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Qualtrics is an easy-to-use cloud-based survey tool, used in administering survey research. It is code free and anyone from a newbie to a professional in the research field, can use this tool to create, conduct and analyze surveys, irrespective of their physical location.

With Qualtrics you can collate reports, and analyze the results all in real-time. One of the beautiful features Qualtric offers is the personalized survey design option, which can improve the response rates of your surveys and help you glean higher-quality data.

From detailed research to basic customer feedback questionnaires, and its intuitive drag-and-drop code-free builder with a wide array of ready-to-use templates. Qualtrics is one of the answers to any researcher looking to create and administer online surveys and get the results analyzed seamlessly in real-time. Best of all it can integrate flawlessly with software like Adobe, Zendesk, Marketo, and much more.

In this article, we would provide in-depth details on Qualtrics and show you the best  7 alternatives, to Qualitrics in 2023  that can automate data collection, for online surveys and provide actionable insights from the data collected.

These alternatives are Formstack, TypeForm, Google Forms, Formplus, Microsoft Forms, Formsite, and Zoho Survey the decision to choose any of them would depend solely on your preference, unique specification, and the objective of your research.

What is Qualitrics?

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey and research platform that aids individuals and organizations in creating and distributing surveys in other to gather valuable insight. From market research to academic studies, customer experience management, and employee engagement surveys, Qualitrics caters to them with comprehensive tools and features.

With Qualtrics, users can design and customize surveys using a drag-and-drop editor, which allows them to tweak the questions formats to suit the survey objective. Distribution of surveys is automated with Qualitrics as users can embed the surveys on their website, or share them through email links.

The notification settings help users to set up reminders of survey expiration dates, and the tracking features help users to monitor completion rates all in real-time.

 Qualtrics offers robust data analysis and reporting features as well as advanced reporting options that let users present their reports using visualization options charts, graphs, and dashboards to help you gain insights from survey responses. With its advanced analytics tools, users conduct statistical analyses, apply text analysis techniques, and segment survey data. 

Qualtrics also supports the export of data to formats like Excel spreadsheets and  SPSS for further analysis. Its advanced security measures help protect sensitive data with strict adherence to data privacy standards and regulations.


Top 7 Best Qualitrics Alternative

  1. Formstack
  2. Typeform
  3. Google Forms
  4. Formplus
  5. Microsoft Forms
  6. Formsite
  7. Zoho Survey

1. Formstack

 Formstack is a powerful form-building tool used for surveys. It has rich survey capabilities and integrates seamlessly with various applications including popular payment gateways.

  • Features: Formstack has a broad range of features, set up to meet multiple data collection requirements. It has various question formats like advanced form logic, conditional logic, approval workflows, reporting, and analytics and integrates flawlessly with other software applications. 
  • Customization: Formstack allows users to customize the appearance of the form templates extensively. It also supports conditional logic for creating unique and personalized forms.
  • User-friendliness: Formstack offers a friendly drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy for users to create and customize forms with minimal technical knowledge.This way users can quickly design and deploy designed forms. 
  • Robustness: Formstack is a robust platform that meets various form-building needs. It is flexible and can scale and manage complex requirements.
  • Integration Capabilities: Formstack integrates with a wide range of tools and applications, like CRM systems, Hubspot, and Salesforce to mention a few. This allows users to connect the form data with other tools for seamless data flow and integration with existing workflows.
  • Support: Formstack provides customer support through various channels, including email support, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base with documentation and tutorials. They also offer phone support for higher-tier plans.
  • Pricing: Formstack offers different pricing plans based on the specific requirements of individuals/organizations, based on usage and budget.

2. Typeform

Typeform is a visually appealing and interactive survey, which supports different question types and provides options for extensive customization.

  • Features: Typeform range of features help to create engaging and interactive surveys. Question types include conversational surveys, logic branching, as well as some level of multimedia integration.
  • Customization: Typeform customization options are admirable as it allows users to create visually appealing, customized surveys. Images, videos, and other media elements can be included to enhance the appearance of the survey forms.
  • User-friendliness: Typeform has a user-friendly interface, that is simple to use and easy to navigate even for first-time users.
  • Robustness: Typeform has a very robust and rich survey experience. The interactive design makes it a popular choice amongst users who want an aesthetically appealing survey design.
  • Integration Capabilities: Typeform integrates well with various third-party applications and payment platforms. It supports vital integrations that would help streamline data and automate workflow.
  • Support: Typeform provides email support and a rich knowledge base, while they also offer premium support and personalized account management for enterprise customers.
  • Pricing: Typeform offers custom pricing plans, and the pricing structure is based on the specific requirements and features required by users. However, there is also a free plan with limited requirements for users to test the platform.

3. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free and well-known survey tool, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, that allows real-time collaboration and integrates flawlessly with other Google products.

