Online forms serve as really useful tools for gathering data; whether it is collecting feedback, conducting a survey or receiving orders, they are an essential tool for data collection.

In order to create an online form, you have two major options;

  1. Hiring a professional web developer (or DIY) to build from scratch. This would mean the forms will be hardcoded to your specification but might also involve a lot of risks in terms of data storage and design.
  2. Using online form builders, seeing that some of them make form building, customization, publishing and data storage easy to do. There are hundreds of online form builders out there and each of them has something(s) they are very good at.

As a form building solution, some of the most popular we get asked, even at events is, “What makes Formplus different from every other form builder” or “How do I know the best online form builder?”

These questions are very valid and for someone who may be new to the world of digital forms (yes, it’s a very big world), you might be a tad confused on which one works best for your needs.

To help you figure out which form builder would serve as the right fit for you, whether your use case is personal, professional or business, we have compiled 20 of what we regard as the Top Online Form Builders out there. Some can be adapted for any purpose, while others are specific in their use cases e.g Education-focused forms, Business forms, Lead Generation forms, etc. We also made a cost-comparison as well as their star features to help you decide.,

While Formplus makes it really easy for you to create online forms, in this comparison we have tried to be as objective as possible, focusing only on the strengths of each builder and how they can help you be more efficient.

Please bear in mind that this list of online form builders is not chronological in any way and so there is no particular order, feel free to let us know which ones you have tried and the ones you are currently using.

Wufoo - Making forms easy + fast + fun

Wufoo is one online form builder that comes with a powerful report generator. The parent company of Wufoo is SurveyMonkey and so you can see why they help you track form data performance with an analytics dashboard. With this you can build reports that will offer better insights for your business.


Star Features

  1. With Wufoo forms, you can collect and organise data without integrating your own reporting system i.e. it supports complex reporting and analytics and,
  2. Wufoo can also be integrated with numerous apps like Capsule, Salesforce, PayPal, Mailchimp and Zapier.


The Wufoo free plan gives you 3 Forms with 100 Entries and 10 Fields. The other plans include Ad Hoc at $19.00/month, Bona fide at $39.00/month, and Carpe Diem at $99.00/month.

What Wufoo is best known for: Complex form reporting and form analytics

Formplus - Create Simple but Powerful Forms

Formplus is all about simplicity; this makes it really easy to create beautiful online forms in minutes even if you have no programming skills. This online form builder allows you make forms by clicking or dragging and dropping fields; these forms have a native Google Sheets and Google Drive integration which is helpful if you will like to receive file/attachments on your forms. Formplus also has offline forms; offline data collection is so easy as forms can be filled offline and then synced once the device is connected to the Internet.


Star Features

  1. Formplus has an offline forms feature; Forms can be filled via SMS or by preloading it on a device which can then be filled offline.
  2. It is also possible to personalize your user experience by using conditional logic to tailor/shorten your forms. You can show or hide form fields based on previous answers, giving you smart online forms with high conversion rates.
  3. If for some reason, a form has to be very long, you can give your users the opportunity to save their answers and continue filling later with a Formplus form.
  4. There is a reports and analytics feature that gives an overview of submitted responses as charts. Form analytics records and displays important form metrics like Unique views, Conversion rate etc.
  5. Tracking user location is made easy in Formplus - the Geolocation feature points user location and then displays it using Google Maps Webs Services.
  6. Formplus has different payment integrations for online forms. The forms support PayPal, Stripe, and Flutterwave. Flutterwave is particularly useful in that you can collect payments across the world, including African countries.
  7. The robust email notifications allow you to receive notifications of submissions, receive user submitted data in the email body and as a PDF/Word attachment. You can also route form data and submission notifications to other members of your team.

Pricing (annual, education, and charity discounts available)

The Starter plan is priced at $25/month and offers 1000 submissions and the Professional plan is priced at $45/month with an unlimited number of form submissions. However, there is a Free Trial period for 21 days during which you can try out all the features on your preferred plan

What they are best known for: A powerful alternative to Google Forms as Formplus online forms can accept file uploads without restrictions.

FormAssembly - Your new data collection solution

FormAssembly places security over everything else; if you need to collect sensitive data, this online form builder is for your enterprise. They are HIPAA compliant and the health, education, and government sectors have found this form builder to be suited to their processes.


Star Features

  1. The form builder offers data security and privacy as it’s protected against XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, and other common threats.
  2. The forms are Compliant with stringent requirements and processes - HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield compliance, and PCI DSS Level 1 certification.
  3. Can be easily integrated with an array of apps and payment gateways such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Taskray, and more.


