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Contact Form Template

Receive customer inquiries, support requests, and more with this online contact form template. Start with this simple customer contact form template, and then customize it to fit your needs. You can also create an online form from the scratch using the easy-to-use form builder.

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Teams and Collaboration

Notify everyone on your team by sending out email notifications whenever a response is submitted. You can attach a PDF/Docx copy of the response to your contact form in the email. You can also add and invite team members to your account, setting different levels of access per person. This system helps you collaborate better and manage contact information easily This means that you are still in control of your account and can add or remove team members anytime.

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Numerous Field Options

Add an unlimited number of form fields to your contact form to collect all the details you need. The form builder also has a drag and drop feature to make the form creation process a lot easier. Add multiple input fields such as radio buttons, multiple choice field, address fields to create better contact forms. Formplus contact forms can also be fitted with form lookup to autocomplete forms with data submitted on other forms. A new field field populates and/or auto completes the form with the old data.

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Online Contact Form Template Summary

If you want to start a conversation(s) with users, use the contact form by Formplus to make a great first impression. You do not need to use HTML and CSS to create a contact form that looks good and beautiful, Formplus’ online contact form template comes in handy to provide an easier solution. The contact form template can be edited to include form fields that validate data automatically. Examples of such validations on Formplus include Conditional Logic, Email & Website field validations, File Upload among others. Create a contact form using aesthetic features including brand colors, logo, simplified layout, themes and more. Copy the link to your online contact form and embed on your website, which will appear as an iframe or a popup. Store received data on Formplus secure cloud storage. Preferably, you can choose either Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive if you already have accounts with them. Find the exact information you need to interact well with users using the drag and drop feature to add required form fields. Collect names, phone numbers, emails, addresses and other probable contact information from the user.

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Manage and Store Responses in Central Database

Use Formplus online contact forms to receive details into your central storage platform. Details such as digital assets (images, videos and documents) can be received via the online contact form. You can store unlimited files types and sizes. The Form Builder integrates with robust cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. These services provide cloud storage, file synchronization and organization across all contact forms. Formplus’ Google Sheets integration makes collaborating easy - you can receive data from your contact form submissions directly in Google Sheets, in real-time

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Publish Your Contact Form Anywhere

Use your contact form as an iframe or popup on your website without redirecting your respondents to another page/platform or clogging up your email inbox. Once you create the form and customize it, you can publish the online contact form by copying the link and embedding in your website. You can also share the contact form on Social Media directly and have people fill in their details easily. The Formplus contact form template can also be embedded in a Facebook Tab to receive visitor details in a central database.

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Customise Contact Forms Without CSS

Change the default theme of the contact form template by choosing from the list of available themes. You can do this over and over until you get your desired theme. Make your contact form look branded and professional. You can use a brand related image as your form background or add your logo to the contact form. Colours are so important and in the Contact Form Template, you can change the form background and text color. You can also use any of over 50 Google fonts to ensure the font on your contact form is consistent with your brand. With this feature, make the form fields and form title font size bigger or smaller.

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