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Free Fundraiser Form Template

Embed fundraising forms on your website and receive email notifications when the forms are filled. Start by customizing this fundraiser template, or create yours from scratch.

Use this template
Free Fundraiser Form Template template
Use automated analytics to make important decisions

The analytics page on your dashboard allows you monitor the status, see how many donations you have received, and how many responses have been submitted. With this, you can track your progress towards your fundraising goals. You can create visual reports of daily, weekly, and monthly summaries to give you an overview of data received in a glance and download the responses as PDF or Docx, or just print them.

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Invite donors and team members to your form

Send your fundraiser forms directly to your donors’ email inbox and track those who have submitted and donors who have yet submitted. These invites can also be used for bulk form prefilling. Basically, email invitation is used for sharing your form faster, tracking submissions, and also bulk prefilling also known as Dynamic Prefilling. Also invite team members to help create, edit and delete forms. Here, you can delegate duties according to specialization or department.

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Use Spreadsheets for Data Insights

We care about making your fundraising project easier, so we have added the Google Sheets integration so you can have control over where your responses go to. This is one of the easiest ways to automate your work as you receive live updates of responses as they are submitted. It is just one click away.

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Appeal to Donors with Form Customization

Colors play a specific role in terms in branding and marketing and Formplus allows you use colors that match your brand identities. Choose from a variety of pre-designed themes, then change the layout and width of the fundraiser form to achieve a perfect look. This extends to the form fields font and form title font which can be changed to any of the over 50 Google fonts available. How about changing the appearance of the buttons in your fundraiser form? Well, you can do that too on Formplus.

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Easy to Use Form Builder

Formplus’ allows you drag and drop form fields that can be used to collect names, emails, addresses, so you can follow up with donors as needed. Accepting donations opens your organization to a massive audience, because you can share the fundraising can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and embedded in your website. With Formplus you can create a clean, customizable, high-converting fundraising form that captures all of those valuable leads.

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Create Great User Experience with Form Options

Split your fundraiser form into multiple pages? Use ‘Save and Resume’ to allow donors save their progress to continue later. And once they have submitted, redirect them to your website’s homepage to read more details about your organization, or redirect them to another website. Use ‘Geolocation’ to get approximate locations of submitted responses in Google Maps. Also activate ‘Offline Forms’ so the donor can fill the fundraising form in locations where the internet is unreliable. The form automatically submits when the internet is stable. Do not forget to start with a friendly message before donors fill the form to create a relaxed mood. Also add a confirmation message at the end of the form, thanking donors for supporting your cause and/or a message giving more information.

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Design a Professional Fundraiser Form

Sell your brand and connect better with donors, companies, foundations on your fundraiser form by uploading your logo and align to place anywhere on the top of the audition form. You may also have a brand image that represents your organization or the audition. Use this image to customize the background of your online audition form. Creating a good first impression and trust is quite easy, especially when you can add your company name in the URL of the fundraiser form.

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Your Data is Secured with Formplus

The online fundraiser form template is 256-bit SSL enabled, which ensures that all communications between your web browser and our servers remain secure 100 percent of the time. To add an extra layer of security in your forms, you can use CAPTCHA to keep spammers and robots from misusing information. Use a fundraiser form template now to make it easy!

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Accept online payments with ease

If you are a nonprofit or a charity, you understand that every dollar is another tool to drive your cause. Also, if you are a school or a religious institution, inviting everyone to appear physically might be too tasking for them, when they could just send in funds through a fundraiser form. You can simply create a secure and reliable fund collection process by connecting your preferred payment integration with your fundraiser form. Formplus’ suite of payment processors - Stripe, Flutterwave, PayPal - makes it easy to collect funds in all currencies around the world.

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Store data in secure cloud storage platforms

Formplus gives you an unlimited file storage system that allows you upload all file types and sizes. If you have a Google account, you can store your data on Google Drive. There are more options though. Use Microsoft’s OneDrive or Dropbox to store your data and, share your documents, photos from your Android device, PC or Mac. All the platforms, including Formplus, are responsive on all devices, so stored files can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

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