How Formplus Helps B.E Natural Demo Staffing Agency Stay Connected to Staff and Clients

Founded in 2012, B.E. Natural Demo Staffing Agency is a Midwest health and wellness brand ambassador staffing company. The initials B.E., other than the action verb ‘Be’, were coined from the name Blue Earth, a small town in Minnesota where the founder of the company Brooke Ziegler is from.

Brooke has a passion for health and wellness and started the B.E. Natural company to help promote natural and organic products for companies who need a network of experienced brand ambassadors (with backgrounds ranging from foodies, nutritionists, estheticians, fitness instructors and all around health nuts). They have successfully executed 25,000+ in-store demo events and tradeshows, and connected brands with well over a million health-conscious consumers.


In order to manage over a hundred ambassadors, Brooke needed to implement a system that helped to keep track of their event reports in the simplest way. She mentioned her concerns to one of her clients and got referred to Formplus. 4 years later, she shares the B.E Natural data collection journey with Formplus:

The Beginning

I started B.E Natural by staffing events in Minnesota where I’m from, then I expanded to the Midwest region, and then I expanded to the entire United States. We chose natural and organic products as our focus because it was already the lifestyle that I was living and what I was passionate about. It also helped that I was experienced with promotions, brand ambassador work, and in-store demos. It just made sense to combine the two and promote natural products.

The Structure

There are around a hundred ambassadors working promotional events across the country each month, but in some months this could increase. They submit post-event recaps (reports) capturing consumer feedback, product sales, and photos.

The Challenge with Data Collection

The major challenge was with keeping up with our database of reporting, brand ambassadors, and just keeping things trackable and simple. That’s why I am so excited about Formplus because it is helping us in various capacities.

About 4 years ago, I was in L.A visiting a client and she said, “Have you heard about Formplus? You can upload photos to it”. She said it’s similar to a Google Form but you can upload pictures to it and I was sold. So yes, our client found Formplus and introduced it to us.

Since Then…


Formplus has simplified life for us at B.E Natural, particularly with being able to keep track of information and team reports.

With using Formplus, there are so many features and things I like about it:

  • Sending Users a Copy of their Submissions: Before this came out, I used to get emails all the time asking if I received report submissions. Formplus helps us tie those loose ends together.
  • Users can fill another form: This is really important when our ambassadors are submitting multiple reports for more than one event. They can now easily submit another response upon submission.
  • Feature Improvements and Suggestions: I like the fact that Formplus keeps improving and getting more enhanced, which is exciting to me every time I read about a new feature being launched. I immediately think about how it can improve my business.
  • It Keeps my Inbox Decluttered: A lot of our clients were really excited with the way the online forms work because for them I convert their paper event recap forms to online forms and now they can actively see results as they come in and don’t have a bunch of emails cluttering their inbox. And I love the way it helps me clean out my inbox. When I want to staff new ambassadors, I just send out a form link to the brand ambassador position job application form and I don’t have to stress about my inbox filling up with emails.
  • Form Analytics: Using form analytics helps to gather useful insights from online forms such as information on total form views, unique views, abandonment rate, conversion rate, among other things. They use it to know which products sell the best at demos, which stores or reps sell the most, days that have the best demo results, etc.
  • Electronic Signatures: The online signature field is one of the most recent features to be released by Formplus, and I can’t praise it enough. We are able to collect electronic signatures via online forms, and Formplus made it so easy for the signer. All you need to do is add the signature field in the form builder, and you can have people sign important documents, and reports online.

In Conclusion…

Using a versatile online form builder and file upload tool like Formplus can help you get more work done in your organization. If you’re interested in seeing how Formplus can help streamline your business processes, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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