To measure productivity and ensure you have an accurate payroll, you need a Timesheet. The Timesheet Calculator helps calculate the amount of time an employee has spent at work, on a particular project or while working for a specific client.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people” – Julie Bevacqua, Rise CRO. 

Most times, what matters to employees would be that their remuneration is paid in the exact amount and on time. How do you ensure you don’t default on both counts? By using a Timesheet. 

A Timesheet is a widely accepted method for recording the amount of time a worker has spent on a  job/task. It simply enters hours in a simple online Timesheet and tracks work hours across projects.

A Time Card calculator, on the other hand, allows you to calculate the total hours worked. You simply enter the times worked and it will add up the time worked into a meaningful hour or minute format. You can then sum the hours to get a total.

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Types of Time Sheet

1. Project-related: This type of timesheet is used to calculate the total breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project. The information here is typically used for project costing and estimation. So it compares the estimated budget versus the actual time resources spent.

2. Periodic-related: The periodic-related timesheet is used on a more periodic basis. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s especially useful in payroll management, employee engagement, and identifying time-consuming tasks

What is a Timesheet Calculator?  

The Time Sheet calculator is a tool used to calculate the amount of time a worker spends on a job. It is used to track workers’ hours across projects. All you need is to input the start time and the end time for it to compute the data.

What is a Time Card Calculator? 

The Time Card calculator is a tool for calculating hours, pay and overtime of employees. With this tool, you can also print timecard reports, complete with name and date. It can also be customized for weeks, days, periods, lunch, and a 12 or 24-hour clock.

Is there a difference between a Timesheet vs Time Card Calculator? 

The Time Sheet Calculator is used to calculate records of hours worked on various tasks that are used as input for payroll, project accounting or client billing processes while the Time Card Calculator is used to calculate the records of the times when an employee starts and stops work.

In all, the Time Sheet provides more data and is used for a number of processes when compared with the Time Card which is a card, stamped by a time clock to record the times when an employee starts and stops work.

Types of Timesheet Calculator 

  • Hourly Timesheet Calculator

The hourly Timesheet Calculator is used to record hours worked on. The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the hourly wage calculator may not be exact. The hourly wage Calculator is designed to provide general guidance and estimates. It really should not be relied upon to calculate exact payroll or other financial data.

  • Weekly Timesheet Calculator

The weekly timesheet calculator is used to add up your employees’ time clock hours for the week and calculate their gross wages. In all, it is more accurate and is useful to calculate weekly timesheet hours and gross wages, including overtime.


  • Monthly Timesheet Calculator

The monthly Timesheet Calculator is used to add up your or your employee’s time clock hours for the month and calculate their gross wages. It also lets you calculate gross wages, including overtime based on your choice.

With Formplus builder, you can create an online forms that collect employee data hourly, weekly or monthly and export these data into Excel sheet.

What to Look out for in a Time Sheet Calculator

  • Automatic reports – You need a calculator that automatically curates reports from the data it receives. This will help share actionable insights you can use to improve your processes.
  • Auto calculations – Reduce the number of human errors you record by opting for a software that automatically calculates the number of hours your employees spend working excluding lunch breaks. 
  • Integration – Your Timesheet calculator should seamlessly integrate with your payroll systems and other applications you use. 
  • Ease of use – Pick a calculator that doesn’t require a lot of cognitive effort every time you need to use it. 
  • PDF downloads – Sometimes you need to use your reports offline. Find a tool that gives you multiple options for downloading.
  • Collaboration – Choose a tool that allows you to collaborate with other members of your team.

Here are the top 15 Timesheet Calculator Tools 

The Free time card calculator allows you to create a weekly or bi-weekly employee timesheet with lunch breaks.

This time card calculator is useful for the unique needs of both managers and employees. While employees just need a simple time card to easily calculate their expected pay for the week, managers can use break times and overtime options for a lot more.

It offers a free trial version that lasts 14 days, however, you have to be signed in to use this feature. It ticks all the boxes for an ideal timesheet calculator.

Pricing: In terms of pricing, it costs roughly about $8 per user, per month plus a $20 base fee per month.

Timesheets provides an easy-to-use online time clock service for employees and other workers. Their timesheets are useful to track payroll, billing, or job costing. You can also view real-time information and run detailed reports, all from the cloud. captures the simplicity and complexity of Timesheets in a single product. It integrates well with a payroll system and does not require any additional equipment.

