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Free Client Application Form Template

With this customized online registration form, you can register new clients to your business. This client application form requires information such as contact details, employment status and more. Try it free today!

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Free Client Application Form Template template

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Add Teams and Multi Users to your Client Form Template

Add multiple collaborators and team members to a shared account and work with them on data collection and data analysis for your client application form. You can track any changes and suggestions made in your form through an audit trail. 

You can also assign roles and permissions to the users, and give them full or limited access to various forms, folders, and responses. As the form owner, you can track any changes made to your client application form while managing your form processes easily.

Create Customizable Client Application Forms

Get creative with your client application form with our range of form customization features. The Formplus builder's customization features allow you to personalize your form by changing color themes, background images and adding your organization's logo. 

Give new clients a great first impression of your organization by presenting well-tailored client application forms that reflect your brand. You can also modify pre-built form templates, change your form's font or modify styling options in the form builder.

Secured Storage

Formplus offers multiple data storage options for you so that you never lose your client database. You can store your form responses in our secure servers or sync responses to your preferred cloud storage system including Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. 

You can sync your external storage system with your client application form to directly receive, view and save file uploads automatically.

Google Sheets Integration Feature

The Google sheets integration feature allows you to directly sync client application form responses with Google sheets. This feature makes it easy to collaborate on documents and keep your team members up-to-date as the spreadsheet is automatically updated once there is a new response.

Track Respondent Locations with Form

Track the physical locations of your new clients through the form builder's geolocation feature. This feature works with Google Maps Web Services to track the nearest physical location of your form respondents, with the user's consent. 

With this, you would be able to have a fair idea of the predominant locations of your client-base and your organization can work on focusing your goods, services and marketing strategies on these areas. This is very useful for fieldwork and survey forms that need to map the location of each submitted form.

Tips for Using the Client Application Form Template

Register your clients with this free client application form. Start by requesting for custom details you’d require for your industry needs. You can edit the preexisting fields with the easy drag and drop editor. You can also customize the form to suit your preferred style.

Next, share this form with your prospective clients by sharing a link, QR code, on your social media pages, or even embedding it directly on your website. You can turn on email notifications to get notified when there’s a new response.

Give your prospective clients feedback by setting up an auto-responder on your settings page. You can also collaborate with your teammates by inviting them to your account so they work directly on projects together.

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