Being a non-profit committed to ending domestic violence, human trafficking and violent crime, Ruby’s place prioritizes having a healthy team and doing quality work. It’s no surprise that they chose Formplus to help train their counselors. Ruby’s place has provided shelter and services since 1971. In this post, Debi Himovitz, the Chief Operating Officer, shares some of their challenges along with why they chose Formplus as their solution. 

The Problem

“At Ruby’s place, we encourage self-reflection among clients and staff. We believe quality work starts with a program that is client-centered and built on trauma-informed care. This is why we prioritize getting the best team that can provide the best experience for clients in our care”.

To effectively do this, they needed a way to streamline the staff registration process. The biggest challenge, however, was receiving registration payments without any hassle or longer routes. 

“We were looking for options to collect registration fees for our Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking Counselor Certification Training.”

The team previously used Google Forms but they could only receive payments with an add-on. Unfortunately, the add-on was discontinued and they were back to the starting point - looking for an affordable way to receive payments. 

Receiving Registrations and Payments with Formplus

After extensive research, the team at Ruby’s place found Formplus as their solution. In Debi’s words, “It was the easiest to use, it provided what we needed and actually simplified the process for us”.

So far, they’ve set up registration for the 2022 Spring Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Counselor Certification Training. And we’re happy to announce that they’ve been receiving registration fees seamlessly. 

We can’t wait to see what else they achieve with Formplus!

Interested in receiving payments with your online forms? Join Ruby’s place and many other businesses that use Formplus today. Sign up for free here. 

You can also share how Formplus has helped your organization/business achieve its goal and get a customer feature. Share my story.

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