When you create a website for your business, you want to make it easy for your target customers to find you. After finding you, they may want to contact you just to find out more about the services/products you offer. This is why you need a contact form.

Now that you’ve realized that you need a contact form, you need to know how to create one yourself. In this article, we’ll be explaining what a contact form is and how to create one for your business with ease.

A Contact form builder is the best tool for quickly arranging a form for your clients and visitors. It is a simple form creator tool, which allows the user with no knowledge of programming to create and edit different types of forms.

In this article, you will learn about how to create website contact forms in record time. To do this, there is a need to understand the different elements involved in creating a website contact form. Some of these terms are defined below to provide you with clarity and also provide a foundation for you to explore all your options as you build your form. 

Why Should You Avoid Unnecessary Plugins on Your WordPress Site?

WordPress plugins have their uses that cannot be downplayed but in cases where you have one too many plugins, it will be detrimental to the progress of your site. The key question that comes to mind is, with over 50,000 plugins, available on WordPress how do you know when you have installed one too many plugins? Here are the cons of having one too many;

  • Your site will start to experience heavy lags with page loading taking a major hit. This, in turn, will drive your visitors away.
  • Some WordPress plugins can make your site more susceptible to security breaches. The site, if not properly protected can be shut down by hackers. 
  • If your website is successfully hacked, your brand’s reputation, as well as your privacy, is lost.

For a user, the ideal number of plugins to use is between 5 – 20 plugins. Only use plugins you absolutely need or better yet, avoid using WordPress plugins in cases where there is a more secure alternative. For example, you can use the Formplus builder to create well-crafted Contact Forms.

Want to create an html contact form for your wordpress website? Use the Formplus Builder to design beautiful contact forms without CSS or Coding experience! Signup to use our drag-and-drop builder or use the already created contact form template.

How to Create an HTML Contact Form Without Coding Experience

  • Input your Contact form title and use the form builder choice options to start creating a contact form. 

Use the choice option fields like single select, multiple select, checkbox, radio and image choices to create your preferred multi-choice surveys online. Create a slot for your web visitors to fill out their names, email addresses etc 

You can mark each field, be it required, hidden or read-only, with minimum and maximum word counts for the comments.

  • Beautify your online questionnaire with Formplus Customisation features

  • Change the theme color
  • Add your brands’ logo and image to the forms
  • Change the form width and layout
  • Edit submission button if you want
  • Change text font color and sizes  
  • Do you have already made custom CSS to beautify your contact form? If yes, just copy and paste it to the CSS option. 
  • Edit your contact form for your specific needs

Choose where you decide to store your files and responses. Select a submission deadline, choose a timezone, limit respondents’ responses, enable CAPTCHA to prevent spam, and collect location data of customers.

  • Change the Email Notifications and initiate an autoresponder message to all your customers.
  • Embed links to your contact form on your website

There’s an option to copy and share the link as “Popup” or “Iframe Embed code” The data collection tool automatically creates a QR Code for contact form where your customers can fill out appropriately.

  • Allow Formplus Organize your Responses

  • The number of times the contact form was filled
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of customers who filled out the contact form
  • Location of customers/respondents.

Why Use Formplus to Create Contact Forms?

Improves Website Security & Eliminate Spam

Formplus provides security features and CAPTCHA to prevent spam on your website or blog.. The Formplus tool also adheres to the strictest security standards, including PCI compliance, giving that seal of assurance that your business is legitimate.


Data storage in Formplus is flexible. You can choose to store your received data in your cloud storage of choice. You also have the option to opt-out of storing your data on our servers.


With Formplus, you can create beautiful well-tailored forms in no time. You can also use lookup fields and conditional form logic to trigger different actions, helping you create any web form you need with speed and accuracy.


Don’t just send out basic forms, create forms tailored to your brand using the various customization options available. Go even further and create forms in your language of choice. Style your forms to match your design using our built-in options or with custom CSS.

No Code Builder

Our easy-to-use form builder allows you to create powerful forms without having to write code. Simply click or drag and drop your desired form fields into the form builder and edit as you please. With Form Templates, you can select from a wide range of pre-built form templates to ease your form-building process.


With Formplus you can add your company’s logo and associated images to your form using the background image and logo feature.

Autoresponder/Email Response

The Formplus builder provides you the avenue to create graphs from received responses, and translate these into charts and key metrics. You can also monitor your form performance and identify your traffic source and location with Formplus Analytics.

