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Free Training Evaluation Form Template

Are you a training manager or a H.R. professional? Use this training evaluation form to gather feedback from trainees about the training program. With this 5-point Likert survey, trainers can know the trainee’s experience about the sessions, content, delivery and their overall satisfaction with the training program. The feedback gotten from this form can be used to improve the quality and experience of your training program. Get started with this form today.

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Free Training Evaluation Form Template template

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Send Personalized email invites

After you create the training evaluation form, you can send it to respondents by adding or importing their email addresses. 

After you have invited them to submit responses for your training evaluation form, you will be able to track pending submissions, and limit duplicate submissions. It also makes sharing your form faster. 

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Utilize Versatile form fields

With our form builder, you can drag and drop form fields to make your form creation process easier. Formplus also has calculating form fields and this can be compute scores for trainers or  a completed training session. 

This means you can add a rating  field asking ‘If you were to rate the training instructor on a scale of 1-10, what will you score?’ Then enable the calculator to compute the values selected across all fields. 

You can also use conditional logic to hide or show fields depending on the responses/actions of the respondents on the training evaluation form. For instance, if the trainee checks ‘No’ to ‘Do you think we should have more training like this?’, there could be another form field asking ‘Why?’

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Workflows and Approvals

Our Workflow feature is a tool that supports a wide range of scenarios, from basic approval processes to more multiple tier-level approval systems involving several steps, and multiple people. 

An approval process can help to review employee requests and permissions. For example, if an employee requests to be excluded in subsequent training programs, stating their reasons, the supervisor is then notified of this request and approves or declines as appropriate.

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Enable Collaboration on Evaluation Forms

Create a Training Evaluation Form Template and invite management staff, HR department staff or other team members to collaborate on evaluations.

With a team onboard, different units in the HR department are able to pick out categorized sections in the training evaluation form to understand the investments that training produces and provide information needed to improve training.

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Use ratings for effective evaluation

It is possible all trainees are “very satisfied” with the training session, but you can ask for feedback through an online evaluation form. With a rating scale, matrix, star, heart or smiley, trainees can score the trainer on a number of options. You’ll never know until you ask.

You can use rating scales to gauge interest in particular fields. For example, you could understand if they think particular sessions of the whole training program should be extended, or more attention should be paid to training venue or trainer.

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Tips for Using the Training Evaluation Template

What Is a Training Evaluation Form?

A training evaluation form is a survey questionnaire, used to check the quality and effectiveness of training based on the trainee's perspective. Feedback is an essential aspect of any credible training plan. So, a training evaluation form is a document created to check or measure the effectiveness and impact of a just-concluded training.

With our training evaluation form template, you can capture the highs and the lows of the training from the participant's viewpoint, to improve the overall experience, such as;

  • The effectiveness of the training
  • The relevance of the training  to the participants
  • The level of engagement with the training materials

 With our training evaluation form, you can easily collect feedback from trainers and trainees and pinpoint skill gaps in your participants that help you tailor the training to meet and address the gaps identified.

Formplus training evaluation form template lets you add detailed notes or comments, including your perception of the overall training experience.

What Are The 4 Criteria for Evaluating Training?

The Kirkpatrick Model is a globally accepted method of assessing the results of learning programs. It evaluates all forms of training methods formal and informal and rates them against 4 levels of criteria;

  • Reaction: The participants are asked to rate their learning experience of the training, in terms of how engaging the training was and its relevance to their jobs. 
  • Learning: The participants are evaluated, to check if learning occurred based on the learning objectives. Pre-assessments and post-assessments are carried out via the training evaluation forms and a scoring process is used to determine results.

  • Behavior: This measures the level of impact of the training via behavioral changes, especially in the workplace.

  • Results: This is the final level focused on measuring the training outcome. It is used to check if the training was a successful one based on the agreed KPIs.

What Makes a Good Training Evaluation Form?

Every training program allows L&D teams to gather valuable feedback from participants. And with Formplus templates, you can embed these forms into your LMS, and easily share them across your team.

The most important part of your post-training strategy is based on asking the right survey questions. This is where our training evaluation forms come to play. Our wide assortment of training templates is easy to understand. It can be easily tweaked with our kanban style drag-and-drop form builder, to include questions aimed at capturing participants' overall satisfaction.

Formplus offers a combination of varied engagement options in the training evaluation forms like a 5-point Likert survey, yes/no questions, open text entry, and single-choice (No/To some extent/Yes/Don’t know). The feedback gathered from our training evaluation forms can be used to enhance the quality, experience, and effectiveness of your training.


To help your team jumpstart the creation of your training evaluation, we’ve created a free training evaluation form template that includes relevant questions and satisfies the criteria for a good training evaluation form. Feel free to use our free templates as a starting point in your efforts!

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