contract agreement, you need to carefully read the terms and make sure it is favorable to you. One of the mistakes a lot of people make is not properly reading the contract terms before signing. 

This could occur due to the volume of the contract terms or over excitement as a result of getting a business offer. In this article, we will be focusing on writing a business contract agreement in order to prevent disputes  

Start with This Free Business Contract Template From Formplus

Create your contract agreement contract in a few seconds using the already published template that was curated by industry professionals. Simply start by clicking on this template here.

Edit your Contract Agreement Form

Once you have been directed to the Formplus Form Builder, you can add or remove form fields, edit the contract agreement to suit your business requirements, and add your business name. When you are done editing, you can click on the Save icon in the top right corner. save-contract-form

Share with Potential Business Partners

Take advantage of the multiple sharing options available in the Formplus builder and start sharing with potential business partners. Once a business partner fills your contract form, you will receive an email notification with the response in your merged document.

Simple Agreement Form Template

With this online lease agreement form template, you can create a legally binding document until the rent expiration. This lease agreement form is perfect for property owners, investors, and general business. 

With this online equipment lease agreement template, you can sign a binding agreement on rent terms that’ll cover fees, terms, and conditions for equipment loss or damage. 

This car rental agreement form template lets you sign an online basic car leasing contract between your car rental service company and prospective customers. 

With this online land lease agreement template, you can design a binding agreement between property owners and the lessee. With it renting out lands for agricultural or other commercial purposes is a piece of cake.

As a landlord or a property owner, you can use this online lease renewal agreement template to extend the term of tenant lease as it gets closer to expiration. With this renewal agreement template,  both parties can change the agreement terms before signing a new contract.

The online office lease agreement template can be used to sign a legal contract between property owners and the proposed tenant for a specific office apartment. Office lease agreement contract can be modified to include service provisions like cleaning, electricity provisions 

The sublease agreement template is used for situations where you want to sign a binding agreement between you and the sublessee who is renting an apartment or an already leased space.

The online interview consent form template allows the interviewee to sign off their consent to use the interview data for research or report for a journalist. It comes with premium features like short text fields, upload, e-signature, etc.

With this pet adoption form template, you can find a new home for a rescued pet who will find a loving family to stay with. Let pet lovers apply to adopt their preferred pet with this free online pet adoption form template. 

To avoid delays at the airports, use this online travel consent form template to get permission from a child’s guardian when traveling with an under-age kid who is not your ward. This travel consent form will help you gather all the needed data that might be required by law enforcement during your travel period. This consent form is perfect for travel agencies, schools on an excursion, NGOs, etc.

The online consent form template is used to ask your client for permission on personal matters. This consent form is great for educational purposes; where schools can ask student’s guardians for parental consent for school trips, personal information, camping, etc. The consent form is also useful in healthcare services to seek consent from the patient or next of kin.

The music release form template allows the public to request permission to use your song for business advertisement or personal use. This music release form template allows record labels to give copyright permissions, request data and infringement of intellectual property.

This event form template can be used to create a free online event registration form for your conference, party, workshop, etc. It also lets you accept PayPal from attendees.

The guarantor agreement form template allows guarantors to vouch and affix their signature for their wards or lessee. This guarantor form is important in real estate, business, legal, and recruiting industries.

This online non-disclosure agreement form template allows business partners or employees to sign an NDA agreement to prohibit sharing of your company’s confidential information to third parties. With premium features like online signatures; your employees can now sign their non-disclosure agreement online

This roommate agreement form template lets you sign a legally binding lease contract while stating explicit rent rules and regulations.  In the end, you get a roommate to share the cost of your rent without stress.

This verification form can be used to verify the identity of an individual while they upload their important documents. With this form, you can  collect contact information and all the other necessary information

With this simple newsletter signup form, you can grow your email marketing list. It is also easily customizable for embed on your website.

 Contract Templates 

With this contract form template, you can allow two parties to sign an agreement on a binding agreement for your business. With a description, file upload, form responses, and e-signature form feature, you can easily write a contract agreement and input signature on your contract forms with ease.

With this form template, you can list all your agreement terms, conditions, apply the electronic signature field, and download responses as PDF to all parties. The change of ownership form template lets you transfer cars or property ownership to its new owner. 

By using a credit application form, you can process credit applications quickly and cleanly. Having a credit application form allows you to store applicants’ contact and background information in a central database. 

Can’t find your preferred contract agreement form template? Sign up to create your specific contract forms with Formplus builder

How to Create a Car Rental Agreement Contract

Before creating a car rental agreement contract for your business, you need to first identify why you need to create one in the first place. In simple terms, what is your objective?

For a car agreement contract, your aim is to create a legal document that highlights the terms and conditions that should be met during the car hire period and have your leaser agree to these terms with a signature. When you have been able to identify your objective, the next thing to do is to list the things that should be included in your car agreement contract.

  • Vehicle condition
  • Mileage limit and has gank reading
  • Rental period
  • Rental vehicle details
  • Undertaking
  • Attestation
  • Rental agreement terms and conditions
  • Payment

Create a Car Agreement Contract Using Formplus

Step 1 – Welcome to Formplus

Login into your existing Formplus account or sign up in 2 seconds. Formplus allows you to register using your email address or using your existing Google account in a single click as shown below. 

Step 2 – Start Creating for Free

Create your car agreement contract in a few seconds using the already published template that was curated by industry professionals. Simply start by clicking on this template here


Step 3 – Edit your Contract Agreement Form

Once you have been directed to the Formplus Form Builder, you can add or remove form fields, edit the contract agreement to suit your business requirements, and add your business name. When you are done editing, you can click on the Save icon in the top right corner. 


Step 4 – Add your brand identity

When a car leaser opens your rental agreement contract, your brand identity should be obvious. That is, they should be able to identify your brand logo, color, and font with just a glance at your form. 

You can add your brand identity to your car agreement template in the Customise tab

Step 5- Add your signature and Send Email Notifications

Click on Document Merge in the Settings tab of the Form Builder. Then, click on the Download template button to download a word document version of your car agreement contract. save-document

Scroll down to Rental company’s Signature then delete the tag {{ answer_1568215514492 }} and replace it with your company’s signature as shown below. Save your document and upload it back into the Formplus builder with the Upload template button.

NOTE: Do not delete any other tag in the document

Step 6: Navigate to the Email Notifications tab and select the necessary fields as shown

Step 7- Share with car leasers

Take advantage of the multiple sharing options available in the Formplus builder and start sharing with car renters. Once a car renter signs your car rental agreement contract, you will receive an email notification with the responses in your merged document.


In transacting business, many instances will arise where you need a contract. Any time you make a promise to transact business, a contract is a good idea. It is important to note that a contract must offer something of value. The very purpose of drawing up a contract is to protect one or both involved parties.

Knowledge of contract law must be applied to create valid contracts depending on the type of agreement you’re making and provide ways for challenging contracts that one party believes should be void for one of many reasons.

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