A Timesheet app streamlines timesheet collection and time analysis so you no longer have to fill out, scan, and store paper timesheets. Clockify, rated as the best timesheet app, can also calculate payroll and calculate billable hours automatically, based on your employees’ hourly rates.

Do you want a productive employee? Yes! But how do you ensure they’re on their toes majority of the time? Time is money, so when an employee expends productive man hours on an unnecessary task isn’t doing you any favours. 

To also dispel unreasonable doubts from disgruntled employees who think they deserve more than they get paid, a  Timesheet app is an eye-opener. We all know that disgruntled employees get the least amount of work done (No surprises here). HR might want to have a word. It’s not us, it’s the software!

To keep track of the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job, you need reliable timesheet software or your can start with the Formplus timesheet template. This time tracking software will ensure you can also calculate payroll and calculate billable hours automatically, based on your employees’ hourly rates.

Use: Free Simple Timesheet

What is a Timesheet?

A timesheet is a system for recording the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job. It is used to record the start and end times of tasks and/or simply the duration of the task. Timesheets may contain a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished by the worker. 

Record Employees’ work hours with Formplus Timesheet Templates & Use our premium features like CSV export to download collected data in Excel.

How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software

Before opting for just any time tracking software available, you should consider a couple of things;

1. Features: What features are you hoping to find in your preferred software? At the most basic level, your time tracking software should have time tracking, inbuilt data analysis, and easily integrate with your existing invoicing solution. You’d want to understand the platforms it supports, and the available integrations amongst other details.

2. Ease of Use: When there are changes in your human resources team, you’d need to train your staff on how to use the time tracking software. This is why it’s important to choose the right software that doesn’t require a lot of cognitive effort.

3. Budget: While most time tracking software come with a free plan, it usually has a couple of limitations. So you should look out for a software whose paid plan matches your budget. 

The 17 Best Timesheet Apps

1. My Hours


My Hours provides three key features which set it apart from the other Timesheet Apps. The features are Real-time tracking, Project tracking, and Time editing. This means that with My Hours, you can:

  • Track time in real-time or enter time for past activities.
  • Track time on projects, tasks and clients. Add a description and additional expense to each time log.
  • Admins can enter or edit time logs for their team members.

Pricing: With two plans; A Free plan at $0 and a Pro plan at $6 per active team member/month billed annually or $7 billed monthly.

2. Toggl 


Toggl Time Tracker App

Toggl is easily the best app for timesheets for users who seek a simple and intuitive solution. Its ease of use, functionality, and design, sets it apart. Though not a timesheet software itself, it is a decent alternative for teams looking for a tool that will allow them to track their time and later access all the information in the form of reports. 

It is available as an in-web timer, desktop, and mobile app. The software can also be integrated with various apps. Toggl also includes a training session to help you get the best out of the App. 

Pricing: Toggl has three pricing plans available; the Starter plan at $9 per user/month, the Premium plan at $18 per user/month, and the Enterprise plan with custom pricing. 

3. Boomr 


Boomr Timesheet App

Boomr strengths are that it helps simplify Timesheets, Payroll, and Accounting processes. It eliminates all the hassles of traditional timesheet management. The Timecard App is available on both the Google play store and the Apple store. To increase workforce accountability, efficiency, and productivity with ease, Bommr is your best bet.

Pricing: Boomr has two pricing plans; Standard at $5/Month Per User with a $20 base fee, and Business at $9/Month Per User with a  $45 base fee. Both with an unlimited number of Employee Timesheets. 

5. Time Camp


Timecamp Time Tracker App

TimeCamp has many extensive features which can completely eliminate monotonous work with timesheets. With an extensive list of integrations, work becomes smooth and painless. Some of the timesheet app features include:

  • It is fully automatic as the desktop app works in the background,
  • Switching between different apps or tasks is unnecessary because TimeCamp detects it all.
  • A Time tracking feature based on billable or non-billable hours makes it easier to precisely estimate the costs of a project.
  • There is a feature that lets you easily convert your reports into Excel files.
  • A graphical timesheet that gives you the possibility to clearly see work progress.

Pricing: Time Camp has 4 pricing plans. Solo at $0 for one user, Basic at $5.25/user per month billed annually($7 billed monthly), Pro at $7.50 per user per month billed annually($10 billed monthly) and Enterprise with a custom price available for 100+ users only.

6. Harvest


Harvest Time Tracking App

Harvest works best for employers keen to unravel what their employees do at work. With a friendly interface, it tracks time and expenses to give you information on all the crucial data. Accessing all the information about your team’s work, projects progress, time and budget spent on work, etc, becomes very easy to do.

All the data is tracked and you will receive comprehensible reports on it. This serves as a perfect and detailed timesheet.