  • Features: Google Forms features include multiple question types, basic form, slip logic, as well as survey branching. There is the option of collaboration, response validation, and basic reporting.
  • Customization: Google Forms allows for some level of customization to its forms, in terms of font layout, themes, and color. Images and videos could also be added to the Google forms.
  • User-friendliness: Google Forms has a friendly interface making it easy for users of any skill level to create forms.
  • Robustness: Google Forms provides a robust solution for basic form creation and data collection requirements. There is the option for simple surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and feedback forms. It also provides other benefits from Google’s existing infrastructure which ensures its stability and scalability. 
  • Integration Capabilities: Google Forms integrates well with all Google applications and solutions. For more extensive integration there is the provision for add-ons and plugins to make this happen. 
  • Support: Google Forms provides support help articles and forums, an extensive knowledge database, and community resources.
  • Pricing: Google Forms is a feature of Google’s suite of productivity tools and is free for all Google account holders.

4. Formplus

Formplus is an online form and survey builder that allows users to automate data collection, processing, and the creation of actionable insights through real-time data analysis.

  • Features: Formplus has a wide array of pre-designed templates that can be customized to appeal to the needs of its users. Its features include a code-free kanban style drag-and-drop form builder that allows anyone to be able to customize their online forms in minutes without any hassles. It offers advanced and simple question options. So whatever level of survey you want to administer, there are options based on your user preference and survey objective.
  • Customization: Formplus’s customization feature is one of the most extensive compared to other form-building applications. All the forms in the templates library can be tailored to align with individual brand requirements, from form styling to custom CSS, layout customizations, and the ability to include logos and images. 
  • User-friendliness: Formplus interface is friendly and features an intuitive and interactive form builder. It is easy to navigate for both survey administrators and respondents.
  • Robustness: Formplus boasts of a robust platform that provides advanced features for customization, advanced logic, survey branching, and secure data encryption that guarantees data security. The advanced sharing options, allow users to embed their forms on their website or social media channels, and share forms via an email link or QR codes. There are also the benefits of scalability for complex requirements
  • Integration Capabilities: Formplus integrates broadly with a vast array of applications, tools, and payment platforms.Popular tools like Slack, and Mailchimp.Dropbox, Google Sheets, and more integrate flawlessly with Formplus.
  • Support: Formplus offers customer support via multiple channels, like live chats, email support, a comprehensive knowledge database, and tutorials/webinars that would help users as they navigate the software.
  • Pricing: Formplus offers access for free to all of its templates, however, there are different pricing plans based on the needs and requirements of the users.

5. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an offshoot of the  Microsoft 365 suite and provides a straightforward way to create surveys and quizzes. It has a smart interface and supports collaboration with other Microsoft applications. 

  • Features: Microsoft Forms’ range of features for survey creation includes various question variants. There is a provision to include advanced question types like branching logic, response validation, and collaboration features. Microsoft Forms also features basic reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Customization: Microsoft Forms offers basic customization options and users can select from different themes within the platform. However, there is also the option of adding images, and videos and tailoring the layout to your unique preference.
  • User-friendliness: Microsoft Forms UX interface is friendly and the process of form creation is a simple one that anyone can catch on, to without prior technical knowledge. There is also a step-by-step guide to handhold new users throughout the phase.
  • Robustness: Microsoft Forms is created for simplicity, so it meets basic form requirements and integrates with other Microsoft tools.
  • Integration Capabilities: Microsoft Forms integrates well with other Microsoft applications and services. Data collected can be transferred to the MS Excel spreadsheet and its integration with Microsoft Teams allow for real-time collaboration among multiple users. Integration with third-party applications is somewhat limited.
  • Support: Microsoft Forms provides support mainly through documentation, user forums, and help articles and resources from the Microsoft support center and community forums. Direct customer support is limited with Microsoft Forms.
  • Pricing: Microsoft Forms is part of the paid Microsoft 365 suite of applications, which makes it available to MS 365 subscribers. The pricing structure varies based on the subscription plan chosen and MS forms are part of all the available paid plans.

6. Formsite

Formsite is a flexible survey tool that allows users to create customized surveys and forms. It features condition logic question types, payment processing, and the option to export data. 

  • Features: Formsite range of features consists of various question types, like survey branching and conditional logic to mention a few. It integrates well with Payment platforms, with secure storage to guarantee data safety. There is also a reporting and data analytic feature that helps in processing data collected.
  • Customization: Formsite provides extensive customization options to create visually appealing forms. It offers customizable themes, form branding, custom CSS styling, layout customization, and the ability to add logos and images. Users can customize the appearance of their forms to match their branding and design preferences.
  • User-friendliness: Formsite provides a friendly user interface and a code-free drag and drops from the builder. The platform provides a clean and interactive building process. 
  • Robustness: Formsite has a robust platform that accommodates various form-building needs, like logic, conditional branching, and the ability to handle complex or advanced form requirements, as well as a secure platform to manage data collected.
  • Integration Capabilities: Formsite integrates flawlessly with popular third-party applications and payment gateways like PayPal, and Stripe and customer management systems like Salesforce, Mail Chimp, and many more.
  • Support: Formsite provides customer support through omni channels, live chat, email support, phone support, and a comprehensive knowledge database, tutorials, and FAQs to help users.
  • Pricing: Formsite pricing plans are based on the features the users subscribe for, this makes the pricing flexible and users can choose a plan according to their requirements or budget.

7. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a detailed survey platform with features like customizable templates, and varied question types, basic and advanced, such as logic branching. It has in-depth reporting and analytics and it integrates well with other Zoho applications and facilitates team collaboration in real time.

  • Features: Zoho Survey features include varied question types. logic branching, skip logic, and survey scoring to mention a few. There is also an advanced reporting and analytics backend and a wide array of survey templates to choose from.
  • Customization: Zoho Survey allows some level of customization options for the survey forms. Users can edit survey themes, add logos and images, and tailor survey URLs. 
  • User-friendliness: Zoho Survey has a friendly user interface with a clear-cut survey creation process. Its easy drag-and-drop editor and step-by-step survey builder simplify the overall survey creation process.
  • Robustness: Zoho Survey is a robust platform that offers a rich survey creation experience. The platform is designed to handle complex survey requirements and provides a reliable platform for creating surveys.
  • Integration Capabilities: Zoho Survey integrates with all complimentary Zoho applications and supports integration with third-party tools. These integrations allow for flawless data flow and enable users to sync their surveys with their preferred survey tools. 
  • Support: Zoho Survey provides extensive customer support via email live chat and phone. There is also a self-service support channel with a broad knowledge database and tutorials on customer support through email, phone, and live chat. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base with documentation and tutorials. Zoho provides responsive support to address user inquiries and help resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Pricing: Zoho Survey offers different pricing plans, with options for individuals, businesses, and enterprise-level organizations. The pricing plan is based on the feature and type of survey responses required. So users can select a plan that aligns with their budget and needs.

Why is Formplus the best of Qualitrics Alternative?

Formplus is considered a strong alternative to Qualtrics for several reasons:

Ease of Use: Formplus’s user-friendly interface and its code-free drag-and-drop form builder make it easy for users to create forms without any technical knowledge. The are various templates for different surveys, all you need to do is select the best option based on your requirements and use the form builder to add or include fields based on your requirements. 

Customization Options: Formplus provides extensive customization options which allow users to personalize the appearance and brand their forms. Users can choose from customizable themes, add logos and images, and add or include fields according to their preferences.

Robust Feature: Formplus provides an end-to-end form-building service, from form creation to the content of the form, a comprehensive set of features that cater to various form-building needs. It has a wide range of form fields, advanced form logic and conditional branching, calculation fields, file uploads, data encryption, reporting and analytics, workflow automation, integrations, and more. 

Integration Capabilities: Formplus integrates with popular third-party applications and services, thereby facilitating seamless data flow and automation. It provides integrations with tools like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Mailchimp, and more. These integrations help users to connect their forms with other business tools, streamline data management, and automate workflows.

Customer Support: Formplus provides comprehensive and responsive customer support via email and live chat, as well as a knowledge database with tutorials to help users navigate the platforms easily. The support team is so responsive that inquiries are promptly addressed and responded to in record time.

Pricing: Formplus offers friendly pricing plans that are suitable for different user needs, with options for businesses and enterprise-level organizations. The pricing plans are not only flexible, for users to choose a plan that suits their budget and form usage requirements, it also gives good value for its features and capabilities.

Ultimately, the best Qualtrics alternative depends largely on specific needs and preferences. However, Formplus is a strong alternative due to its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, robust feature set, integration capabilities, responsive customer support, and competitive pricing.

While Qualtrics is a widely used and highly regarded survey platform, it does have some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Complexity: Qualtrics can be complex to navigate, especially for users who are new to the platform or have limited technical skills. The interface and functionality can be a bit overwhelming and requires a learning curve to fully use all the features and customization options.
  • Cost: Qualtrics is known to be a high-cost survey platform, especially for small businesses, startups, or individual users. The pricing structure is often suited to enterprise-level organizations, which makes it less accessible for users with limited budgets/smaller-scale survey needs.
  • Support: While Qualtrics does offer customer support, some users have shared issues with responsiveness and availability.


Qualtrics is a powerful and popular survey platform with a range of advanced features and capabilities. However, there are some potential drawbacks that users should consider. These include its complexity, high cost, steep learning curve, limited customization options, and potential support issues.

Hence you can explore alternative survey platforms like Formplus, Typeform, Google Forms, Formstack, Microsoft Forms, Formsite, and Zoho Survey based on their respective features, customization options, user-friendliness, robustness, integration capabilities, support, and pricing.

Ultimately, the choice of the best survey platform will depend on your unique requirements, budget, and preferences. It’s recommended that you evaluate the pros and cons of each platform carefully and consider conducting trials or demos to help you decide.


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