Founded in 2016, Perpetual CPA is an accounting firm in Portland that provides financial consulting services to businesses in and around the region. Their services include and are not limited to, Accounting, Tax and Business advisory services for SMEs.

The firm is unique in a sense that it has a modern business structure: Perpetual CPA is cloud-based and they allow clients to operate their accounts over the web. This means that clients can have instant access to details of their finances so that they can make important decisions, essential for growing a business.

We recently caught up with Paul Tiyalev, Managing Director, about what they do and how Formplus is helping them work better and smarter.

How did you find out about Formplus and what impact has it had on your job and efforts as a team?

In 2018, we did an extensive research looking at various data collection tools and form vendors. Seeing that we provide most of our account services digitally, we needed a secure and convenient way to remotely collect client data. Formplus filled that need.

Did you explore other form builders prior to using Formplus? Why did you choose Formplus?

We used other data collection tools that are very different from online forms but are widely used in the accounting industry. Right now, Perpetual CPA is likely the only practice using online forms for accounting data within our geographic region in Portland. We see it as a competitive advantage.

What do you like best about Formplus?

We especially like it for data security and cost.

How easy was it to adopt Formplus into your workflow?

The ease of use is a 10. At first, not all features we wanted were present, but the development team did a good job listening and rolling out new useful features, like Table data input and others. Formplus forms do help us streamline certain processes, and we’re constantly pushing online forms to the limit.

What are your goals for the next phase of your business and how can Formplus help to meet them?

We’re building out our processes using Formplus and working out some bugs, but the ultimate goal is to make it easier for the clients to submit data and make more efficient for the firm to collect that data.

If you’re looking for an experienced CPA in Portland to be a team member in running your small business, call Perpetual CPA and schedule a free consultation here.

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