The night before you had leftovers, against your better judgment. Then again, the date behind the ketchup bottle read “best before”, and well you didn’t have any other options. You wake up to pee at least three times at midnight because you had to drink water to make up for the leftovers which didn’t seem like much.

Your 5:30 am alarm doesn’t go off because you put your phone on DND. By the time you open your eyes, it’s 9 am. Gosh! Surely things can’t possibly get any worse now can they? A mini heart attack as you slip and almost fall in the tub allays all your fears. You hurriedly have what’s left off lasts nights leftovers and make a dash for the door.

It’s raining cats, dogs and some. You put the key in the ignition and realize you have the wrong key, it’s the house key. You rush back in to get your keys, start the car and you start hearing a funny noise from the engine. The car refuses to start. As you move to go to take public transport, a vehicle drives by and splashes water on you. Well deserved.

There’s traffic up ahead, and each time the driver switches lanes, the other starts moving a lot faster. Are the gods trying to send a message? A light bulb goes up in your head, today is PRESENTATION DAY! You try to quickly sort things out on your laptop but it seems like water had gotten into it. You scream loudly on the bus because you just can’t take it anymore and all the kids on the bus are wondering who’s the maniac at the back. Good, now you’re scaring the kids!

You get to the office, wet, disheveled and ready to go ham. The meetings have started and as you pass by the reception, you’re informed that supervisors from the head office stopped by to look in. Also, the results of the presentation will form the basis of employee performance. Kill me now! You’re at your wit’s end, praying for a miracle. 

Your boss is very difficult and is looking for who they can save money on and you’re an easy target. You walk in there prepared for whatever, the events of the morning flashing through your eyes. You are determined and proceed to make your presentation off the top of your head.

As you finish, the panel is on their feet applauding. What a save! The silver lining at the end of the tunnel. You’re not just getting a pay raise, there’s also a new car! As you step forward to receive a handshake from the supervisor, you wake up! It has all been a really long and dream. You roll over to your bedside, pick up your phone and shriek! It’s 9 am, you’re late! But how?

Well, there’s your answer.

Here are a few things you could do if you’ve already had a bad day at work.

  • Take a walk – As soon as possible, get out of the office and go for a nice walk to clear your mind. I mean, you could still get kidnapped taking a walk, but it’s a small price to pay.
  • Exercise – No point taking out your anger on your boss when the treadmill can get it. You gain your job back and lose weight in the process? Win-Win
  • Write it down – Turn the bad day into a masterpiece (As above). You might just be the next bestseller. Who are you kidding? It’ll probably spend years in your notes unread by no other soul.
  • Call someone to vent–  It’s time your best friend earned their stripes. Call them and vent for hours. The real winner here is your service provider.
  • Do tasks that don’t require any effort – You know, like trying to solve the problem of traffic congestion in your community. Light work!
  • Listen to music – Lana del Rey and Billie Eilish shouldn’t be your go-to artists. Just making sure you don’t tip over the edge.
  • Watch a funny video – Mr. Bean or Charlie the Chaplain can do wonders for your adult body with a child-like mind. How underrated is the show ‘Tom and Jerry’?
  • Think about how you’ll improve – Kindly disregard this. There’s no point! You won’t improve. There you go!

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