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Free Restaurant Reservation Form Template

This mobile-friendly reservation form template will help you easily collect important details from your guests; details like contact information, number of guests, dates, and other special requests. Get started with this reservation template today when you click the button below.

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Free Restaurant Reservation Form Template template



Promote Your Restaurant With Beautiful Forms

The best way to create a memorable impression for your brand is to have a visual identity you use across platforms. This same visual identity should be used when creating your restaurant reservation form template.

With Formplus, you can create beautiful forms using your logo, background images, fonts, colors, and even a custom CSS design. Therefore, leaving a memorable effect on the customer, and making it easy for them to remember your brand when next they need to make a reservation.

This can be done from the Customize menu of the form builder.

Real-Time Submission Analytics

Get real-time analytics on submissions made through the restaurant reservation form. The analytics will help make important business decisions and improve the form submission rate.

Formplus Analytics shows the number of people who viewed the form, filled out the form completely, filled it halfway, or didn't fill at all. It also shows the region where they are all from.

You will get all this information in real-time to share with your team. Very useful when you are carrying out a marketing campaign and want to know where your campaign should be channeled tom

Location-Enabled Form

Know where your customers are filling the restaurant reservations form from through the Geolocation feature on Formplus. 

Getting enough data about the location of your customers will help you make analyze decisions and analyze where your customers are from, including places you need to target so as to get more customers from there. It can also help measure the effect of a marketing campaign that has just been channeled towards a particular area.

Calculate Costs Automatically

Before making a payment, the customer needs a summary of the cost of reservation at your restaurant. This will help him or her know how much needs to be paid and also help in validating the amount.

This can be done using Calculating Form Fields on Formplus, which will automatically calculate the cost of the reservation. In order to activate this, add your preferred calculations to your restaurant reservation form and edit accordingly.

If the cost is per hour, the calculator will automatically calculate the total cost for the respondent's desired time.

Visualize Data With Excel Tables

Formplus integrates with Google Sheets allowing you to easily manage your requests and update accordingly. You can automatically send the data collected through your restaurant reservation form template to the Google Sheets. 

You and your team members can collaborate and work on the data populated into the sheets. This data will be updated and collected as more submissions come in.

The Google Sheets can be further analyzed using graphs, charts, or other tools.

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