The duration of the free trial period is not specified but it does require you to complete registration. 

Pricing: The pricing plans include; Freelancer at $0, Standard at $4.50/user and Non Profit at $3.60/User.


The Connect team free time card calculator allows you to create a weekly or bi-weekly employee timesheet with lunch breaks. This simple time card calculator can be used for employees and managers alike.

With the Connect team, you can close the gap on payroll mistakes while ensuring that buddy punching is impossible with its GPS location feature. Also, all data is presented in visible insights for overtime, double-time, auto-clock out and so much more. It’s that easy for you to spot exactly what needs your attention. Connect Team has a free trial period that lasts a grand total of 14 days.

Pricing: The plans cover up to 200 users and it includes Basic at $29/month, Advanced at $59/month, Expert at $119/month and Enterprise with price negotiable.


The Formplus Simple Timesheet template helps you keep track of employee work hours, as well as overtime. It’s very simple to use and it makes it easier to manage and track productive time. Add multiple people within your department/team and permit them to collect and review information on your company’s Timesheet, with  Formplus Teams & Multi-Users.

The Timesheet template lets you collect key insights on overtime and shifts with analytics to help make better decisions for your organization. It also provides all the information required by an employee at a glance, through the email notifications. It is also very easy to use.  

Pricing: With three plans; Starter at $20/1 user, Professional at $36/3 users and the Platinum at $68/5 users per month billed annually.

  • Virtual TimeClock Pro 


Virtual TimeClock is a one-time software purchase that quickly and easily installs on your computer for a convenient, easy-to-use time clock for punching in and out. A key feature of Virtual TimeClock is that it greatly simplifies timecard management, and it also saves time with automatically totaled hours & overtime.

The Virtual TimeClock Free Trial has no stipulated time but they also provide Free training & support. 

Pricing: The packages are  Basic for 1 Computer, 3 Employees, Basic Edition at $99, Pro for 1 Computer, Unlimited Employees at $195 and Network for Multiple Computers, Unlimited Employees, subject to your choice.

  • Time Clock Wizard


Time Clock Wizard contains a variety of features that will make your business easier to manage. These features include a time card calculator, a payroll calculator and an employee schedule maker. 

A key feature of Time Clock Wizard is exporting the time card data, available to be printed as a report or downloaded as a PDF, both on MAC and Windows.

Pricing: The plans include; a free plan for up to 3 Users, a Value plan with unlimited users at $14.95 per month, a Pro plan with up to 50 Users starting at $29.95 per month and an Enterprise plan with unlimited Users at $99.95 per month.


The Calculate Hours timesheet calculator is designed to provide you with general guidance. However, it should not be relied upon to determine financial data. They also do not give any warranty or assurance as to the quality or precision of their Timesheet Calculator.

It provides an easy way to calculate Bi-weekly and semi-monthly timesheets which are the most common methods to pay for hours worked.

Pricing: It is absolutely free to use. There are no paid plans.


The Geek hours calculator is designed to provide general guidance and estimates. It should not be relied upon to calculate exact payroll or other financial data. There is also a caveat that users should refer to a professional accountant regarding any specific requirements or concerns.

You can access timesheets without registering. However, if you do register, you have access to more features. Signing up is pretty easy and straightforward, just your email address and password are required.

Pricing: It is absolutely free to use. There are no paid plans.

  • Toggl 


The Toggl calculator is a free-time card calculator that will help you quickly tally and print the hours you work in any given week and easily calculate the pay you can expect to receive.

Toggl’s timesheet template stands out in its great simplicity and ease of use. Just enter your start and end times, add as many activities as you need and your beautifully designed timesheet is ready to be printed. The easiest way to track your time and tally your hours is with Toggl.

Pricing: The Toggle calculator has three plans; Starter at $9/user billed monthly, Premium at $18/user billed monthly, and Enterprise with custom pricing.

  • Humanity 


The Humanity Free Time Card Calculator is used to enter working hours for each day, optionally adding breaks and working hours to be calculated automatically. To calculate, all you have to do is input the total gross pay, enter the hourly pay rate and choose the overtime rate. 

As employees enter the times they clocked in and out, everything gets calculated automatically and you can see all the reports on a dashboard. You can also integrate timesheet with your payroll provider of choice.

Humanity’s Timecard calculator has an unspecified trial period which requires you to input your work mail and create a password to access.

Pricing: The plans include; Starter at $2 per user/month, Classic at $3 per user/month and Enterprise which is open to custom pricing.

