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Training Evaluation Form Template

Evaluation processes can be simplified with the free Training Evaluation Form Template by Formplus. Basically, if you want to receive feedback after an employee training, collect student, teacher, course and training evaluation data, this form template does it best for you. Try one of our free online evaluation form templates today!

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Enable Offline Forms

There are times when trainees find themselves in places with poor internet connectivity, which means their devices might not be able to submit responses at that point. 

But with Formplus, you can just create Offline Forms so that respondents will fill in their responses in an offline mode and when their devices connect to the internet, the form submits. 

Make evaluations easier with this Training Evaluation Form Template!

Learn More About Offline Forms
Send Autoresponder after successful form submission

The autoresponder feature allows you send a submission confirmation message to trainees after making a successful training evaluation form submission. This confirmation message can be customized to any message of your choice, you can also choose to include the responses from the trainee in the form. 

You can also send multiple autoresponder emails to different email addresses submitted on your form. For example, if someone lists their supervisor’s email, the supervisor can also get an email with the responses. 

Create Autoresponder on Forms
Multiple Sharing Options

The training evaluation form can be downloaded as a QR code and placed on accessible platforms, so employees, students, instructors only have to scan and submit responses. 

QR Codes can be scanned p so anyone  can quickly and conveniently get to your training evaluation form instead of having to type a long URL. 

Formplus also lets you share forms with custom URLs i.e you can add a custom name to the end of your form URL. This makes it easy for anyone to fill out their evaluation on the go.

Sharing Options with Formplus
Use reports and submissions to make improved decisions

On your dashboard, you can view analytics of responses for each form  decide whether to view summaries of responses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

This report is addressed according to form fields, which means that responses for all the fields are analyzed and displayed on your dashboard. 

You can also create visual report of responses, using various chart types. This could be sent to the evaluation team via email.

Data Analytics with Formplus
Manage evaluation processes with Google Sheets

You might have to work with numbers and information sets and you know how much time, energy, and frustration spreadsheet functions can save you. Update responses automatically into a spreadsheet. With Formplus, you can connect your Google account to view responses automatically in Sheets.

Export Form Data to Google Sheet
Send Personalized email invites

After you create the training evaluation form, you can send it to respondents by adding or importing their email addresses. 

After you have invited them to submit responses for your training evaluation form, you will be able to track pending submissions, and limit duplicate submissions. It also makes sharing your form faster. 

Signup to Use Email Invitation
Utilize Versatile form fields

With our form builder, you can drag and drop form fields to make your form creation process easier. Formplus also has calculating form fields and this can be compute scores for trainers or  a completed training session. 

This means you can add a rating  field asking ‘If you were to rate the training instructor on a scale of 1-10, what will you score?’ Then enable the calculator to compute the values selected across all fields. 

You can also use conditional logic to hide or show fields depending on the responses/actions of the respondents on the training evaluation form. For instance, if the trainee checks ‘No’ to ‘Do you think we should have more training like this?’, there could be another form field asking ‘Why?’

Learn More
Workflows and Approvals

Our Workflow feature is a tool that supports a wide range of scenarios, from basic approval processes to more multiple tier-level approval systems involving several steps, and multiple people. 

An approval process can help to review employee requests and permissions. For example, if an employee requests to be excluded in subsequent training programs, stating their reasons, the supervisor is then notified of this request and approves or declines as appropriate.

Learn More About Workflows
Enable Collaboration on Evaluation Forms

Create a Training Evaluation Form Template and invite management staff, HR department staff or other team members to collaborate on evaluations.

With a team onboard, different units in the HR department are able to pick out categorized sections in the training evaluation form to understand the investments that training produces and provide information needed to improve training.

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Use ratings for effective evaluation

It is possible all trainees are “very satisfied” with the training session, but you can ask for feedback through an online evaluation form. With a rating scale, matrix, star, heart or smiley, trainees can score the trainer on a number of options. You’ll never know until you ask.

You can use rating scales to gauge interest in particular fields. For example, you could understand if they think particular sessions of the whole training program should be extended, or more attention should be paid to training venue or trainer.

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