Puberty comes with a lot of emotions. Hence, it is very common and normal to feel attracted to boys and girls during puberty. Find out about your sexual identity and the different types of sexual orientation in this post.

5 Quizzes & Tests for Finding Out if You are Gay 

1. Formplus Gay Quiz: Formplus has some gender survey questions that will help you determine your sexual orientation or identity. You can respond to the Am I gay quiz to gain some insights. Login to your Formplus account or sign up on Formplus if you do not have an account yet.

2. Saliva test: You can take a saliva test to predict your sexual orientation. According to studies, saliva tests are correct 67% of the time. The test makes use of clues from a person’s genome to other small changes or modifications in the DNA of an individual

3. Fruit machine (homosexuality test): It was developed by Frank Robert Wake in Canada during the 1950s amd 1960s to identify if a man is gay. The people would be shown images that should arouse sexual desires, while the camera keeps taking pictures of their pupils to see if their eyes will dilate.

4. Quizlagoon gay test: Another test to try out if you’re doubting your sexuality is the Quizlagoon gay test. This test will help to determine if you exhibit some of the common signs of homosexuality.

5. Psycat games Gay quiz: This test is designed to reveal your sexual orientation if you are not sure of it. It is in the form of a fun game.

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Am I Gay?

  • Where does this question come from

During puberty, you may realize you are attracted to the same sex. As a boy, you find other boys attractive, as a girl, you find girls attractive and you think about them in a sexual way.

This realization which could be confusing at first always lead to one question, Am I gay? Fortunately, some people are able to figure it out quickly that they prefer an intimate relationship with same sex over the opposite sex. 

Some are quick to recognize that they are bisexual, lesbian or gay while others may take longer time.

  • Confusions that make it hard to know if you are gay

Many young people get confused about their sexual identity. The confusion may become aggravated knowing that there are other sexual identities such as being asexual where there’s no interest in sex or being transgender where boys and girls.

Often times there’s questions on whether there is a mismatch in their biological sex and sexual identity. And if you are not familiar with the concept of gender identity and sexual identity, you would mix things up. 

Also, discovering other sexual identities can make you question where you fit in, and whether you are gay or not. But, you should understand that you barely have a say in your sexuality. 

This is because you do not choose it, it chooses you. Also, there has been no concrete explanation as to why or what makes people lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans. 

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What is Sexual Orientation?

Sexual orientation is defined as a person’s identity as regards the gender or genders to which they have a romantic attraction or sexual attraction. This could either be as a result of being are heterosexual, or homosexual, etc.

Sexual orientation is an enduring pattern of who you’re attracted to and want to have romantic relationships or sexual relationships with. This is different from gender identity which is about who you are and not who you are attracted to. 

Your gender or gender identity could be female, male, genderqueer, and others. This means that being transgender is not the same as being a lesbian or gay or bisexual.

Sexual orientation is about who your emotions want to be involved with sexually. 

Let us consider the different types of sexual orientations.

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13 Types of Sexual Orientation

There are many types of sexual orientations and we are going to discuss 13 of them.

  1. Lesbian: This is when girls identify as being attracted to other girls in a romantic or sexual manner. They are also referred to as gay or homosexuals.
  2. Gay: This is when boys identify as being attracted to other boys. They are also referred to as homosexuals.
  3. Heterosexual: This is a sexual identity where boys are attracted to girls and girls attracted to boys. They are also referred to as straight.
  4. Bisexual: bisexual is a sexual identity whereby an individual is attracted to people of both genders. This means that one person is attracted to both girls and boys in a sexual way.
  5. Asexual: This is a sexual identity where a person does not feel attracted to anyone in a sexual way.
  6. Pansexual: This is when a person is capable of having emotional or romantic, or emotional attractions to any person, regardless of the person’s gender identity. Pansexual people do not have to have experienced some specific sexual experiences or need to have had any sexual experience to be pansexual.
  7. Demisexual: This is when some people that identify as asexual experience some sexual attraction in some specific situations, such as after they have formed a romantic or an emotional connection with a person.
  8. Allosexual: This is when a person experiences sexual attraction of any kind. Allosexual people may be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. It does not matter what your sexual identity is what matters is that you get sexually attracted to others.
  9. Autosexual: This is when a person is primarily romantically or sexually attracted to themselves, therefore, having autoerotic tendencies.
  10. Androsexual: This is when a person is primarily sexually, or romantically attracted to masculinity.
  11. Gynesexual: This is when a person is sexually attracted to femininity in another person.
  12. Hypersexuality: This is when a person is sexually attracted to someone based on looks alone, even without knowing the person.
  13. Skoliosexual: This is when a person feels sexually or romantically attracted to transgender and intersexual people. This means that a skoliosexual person does not find cisgender or people that identify with their birth gender attractive but people with open identities. 

Major characteristics of straight, gay and bisexual orientations

Characteristics of a heterosexual

  • They are sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex only.
  • Heterosexuality is the most common type of sexual orientations
  • Heterosexuals pursue romantic relationships with only people of the opposite sex.

Characteristics of a gay 

  • They are mostly educated with at least a first degree.
  • The high-pitched voice when speaking with someone of the same sex that they find attractive.
  • They have a preference for hypermasculinity.
  • Excessive making use of hand gestures. A man attracted to another man or a woman attracted to another woman will move his/her hands more frequently when with that person.
  • Some of them have a preference for bright color clothing.
  • Lesbians will most likely wear their hair short.
  • Gay men are emotionally more expressive

Characteristics of bisexual orientation

  • They are sexually attracted to both men and women.
  • They may not have an equal attraction to both genders.
  • Bisexual orientation does not equate 50% homosexuality and 50% heterosexuality. One desire may far supersede the other although the desire for both sexes is there.


It is totally normal for you to question what your sexual identity is and why you are attracted to the person or gender of the opposite sex or same-sex. A good way to get over your confusion is to partake in the above-listed quizzes and also give yourself time. 

Also, the gay quiz test is not totally accurate. So try not to rush yourself in your sexual orientation discovery journey.

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