Their plans start at $89/month for the Professional, while the Premier goes for $224/month, Enterprise at $599+/month and Compliance Cloud.

What they are best known for: Safe data-heavy digital forms i.e personal surveys and online applications.

123FormBuilder (Formerly 123ContactForm) - Build an online form as easy as 1-2-3

123FormBuilder can be used to create contact lists and lead generation forms. They have template forms that are set up to capture a customer or client details and you can tweak them to suit whatever need you might have for a form (surveys, quizzes etc).


Star Features

  1. The builder has a variety of form fields - standard form fields (like Name, Email, Address, Phone) and advanced fields (like File Upload, HTML block, Image, Google Maps).
  2. You can create forms in different languages; which is especially useful when you are seeking to cross cultural barriers.
  3. Forms can also be integrated with payment platforms such as PayPal, FreshBooks, and


123formbuilder allows you to start off with the free plan and this offers 5 Forms and 100 Submissions a month (this option is currently disabled). They also have the Gold plan at $19/month, the Platinum plan goes for $39/month, while the Enterprise plan costs $349/month.

What they are best known for: 123Forms can be directly integrated into a number of Content Management Sites like Blogger, Joomla, Wix, and Facebook.

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Jotform - Easiest Form Builder

Jotform allows you to quickly create mobile-friendly forms with loads of themes to choose from at varying costs. You can also easily integrate a variety of payment platforms even on the Free plan and so it is well suited for ecommerce sites/dealers.


Star Features

  1. Form customization is pretty easy as you can select from over 2500 form templates and 40 themes.
  2. Jotform requires no sign up to start creating free forms, just drag and drop your preferred fields.
  3. You can build visual reports using form responses. This will help to form data analytics.


With the Free plan, you can receive 100 responses per month and the Bronze plan at $19/month, Silver plan at $39/month and the Gold plan at $99/month.

What JotForm is best known for: For creating simple online forms from templates even without an account

Formstack - The Smart Way to Collect and Manage Data

With this form builder you can connect to over 40 apps to help you cover all your business admin bases. Formstack has about 8 payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal,, which makes collecting payments easy


Star Features

  1. Formstack helps you create automated workflows across departments, helping to complete repetitive tasks in a shorter time.
  2. You can share large groups of forms with customers and employees via portals. With this, you can track responses, and send automated reminder emails.
  3. The Formstack form builder has a Subdomain feature that allows you to build your company name into every form URL.
  4. Partial Submissions captures form data to help you better understand your target market.


The Silver plan costs $39/month for 20 forms with 1,000 responses, the Gold plan costs $99/month, and Platinum plan users at $249/month.

What they are best known for: For creating professional-looking business forms.

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Typeform - Turn Data Collection into an Experience

Typeform recently went through a revamp, but the fundamentals remain the same - one-question/field-at-a-time. This type of online form generator is ideal for situations that may require a more personal touch like surveys, quizzes and lead generation forms.


Star Features

  1. Typeforms can be fitted with Conditional logic to help you create forms that ask different but related questions.
  2. You can do simple calculations in online quizzes and checkout forms.
  3. Hidden fields can be used to identify respondents based on the files from which they clicked the form link.
  4. Images can be used as buttons in Typeform interactive forms.


The Basic plan is free with 100 responses per month and 10 fields per form, Pro plan goes for $30, while the PRO+ with its advanced features starts at $59/month.

What they are best known for: Building forms that engage users with one question at a time.

DeviceMagic - Mobile-Forms Software and Data Collection App

Device Magic forms are positioned to serve industries and replace administrative forms. They integrate well with a number of apps - SMS, Google Drive, and Dropbox - and like Formplus, they can be used offline. Members of your team don't have to fill in repetitive data as you can create form and push them out to devices with already pre filled information.


Star Features

  1. Device Magic forms can be used to collect data without an internet connection. Form data is saved to the mobile device and can then uploaded when reconnected to the internet.
  2. The tool is also great for automating workflows
  3. Forms can be used to capture photos, signatures, geo-location and audio recordings.


The standard plan costs $30/month/device while the Advanced plan costs $48/month/device. They also have enterprise plans available.

What they are best known for: Pre-filled data in mobile forms.

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Formbakery - Build professional forms easily and export ready-to-use code in a snap!