  • On The Clock


The On The Clock calculator is a free and easy time card calculator. Simply enter your employee hours into the calculator and the total hours for payroll are automatically calculated. This perk of this calculator is that it helps eliminate human error. 

With the calculator, the employer will hand key in clock-in and clock-out times for each day in the pay period. If there is a lunch or break during the day, these times will also be entered. 

The worked hours will automatically be figured and total hours for the pay period will be generated. While calculation errors are eliminated, there is still the possibility of human error while entering the clock in/out times. 

The On The Clock trial plan lasts a whopping 30 days completely free for 2 employees or less. To begin, you need a work email, a phone number, and a password.

Pricing: The pricing is based on the number of employees, which is from $2.20 per employee. With 15 employees, it costs $36.75 in total per month. 

  • Hub Staff 


The Hubstaff free Time Card Calculator is used to enter your employees’ hours worked and lunch breaks to generate their time cards. If you’re looking for a simple time card app to automatically do these calculations, Hubstaff is a great option. 

Hubstaff also has a 14-day trial option. To begin you will need to input your full name, email and selected password. 

Pricing: The plan options include; Free plan at $0/1 User, Basic plan at $5/user paid monthly, Premium at $10/user paid monthly, and Enterprise $20/user paid monthly. 

  • Buddy Punch 


Buddy Punch offers a free online time card that gives you time tracking options, makes automatic overtime calculations and creates reports ready for payroll. 

With Buddy punch you can; calculate the gross pay by filling in an hourly rate, calculate 14 days time by clicking on the 14-day option and include overtime pay in the total calculations. On the whole, it is a pretty basic software.

To sign up for the Buddy 30 day free trial, you need to input your first and last name, email address, and password.

Pricing: The plans include; Time + Attendance at $25/month, Time + Attendance + Scheduling at $35/month, and Both options for over 200 employees as negotiable.

  • Boomr 


The Boomr Time Card calculator is used to will then create a simple timesheet report with totals for your daily and/or weekly employee work hours. It has two key plans both equipped with unlimited employee timesheets. 

The Boomr free time card calculator automatically totals up all work hours and attendance entries, while generating the timesheet report to help with payroll.

Boomr offers a 30-day free trial but needs the inclusion of a Company name to sign up.

Pricing: They have the Standard plan at $5/Month Per User with a $20 Base fee and the Business plan at $9/Month Per User with a $45 Base fee

Pros of Using a Timesheet Calculator 

  • Timesheet calculators help you to make better decisions about your employees’ work performance.
  • It helps to maintain productive and task-focused office hours.
  • Employees can review their work hours, break time, lunch and overtime hours.
  • It helps you to coordinate different pay rates.
  • It saves the business a lot of funds in accumulated overtime hours.
  • It helps to monitor and record accurately employees that work overtime.
  • All the data is stored in the cloud and you have instant access to it.
  • It helps build work discipline and excellent timing with minimum effort.


  • What is the best Manual Timesheet Calculator Tool?

With the Connect team’s free time card calculator, you can create a weekly or bi-weekly employee timesheet with lunch breaks. It comes with paid plans starting at $29 per month allowing up to 200 users.

  • What is the best Automatic Timesheet Calculator Tool?

With features such as a time card calculator, a payroll calculator and an employee schedule maker. Time Clock Wizard provides the most advanced and automatic Timesheet calculator. It’s Pro plan allows up to 50 Users starting at $29.95 

Formplus is the best Excel Timesheet Calculator Tool. When you use timesheet form to collect workers’ resumption and closing times, you can export the file as excel and do anything you want with the data. With Formplus, you can download individual data as PDF or download all submitted data as CSV.

  • What Timesheet Calculator for Employee Payroll?

Giving you time tracking options, making automatic overtime calculations and creating reports ready for payroll, Buddy Punch provides the best Timesheet calculator. The paid plan to include Time + Attendance starts at $25/month.

“Want to use an online timesheet? Signup on Formplus to create your preferred timesheet form and export data in Excel or get started with this timesheet template” 


The importance of Timesheets in today’s work environment simply cannot be overemphasized. To track the time each worker spends on a job, their leave time, accruals and to make adjustments when processing their payroll, you need a Timesheet.

As a business tool, Timesheets are also great for measuring productivity and ensuring accurate payroll. With online Timesheet calculators and Time Cards, you can get the most out of your workforce while improving output and productivity.

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