Use for a wide variety of Online Forms

Get business leads and collect online data with our 100+ free online form templates. Our array of form templates for industries covers online forms for registration, surveys, admission, payment orders, application, and more. Whatever your industry or role, Formplus’ has premium form building features to solve both simple and complex data collection problems. 

Advantages of Using a Contact Form on Your Website 

When you visit a number of websites around the internet, it is very likely you will find that the majority of them will have a contact form. A contact form can be used for just about anything you can think of. Be it for feedback, to ask questions/inquiry, or for a service/information request. The main advantages for having a contact form on your site can be summarised into;

Reduce spam/bots

Since contact forms are handled from your end as the server, readily available bots/spammers do not have access to your email address thus reducing your risk of being susceptible to spamming because they need to go through CAPTCHA.


Having a beautiful, well-crafted, and tailored contact form gives your website a professional look. A contact form other than a regular email address and/or phone number shows a sign of seriousness and that time and energy were invested into the website.

Control of Information

As a form administrator, you have the luxury of specifying the nature of information you are trying to collect. Thus, you are able to capture the exact details of what you want from your respondents/users/visitors.

Consistency and Organization

All information provided follows the same format and can be viewed in a single spreadsheet.

Boost Subscribers

The end goal of a contact form is to improve your mailing list of subscribers while also catering to their needs. An easy way to achieve this is to add a checkbox on your contact form for visitors to be automatically subscribed. Win-win 

Want to create an online contact form for your wordpress website? Use the Formplus Builder to design beautiful contact forms without CSS or Coding experience! Signup to use our drag-and-drop builder or use the already created contact form template.

5 Places to Include a “Contact Us” Link on Your Website

To make it easy for your target audience to reach you, there is a need for you to place your contact form in key places on your site to get more inquiries from your visitors.

The following are five places we’ve outlined for you to include your contact form on your website to generate more leads. Recall that lead generation is the initiation of customer interest or inquiry into your product and/or service. The five places: Contact page, About page, Sidebar, at the end of blog posts, and the footer section.

Contact page

The contact page is by far the most important page on your website. Visitors to the contact page are the most likely set of individuals you will be doing business with. It is important that you spell out why they should reach you as well as list all the means by which they can contact you including phone numbers, email addresses. 

If your visitors are able to easily navigate this page, it will directly translate to a positive increase in lead generation.

About page 

The About Us page is a key opportunity to connect with your visitors that must not be overlooked. Use this page to build trust in your visitors, introduce them to the site owner, tell a story about the brand, and end with a contact form.


Placing your contact form on your sidebar makes it easily accessible to all your visitors. The sidebar may be on the left-hand side or the right-hand side depending on your customization. Visitors to blog posts on your website also quickly see the contact forms which encourages them, to fill it and improve lead performance.

At the end of Blog Posts

Another place contact form links can be placed on your website is at the end of blog posts. After a visitor goes through your blog post, whether they read through or skimmed, they will most likely scroll to the end with the aim of making an inquiry and this is where your contact form is useful.

Footer section

The footer section of your website is when visitors scroll to the bottom with the bid to get information. In addition to the “About Us” and “Contact Us” icons, it is a good idea to place a link to the contact form for easy accessibility.

Best Contact Form Templates for Your Website

To receive inquiries from customers, their support requests, and more, an online contact form template gives you a head start. Start with this simple customer contact form template, and then customize it to fit your needs. You can also create an online form from scratch using the easy-to-use form builder.

A narrow contact form template can be used on small areas of your website or on your sidebar. Customize this HTML contact form, and embed it on your website.

Having details of your ward’s emergency contact helps you manage a crisis. Use this online emergency contact form to collect important details from parents and next of kin.

This is a mobile-friendly reservation form template that will assist you to easily collect important details from your guests; including contact information, the number of guests, dates, and other special requests. Get started with this reservation template.

The client application form template is a customized online registration form, with which you can register new clients to your business. This client application form requires information such as contact details, employment status, and more.


With the Formplus builder, you can customize form themes and form templates. You can also use conditional logic to trigger different actions, helping you create any web form you need without a WordPress plugin. 

These forms are enabled with a tracker to monitor your respondents and their pending submissions at a glance.

Want to create an online contact form for your wordpress website? Use the Formplus Builder to design beautiful contact forms without CSS or Coding experience! Sign up to use our drag-and-drop builder or use this ready-made contact form template.

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