Beauty Bar Group is an E-Commerce leader in providing beauty and wellness products in Africa. As the company expanded, they realized that it needed to adopt more efficient processes to manage customers’ increasing demands.

They wanted a solution that would help them manage customers’ orders, automate their processes, and also grow their revenue. Formplus seemed like the perfect solution, and since its adoption, the company has gone paperless and increased its efficiency significantly.

Moving to a paperless office

For an E-Commerce business, one of the most important things is making it easy for customers to place orders, make payments, and receive their products on time. Before using Formplus, Beauty Bar Group took customers’ orders through calls and recorded them manually on paper.

So much time was spent on writing down the details of customers’ orders, and accessing old records were usually very time-consuming. After giving online forms a trial with an order form created for one of their major sales, they decided to move to a paperless office.

Beyond these exciting results, Beauty Bar Group loved the fact that Formplus’ customer support responds to her requests promptly and are thorough with their response. “Whenever we have challenges, the Customer support team replies immediately and gives a detailed response to my questions”

Improving efficiency and satisfying customers

Beauty Bar Group found the Formplus implementation process quick and seamless, and it started seeing immediate results.

“Since we started using Formplus, it has become easier to collect customers’ details and also retrieve data populated directly into Google Sheets. Unlike when we were using pen and paper, we can now save time and focus on other important things” 

Beauty Bar Group also uses Formplus to create forms for special deals on their products. With a large number of their customer base coming from Instagram, they can easily create quick forms for special deals and share the link on their Instagram page.

They can set order deadlines for limited time offers and easily access customer details in the automatically populated spreadsheet. Order fulfillment time has reduced significantly with real-time notification on orders.

Managing refunds have also become easier because they no longer have to sort through thousands of files or manually update spreadsheets. Customers can now fill the refund form to request for a refund.

The Beauty Bar Group team reconciles customer refund request with the order data on their spreadsheet. That way, they can confirm customers’ order claims and make necessary refunds.

In addition to taking orders and managing refunds, the company’s customer service team has also benefitted from Formplus. They have been able to create a customer service form to manage customer requests and keep them happy.

Results and what’s next

The Beauty Bar Group is very excited about how Formplus has helped improve their efficiency. They have been able to cut the steps involved in their sales funnel by 60%, thereby increasing the lead conversion rate.

In less than 3 months of using Formplus, they have received thousands of responses on their forms. As Beauty Bar Group grows its customer base, they would like to integrate the payment options available on Formplus with their order forms so that customers can also make payments directly from their forms.

Further showing their excitement and loyalty, The Beauty Bar Group added they would like to be part of any exciting new features that are being added to Formplus.

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