Watamu Treehouse is a retreat center and boutique hotel located on the finest beach of the Kenyan Coast. 

Being one of the rated top 1% of hotels in Kenya over the past years, Watamu Treehouse needed a solution to help transform its operations to a more COVID compliant one. 

After extensive research by Paul Krystall, owner of the resort, Formplus seemed like the perfect solution. Post-adoption, Paul shares how the company has streamlined registrations with Formplus.

The Covid-19 Setback

Watamu Treehouse like every other resort in the hospitality industry got shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In March 2020, all hotels were shut down for about three months”. 

To maintain its rating and stay on top of the industry post-lockdown, Watamu treehouse needed a solution to help streamline its operations. 

“One of the requirements for reopening was to comply with the new health regulations. The major concern of the government at the time was registration and the guidelines were to sterilize pens and cards after each use. If possible, to go paperless”

What better way to do so than using Formplus for a Covid-19 compliant registration?

Being on Top of the Game with a Paperless Check-in

When Paul found Formplus, Watamu treehouse was able to create several registration forms in less than a day for their different areas of operation.

Today, the retreat center uses Formplus for its guest, yoga class, and Watersport adventure registrations.

They can now receive booking dates and customer information online. With the Formplus storage, they can save the registration information, or easily retrieve it via an auto-populated spreadsheet. Also, there are real-time email notifications so they never have to miss any registration or booking request.

Not only is the retreat center complying with the new health regulations, but they are also improving their efficiency and staying on top of the game with Formplus.

We look forward to Watamu treehouse exploring our payment options and other cool features.

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