Pricing: Harvest has two pricing plans: A Free plan for 1 Person/2 Projects at $0, and a Pro plan for Unlimited People/ Unlimited Projects at $12/person per month. 

7. Zoho Projects


Zoho Project Time Tracking App

Zoho Projects is the best app for timesheets for Project Managers. The software lets you can create fantastic timesheets, and manage milestones, task lists, tasks, subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies. You can also collaborate with your team to connect their work and create a seamless workflow.

For managers who like to have detailed information regarding timesheets and their employees’ work, it’s perfectly ideal.

Pricing: Zoho Project has four pricing plans; A Standard plan at $150/10 Client Users for up to 10 Projects, an Express plan at $480/15 Client Users for an unlimited number of projects, a Premium plan at $1,020/20 Client Users for an unlimited number of projects, and an Enterprise plan at $1,500/25 Client Users also for an unlimited number of projects.

8. ClickTime


ClickTime Employee Time Tracker

To better manage projects, you need ClickTime. With ClickTime Timesheets you can view all the data online without the need of storing them on your computer. It’s also a good team management tool.

ClickTime lets you track time on your device, quickly approve employee hours, or look into dashboards and reports to easily manage budgets and plan employee time. It’s a great alternative to traditional timesheets. 

Pricing: ClickTime has four plans: Starter at $9/user per month, ⁠Team at $12/user per month, Premier at $24/user per month, and Enterprise which is open to negotiation.

9. Tick


Tick Time Tracking App

Tick represents a simple automated time tracking software that is perfect for those who don’t have big needs regarding extra features so specific to most time tracking apps. 

Key features include:

  • It is accessible from any place
  • It has the option of project budgeting tracking and has clear timesheets.
  • Tick automatically tracks the time of particular tasks and gives an insight into how much time we spend on work activities. 

Even though Tick doesn’t have many integrations, for those who only need basic time tracking software, it’s sufficient. It is also available on iOS & Android platforms.

Pricing: Tick has 5 monthly plans; 1 Project for Free, 10 Projects at $19/month, 30 Projects at $49/month, 60 Projects at $79/month, and Unlimited Projects at $149/month.

10. Hubstaff


Hubstaff Time Tracking & Timesheet App

Hubstaff key features help not only in proper time management but also in team management. The Hubstaff software is especially useful in remote team management and has the feature of screenshots with activity rates. 

With Hubstaff you can tell who’s responsible for the lateness of concluding the project and how much money and time you’re spending on it. It also helps in keeping a hand on calendars, invoices, and payments. All reports are also automatic.

Pricing: Hubstaff has four plans: A free plan for 1 User at $0, a Basic plan for 1 User at $5/month, a Premium plan for 1 User at $10/month, and an Enterprise for 1 user $20/month. 

11. Timesheets.com


Timesheets App

Timesheets presents you with an optimal solution to timesheets. In addition to being able to observe people’s work and workflow. Other useful features include; 

  • Track time and customize settings to your best fit.
  • Manage leave of absence.
  • Store all information in one place
  • Access the tool from mobile apps.

It’s the best app for timesheets for people looking for an easy way to monitor employees’ work.

Pricing: Timesheets App has three pricing plans; Freelancer at $0/User, Standard at $4.50/User and Non Profit at $3.60/User.

12. Clockify


Clockify Free Time Tracking App

A free time tracking tool, Clockify has features that include; tracking time, reporting, and project management. You are able to add as many users as you want. This tool affords you a general overview of how many hours you spend on work and what tasks take most of your time. 

The tool tracks time creates reports and helps you to manage all the tasks. A striking resemblance to TimeCamp regarding a time tracker but its features don’t quite match up. Due to its simplicity and focus only on time tracking, it is the best solution for businesses, freelancers, or startups looking for a comprehensive yet detailed timesheet app.

Pricing: clockify is the only timesheet app with ‘free forever’ and offers unlimited users, unlimited timesheets, unlimited reports, and no per-user fees.

13. Replicon


Replicon Time Tracking App

If you are closely interested in monitoring your people’s work, Replicon will be the right tool, it is also the best app for timesheets. It is a great app for large companies with Project Managers or leaders who manage sizeable or even remote teams. Key features of Replicon include;

  • Manage global time and attendance.
  • Monitor time off and gross pay.
  • Ensure that there is wage-and-hour compliance.
  • client billing or revenue recognition. 

The software makes it possible to manage time and projects based on localization so that you can more accurately scale and configure projects.

Pricing: Replicon has three pricing plans; QuickStart at $60/month for up to 5 users with $10 Per additional user, Plus and Professional Services Automation. Both of which are open to negotiation.

14. BeeBole


BeeBole Time Tracking System

For an app that brings all your resources together in one place, BeeBole is your answer. With its software, you can track time daily, weekly, monthly, and in real-time. You can also Integrate your timesheet with ERP, billing software, and G Suite.

