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Free Contract Form Template

Use this contract form template to allow two parties sign an agreement on binding agreement for your business. With our description, file upload, form responses, and e-signature form features, you can easily write a contract agreement and input signature on your contract forms with ease. Signup now to use this free contract agreement form or create your customised contract forms with our easy-to-use form builder.

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A contract is a smart way to standardize your business and create a process that can be duplicated even as your business expands. Most start-up business struggle with creating the ideal contact form.

To address this concern, Formplus has curated a total of 69 free contract templates that can be customized with our drag-and-drop style form builder. Hence, whatever business niche you cover with Formplus, there is free editable contact from the template waiting for you. Create your online contract and get it signed today with Formplus.

What is a Proper Contract Form?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between multiple parties, clearly outlining the expectations for all the parties involved and the penalties for breaching the agreement. For a contract to be  considered proper and legally binding, it needs to include the following elements:

  • Mutual consent
  • Competence (i.e., parties’ capacity to sign a contract)
  • Consideration (i.e., value exchanged)
  • Offer & acceptance
  • Legal purpose

What are the Forms of Contract?

  • Written Contracts: These forms of contracts state clearly in a written document the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties involved.
  • Verbal Contracts: Otherwise known as oral contracts are established through spoken communication between parties involved. Even without any written documentation, it is still binding, as long as an offer and acceptance are made. However, in terms of disputes, proving verbal contracts legally can be difficult.
  • Standard Contract: This is a standard contract where the terms of an agreement are preset and little or no negotiations occur between parties. These forms of contracts are already preset and are mostly one-sided benefiting usually the one who designed the contract.

What Is the Purpose of a Contract Form?

The main purpose of a contract form is to have a formal legal written document signifying an agreement between the parties involved. The aim is to clearly outline expectations and eliminate any form of ambiguity, or misunderstanding.

How Do I Make a Contract Form? 

All that is required to create your contract form has been provided by Formplus. With our robust options of contract forms in the template library, all you need is to create an account with Formplus.

This gives you free access to various contract form templates. You can then select the “contract form template”. Additionally, the forms in the template library can be customized to align with your requirements and design preference. Our advanced sharing options allow you to share the forms either via a QR code, an email link, or by embedding it on your online channel.


A contract form is ideal if you want to streamline your business process. There are various types of contracts, such as written, verbal and standard contracts to mention a few. Formplus has simplified the contract form design process. 

All you need to do to create your contract form is sign up with Formplus, to access the broad collection of customizable contract forms templates. 

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