Formbakery is that builder that makes it easy and fast for you to build and host forms on your website. Simply click the "Build a form" button on the Formbakery landing page, then drag-and-drop the elements into your form. Once you are done with building the form, the form code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP) is generated and sent as an email, so you can embed in your website.


Star Features

  1. You can create a simple, self-hosted form for your website without making additional payments; just a one-time fee to generate and email the form code.
  2. FormBakery helps churn out really simple forms that can be hosted on your site, without any plugins or external services.
  3. Once you have your form source, you don't need to rely on Formbakery for maintenance.


The personal plan comes at $9/form while the Professional plan costs $19/form for a commercial license. You can also purchase the 5-form pack for $49

What they are best known for: Simple, self-hosted forms that don't require monthly fees

Microsoft Forms - Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls

Microsoft Forms are included with Office 365 work and school packages and so it comes with the security, privacy, and compliance you would expect from Microsoft. It is very enterprise-focused seeing that if your organisation already uses Office 365 Business Premium or one of the enterprise versions, implementing Forms will easy for you.


Star Features

  1. The fact that it is easy to integrate Forms with other Office 365 services is a huge plus for organizations that currently use this.
  2. Microsoft Forms collects data securely as the tool follows Office 365 compliance rules.


To use forms, you need to have an active Office 365 subscription and the prices for the plan depend on the number of users.

What they are best known for: Enterprise-focused form solutions.

Cognito Forms - Easily create powerful forms

Cognito forms provide an easy way to collect payments and raise funds with full featured online forms. You can create forms that have calculated fields, file uploads, conditional logic, payment fields, and even, build PDF and Word documents from your form entries.


Star Features

  1. With Cognito forms, you can create robust payment and sale forms with PayPal, Stripe and Square.
  2. You can streamline the kind of data you want from your audience with dynamic repeating sections.
  3. Online forms with “Smart Captcha”, that’s what you get with Cognito Forms; the forms automatically detect spam bots based on how the form is used.


It’s Free to collect 500 entries per month, with a 1% cut of sales for forms with payments; $10/month for the Pro plan, $24/month for the Team plan and $99/month for the Enterprise pla

What are they best known for: Free forms with payment fields

WPForms - Start Building Smarter WordPress Forms

This form builder positions itself as “The Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Contact Form Plugin in the Market” and this is seen in the user-friendly interface. The WordPress form builder comes with a number of templates, along with some drag-and-drop elements to help you customize the forms as you please.


Star Features

  1. This form maker has the Geolocation feature to help pin your form respondents' location automatically.
  2. WPForms also have partial submissions and can reach back out to remind them to finish.


The Basic plan costs $49/year, the Plus plan costs $99/year, Pro plan for $199/year and the Agency plan costs $349/year

What are they best known for: Being a simple WordPress form app.

Google Forms - Create and analyze surveys, for free

Want to create no-fuss forms on a budget? Then Google Forms might just do the trick! With Google Forms, you can create customer feedback forms, assignment surveys, pop quizzes and many more, all for free.


Star Features

  1. Google Forms are easy to build, very intuitive and can be integrated directly with other Google products/apps like GMail, Docs, Drive and more.
  2. The Sheets integration also helps data processing and you can easily generate graphs and analytics for the forms.
  3. You can add collaborators so anyone build your forms and access form data. These forms can be edited by the team just like Google Docs.


It is a free form builder, but you can upgrade to G-suite to unlock some more advanced features. The Basic plan costs $5 while the Business plan comes at a $10 cost.

What they are best known for: Absolutely free forms.

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FormKeep - Form endpoints for Designers and Developers

For die-hard coders who prefer a custom-built form building solution, FormKeep will work perfectly. FormKeep serves as a form endpoint tool that lets you easily code your own form with its backend. This can then be used to manage data, send notifications, and connect to numerous integrations.


Star Features

  1. FormKeep is very good for creating forms on static websites, with it you can have functional online forms without a backend.
  2. For standard HTML forms, integration is pretty simple, just copy your code snippet and add it to your website.


The Freelancer plan costs $59/month, the Agency plan at $99/month and the Enterprise plan costs $199/month.

What they are best known for: Hand-coded forms and static website development

Leadformly - Lead Capture Forms That Convert

This is especially good for digital marketers and those who run online stores, with Leadformly you can separate leads into different categories. These leads can be sorted based on the most important criteria, making it easy to tailor how you market to the different customers/users that you have.


