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Simple Timesheet Template

Use this simple timesheet template to monitor your employees' productivity and effectively manage work hours in your organization. With the Formplus timesheet template, you can easily track each employee's resumption and departure time, regular and overtime work hours and your employees' total number of work hours.

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Prefilled Forms and Email Invitations

With the prefilled form feature, employees can fill out your timesheet template in less time. Just as the name suggests, this feature allows you to fill out your timesheet template for each employee with URL parameters so that they only have to provide additional information. 

All you need to do is create the timesheet template in the form builder and generate a custom pre-filled form link for each employee using the pre-fill tool. Employees can then proceed to access and fill out the timesheet template using the pre-filled URL earlier provided. 

The Formplus email invitation feature allows you to track form responses and prevent employees from submitting multiple entries in your timesheet template. With email invitations, you can easily monitor online submissions in your form by restricting employees to one entry per email.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Make your employee timesheet template even more professional by adding your organization's name or brand to your form's URL using the sub-domain feature in Formplus. This feature allows you to customize your timesheet template's shareable link by including your brand's name. 

It is also a security marker as your form respondents can easily verify the authenticity of the timesheet template through the custom URL.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

Formplus allows you to create a mobile-responsive employee timesheet template which is fully optimized for maximum user experience. This means that your form is mobile-friendly and it can be filled out using any device including laptops, notebooks, and smartphones, without any special settings. 

The form builder is also mobile-responsive, hence, you can create personalized mobile employee template sheets on your smartphone, add form fields, edit form elements like background images, color, and font. Form respondents can easily fill out your timesheet template without zooming or pinching your form.

Date-Time Calculation

The date-time calculating form field  allows you to easily collate the total number of daily work hours for every employee using your simple timesheet template. This makes it easier for you to prepare daily reports on each employee while reviewing his or her performance. 

Advanced Form Fields

Formplus allows you to add over 30 form fields to your timesheet template including table fields, hidden and read-only fields. This allows you to collect different pieces of information in your employee timesheet template. 

You can add a grid section to your online timesheet template. You can also place your form fields in a row so that respondents can add to the rows as they fill out responses in the employee timesheet template.

In the form builder, you can make form fields hidden, required or read-only. After adding your preferred fields in the form builder, click on the "edit" button beside the form field to access different modification options including read-only and hidden forms features.

Autoresponder Emails and Submissions as Docx or PDF Attachments

Formplus allows you to automatically notify a form respondent immediately he or she makes a successful submission in your simple timesheet. By sending autoresponder emails, you can confirm receipt of a form submission plus communicate any other important information to the form respondent. 

In your autoresponder email, you can include a copy of the form submission as a docx or PDF attachment. This way, the form respondent can have a copy of his or her responses for future references.

Tips for Using the Simple Timesheet Template

Track your employees' work hours weekly or monthly with this simple timesheet template. Start by modifying your form fields with the easy form builder. Next, edit the design to fit into your brand or organization's color. You can automate how frequently you’d want your employees to fill out this form by sending them a weekly or monthly reminder. Share it directly with them via email, or place the QR code in strategic locations. You can also aggregate your logs in a unified excel sheet by sending the responses you get to Google Sheets. 

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