Samantha, a project manager at FedCo, has been tasked with conducting training assessments for her team. 

This is a breeze for her to set up but she had a challenge- the challenge? Ensure each team member understands the critical information efficiently without succumbing to the usual training fatigue. 

From her experience at a previous training, she noticed that going the traditional quiz route often fell short, failing to capture engagement, well that was until Samantha discovered our new Timer feature and she added a timer to the training assessment quiz.


The Countdown Begins

Imagine you have created a quiz on American history for your home room’s virtual quiz bowl and you have your students engrossed in your quiz, their minds racing to answer questions before time runs out. 

The Timer Feature introduces an element of urgency, turning an everyday quiz into a thrilling race against time. The countdown becomes a motivator, pushing your students to think on their feet, enhancing cognitive agility, and injecting a dose of excitement.

Our Timer Feature isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s customizable, allowing you to set the tempo of your quizzes and forms. Whether you want a stroll through questions or a rapid-fire round, the power is in your hands. Adjust the timer duration to suit your content and audience, ensuring a seamless blend of challenge and engagement.


3 ways adding a timer can elevate your quizzes and forms

  1. Increased engagement:

Users are not just answering questions; they’re immersed in a time-bound challenge. This heightened engagement translates into longer interaction times, better retention, and a memorable user experience. After all, who wouldn’t remember the quiz that got their heart racing?

  1. Improved focus and decision-making:

In a world with information overload, attention spans are precious. Our timer feature demands focus, filtering out distractions and honing users’ decision-making abilities. As the seconds tick away, participants learn to prioritize, analyze, and respond promptly – skills that extend beyond the quiz into real-life scenarios.

  1. Real-time feedback loop:

With real-time feedback based on timed responses, users receive immediate validation or correction. This feedback loop is not just informative; it’s a crucial element in the learning process, fostering a sense of accomplishment and facilitating continuous improvement.

Know more about adding a timer to your forms

10 ways to control time with our timer feature 

  1. Training and Certification Programs:

   Use the Timer Feature to add a time limit to quizzes, ensuring participants complete assessments within a specified timeframe. This fosters a sense of urgency and engagement.

Free Training Evaluation Form Template

  1. Event registrations and promotions:

   You can use the timer to create excitement for your webinars, product launches, or exclusive events. A countdown creates anticipation, encouraging attendees to register promptly, you should consider a banner-style countdown for added excitement.

  1. Employee onboarding and knowledge assessments:

Add the Timer to quiz/evaluate potential new hires to test their level of understanding of your company’s policies or product knowledge. It adds an element of challenge and helps in efficient knowledge retention.

  1. Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys:

  When gathering customer feedback on your products or services, transform routine satisfaction surveys into engaging quizzes with the Timer Feature. Set a time limit to ensure quick responses, and obtaining valuable insights while keeping the interaction dynamic.

  1. Contests and Giveaways:

 Prevent duplicate entries when running contests or promotional giveaways, by adding a countdown with unique identifiers. This ensures fair play and adds an exciting element as participants strive to submit their entries before the countdown ends.

  1. Limited-Time Offers and Promotions:

  Embed a form with a Timer for users to claim special offers. The countdown creates a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to take immediate action.

  1. Market Research and Polls:

  Enhance survey participation by adding a time limit to certain questions. This keeps respondents focused and ensures quick, spontaneous feedback.

  1. Charity and Fundraising Campaigns:

Add a timer to your donation forms to highlight the urgency of contributing. Placing the timer at the top of the form creates a visual cue, encouraging supporters to make timely contributions.

  1. Membership Applications and Exclusive Access:

  Ensure exclusivity by using unique identifiers with the Timer. Members can submit their applications within a specified time frame, maintaining a sense of exclusiveness.

  1. Admission and Enrollment Forms:

Add a timer to create a sense of urgency for submitting applications. This ensures that applicants complete the forms promptly, streamlining the admissions process.

By adding a dash of urgency, a sprinkle of anticipation, and a pinch of customization, you transform routine interactions into memorable experiences. Embrace the power to control time and watch as your audience becomes captivated, engaged, and eager for more. Try our Timer Feature today and make every moment count! 

After all, in the digital realm, time is not just a measure; it’s a tool for crafting unforgettable experiences.

  • Adaobi Oduenyi
  • on 3 min read


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