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Free Event Registration Form Template

Create a free online event registration form using any of our event form template for your conference, party, workshop etc. You can accept paypal or credit payment from attendees

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Free Event Registration Form Template template



Send Email Notification to your Event Attendees

Send personalised emails to attendees to get responses that’ll help plan a successful event. With our online event registration form, you can request attendees’ RSVPs ahead of time and be aware of attendees’ health conditions, special needs, allergies etc. ahead of time. The web form builder email invitation gives users the option to fill the form by clicking on a link that takes them to the event registration form. Inviting people with an informative and eye-catching email message makes planning easier. Email invitations get the main details across in the most efficient way possible. Use Formplus to create bespoke email invitations and reach more people.

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Customise Event Registration Form to Reflect Brand Identity

Create beautiful and stylish forms that reflect your brand identity by adding business logo and associated images on the form background. Change themes with the event registration forms. You can change colours or use colours that fit your brand. There are default styles in the templates but the Formplus event registration form gives you the option to change the layout, font or width of your registration form. Creatively design your event forms to make it easier and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes of the attendees. You can choose from our variety of templates that have been beautifully designed to suit your taste. Branded URLs promote trust and are easier to remember and share with others. With Formplus, you can include your company name into form links. This feature allows you add your organisation or brand name to your form URLs. There’s also the option of a URL shortening service for forms for all forms created with Formplus.

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Share Event Registration Forms Online

Our online sharing options can allow you to get more people to book reservations for your event. You can embed a shareable link on your website to invite friends and website visitors to register and attend your event. You can also customise your form URL to reflect your brand identity while embedding form link to your website or Social Media. We recognise the power of social media in trying to get people to register for your event, try sharing your event registration form on social media to reach even more people. You can also paste online form link to your website as an iframe or popup to prompt better form response from audience. Did we also tell you can convert your form link to a QR Code where people can easily scan to register for your event? Formplus helps you do that. Create your event forms and start sharing with your respondents!

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