Star Features

  1. Leadformly has a 'Honeypot' spam reduction system that blocks spammers instead of Captcha that can reduce leads by up to 30%.
  2. Forms automatically detect a visitor's location and use it to prefill fields like 'country' and the phone number extension, resulting in fewer clicks.
  3. Leadformly forms also have built-in validation, to ensure that the information you receive is correct.


The plans range from $49/month - $199/month, depending on the number of leads you require.

What they are best known for: Pre-built lead-gen forms

Ninja Forms - The Easy and Powerful Form Builder

Ninja Forms is a free WordPress form plugin with paid extensions that lets you add integrations with popular apps. Instead of a WordPress-style editor, Ninja Forms has a clean, drag-and-drop design to help customize form layout.


Star Features

  1. The Ninja Forms plugin lets you easily create multi-page forms and forms with multi-column layouts.
  2. Also, within the Ninja Forms editor, you can create and edit WordPress posts or pages, making you use the WordPress admin page less often.
  3. There are numerous integrations/add-ons like Slack, Trello, Mailchimp etc that can be used in a number of applications - front-end editing, customizable layouts, messaging etc.


For up to 40+ add-ons, you can pay between $29 - $129/year depending on the feature you require. Other plans include; Personal at $99/year, Professional at $199/year and the Agency plan at $499/year.

What they are best known for: A modern WordPress Form Builder with numerous integrations

Zoho Forms - Online forms for every business

Now, Zoho makes a whole lot of apps for the customer and team collaboration - Emails, CRM, document editing, Accounting and bunch of others. All these apps integrate well with Zoho forms and since they specialize in mobile forms, the form builder is tailored to creating fat forms, on the go.


Star Features

  1. For organizations that already use the Zoho apps for their business processes, Zoho Forms links them all together and so there won’t be a break in workflows.
  2. With Zoho Forms, you can work on form responses as a team, or approve form responses or view stats right from the Zoho Forms mobile app, in real-time.
  3. For teams that are constantly on the move, Zoho specializes in mobile forms, helping to ease the train of data collection.


The Basic plan costs $10/month, Standard plan costs $25/month, Professional plan costs $50/month and the Premium Zoho plan at $100/month.

What they are best known for: Mobile-friendly forms that integrate seamlessly with other Zoho apps.

Paperform - Easily create forms as beautiful as you

With Paperform you can create beautiful forms that take after your current project, whether it’s a magazine, blog or document. The form builder is also easy to use as you can to create forms like a document i.e by typing free-text.


Star Features

  1. With Paperform you can customize your form URL or domain, depending on the plan you choose.
  2. The form builder also lets you create forms in different languages; French, Thai, Hindi, or even slang.
  3. You can create forms like you would create a document. This means you can type free text directly onto the page and insert questions, payment fields, and media.


There is the Starter pack at $15/month, a Pro plan at $39/month, and then the Agency plan at $99/month.

What they are best known for: Building landing page style forms.

Formsite - Building landing page style forms

The Formsite builder is quite versatile and flexible, just like Formstack it has a complex workflow and extensive reporting features. With Formsite, you can also flag field bottlenecks to help you give respondents a better form filling experience.


Star Features

  1. Formsite forms can calculate values using form fields and this is useful in creating quizzes, tests and assignments.
  2. Forms are easy to fill as respondents can save their progress to return later with the save & return feature.
  3. Related forms can be linked with workflow logic which also allows one to carry responses across separate forms.
  4. Graphs and tables can be used to show form results in a visual format.
  5. Respondents can sign with their mouse, finger, or stylus using the Electronic signature feature.


There is a free plan that allows you to create up to 5 forms and receive 10 results on each form per month. Next to that is the Deluxe plan at $14.95 per month, while the Pro 2 and Pro 3 monthly plans cost $49.95 and $99.95 respectively.

What they are best known for: Forms with encrypted text fields and forms linked with workflow logic

Gravity Forms the Wordpress form management plugin you’ve been waiting for

Gravity forms hold themselves apart by focusing solely on Wordpress even though other form builders can be embedded with WordPress websites. The form creation process itself ties into the WordPress admin site which is very intuitive for users.


Star Features

  1. Gravity Forms is built from the ground up as a WordPress-specific plugin which allows it to integrate with WordPress in a way some hosted form services cannot.
  2. Gravity forms integrate with third-party services such as Paypal, Stripe,, and FreshBooks
  3. All form entries are stored in your WordPress database, making them easily accessible via the WordPress Dashboard.


The Personal plan costs $39/year, Business plan costs $99/year while the Developer plan goes for $199/year.

What they are best known for: Online form builder with advanced WordPress integration

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