With BeeBole, you can create a customizable dashboard and generate employee reports on time attendance, budget, billable hours, margin and profits, and print, export, audit, and a host of others. Totally eliminating the need for paper timesheets.

Pricing: With one simple and flexible plan, Beebole presents a plan that costs €5.99.

15. Scoro


Scoro Time Tracking App

Scoro is a dynamic tool with provides you with a platform in which you can work on many levels – track time, manage timesheets, projects, and teams. Key features of Scoro include; 

  • Incorporating all aspects of work in one place 
  • Overview of the work hours of your employees
  • Estimates on the progress of all tasks and projects, people’s productivity level, important dates, budget, etc.

It works also as your personal reporter on the business’ state, making it a standout app. er.

Pricing: Scoro has 4 plans; Essential at $26/user, Work Hub at $37/user, Sales Hub at $37/user and Business Hub at $61/user.

16. Journyx


Journyx Time & Expense Tracking App

Journys is a great timesheet app for monitoring work progress when it comes to time and expenses. Key features:

  • Monitor time worked and time off
  • Track resource usage across projects and non-project activities
  • Review schedules. 
  • Accounting feature for billable and nonbillable time and expenses. 

Want an app for automatizing the process of timesheet creation and approval? Choose Journyx.

Pricing: Journyx Customized pricing for the solutions.

17. Avaza


Avaza Timesheet App

Avaza is the seamless, productive platform teams use to collaborate on projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses & invoice customers.

With it, there would be no need to continue juggling multiple apps, subscriptions & spreadsheets. You can also get more done with features such as task collaborations, discussions, file sharing and activity fields.

Pricing: Avaza has 4 pricing plans; Free at $0 USD/month, Startup at $9.95 USD/month, Basic at $19.95 USD/month and Business at $39.95 USD/month. All the paid plans come with an unlimited number of project collaborators.

18. Paymo


Paymo Time Tracking App

Paymo caters for users who are particular about tasks. You can record the time spent on projects or tasks in your browser. If you start typing and the projects and tasks will appear automatically. 

When you are ready to work just start the stopwatch. All-time entries are saved with start and end times for accurate time reports. The online time tracker can be docked or you can run it detached and minimized.

Pricing: Paymo offers three pricing plans; Free at $0 with 1 User Limit, Small Office at $9.56/user/month, and Business at $15.16/user/month.

Pros of using a Timesheet App 

  • It helps employers of labour to focus on productive work.
  • The App ensures improved productivity and shows communicable progress. 
  • This App will help you understand capacity and gauge the sustainability of your business.
  • With the App, you will be able to improve your project management. 
  • It allows you to track invisible tasks that may have gone unreported.
  • It makes it easier to calculate work rates.
  • This app helps create an accurate record of all your billable time so every detail makes it to your timesheet.
  • It provides an easy way to assess the value of your clientele. 
  • Using a Timesheet App will improve the profitability of your business.

Cons of using a Timesheet App 

  • You can measure how long it takes to complete a task on the App, but that doesn’t tell you everything about how a task was completed.
  • Employees may become paranoid and deem the monitoring excessive.
  • Not all the available timesheets Apps are flawless.
  • Employees usually have the option of manually entering their time manually, this may lead to manipulation

Use: Free Time Management Survey

Timesheet App Reviews

  • What is the Best Free Timesheet App?

Clockify is our pick for the best free timesheet app due to its simplicity and its focus only on time tracking is the best solution for businesses, freelancers, or startups looking for a comprehensive yet detailed timesheet app.

  • What is the Best Timesheet App for iPhone?

With software that is especially useful in remote team management and has the feature of screenshots with activity rates, Hubstaff is the best timesheet app for iPhones.

  • What is the Best Timesheet App for Android? 

Toggl is the best Timesheet app for android also available as an in-web timer, desktop, and mobile app. The software can also be integrated with various apps.

  • What is the Best Timesheet App for Multi-location Companies?

Replicon is a good timesheet app choice for multi-location companies. A great app for large companies with Project Managers or leaders who manage sizeable or even remote teams.

  • What is the Best Timesheet App for Small Businesses? 

With software that allows you to create fantastic timesheets, and manage milestones, task lists, tasks, subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies. Zoho projects are your best fit for small businesses.


Timesheets are integral to today’s businesses and aren’t just used to calculate payroll. Project timesheets, for instance, contain more detailed records showing the amount of time spent on each project, which means they can be used for billing purposes and to help with project management.

Also, exploring the angle of Staff timesheets, they can be used as a business tool that is great for measuring productivity and to ensure accurate payroll. It is important to make use of a Timesheet App that bests suits your business model.

Are you a small business or a multi location corporation? Signup to record Employee Work Hours with Online Forms!

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