With the advent of e-commerce, more people than ever before are looking to make money as drop shippers. But what is dropshipping? More importantly, how lucrative is it? We will discuss all of this extensively in this article. We will also look into the best tools for dropshipping product research and the other benefits of dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is defined as the process whereby a retailer sells a product that it doesn’t own or stock. The retailer takes an order for the product and then passes it along to a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distribution center. This third-party company then ships the item directly to the customer, typically with no shipping charges.

The retailer never even sees the product, they just take the order, make the sale, and organize for someone else to get it to the customer.

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How Lucrative is DropShipping in 2022

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative businesses to operate in 2022. The benefit of this business model is that your customers are happy because they get what they want, and you are happy because you don’t have to store any inventory or ship the items yourself.

The benefits of drop shipping include no inventory costs, no shipping costs, no maintenance costs, and low overhead costs. This makes it a very profitable business model. You can start your own dropshipping business with little or no money upfront.

The seller gets to pocket the difference between their listing price and what they paid for the product from the third party. The third-party does all of the shipping, handling, and production of the product. The business model can be very lucrative for sellers who target high-ticket items with low overhead costs, like watches or sunglasses.

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Why is Product Research Necessary for Dropshipping?

Product research is one of the most important parts of dropshipping because it is what allows you to make the most money. Product research is the process of finding a good product that will sell quickly and for a lot of money.

The more money you make, the more successful your business will be. However, it is also a model that requires you to do your research.

This can be hard work, but ultimately it will make your business more successful and profitable. Here are some reasons why product research is necessary for dropshipping:

  1. Product research is important because it helps you make smarter decisions when choosing which products to sell. It protects you from wasting time and energy in building an online store around a product that no one wants to buy.
  2. If you don’t do your product research, you won’t know if there’s enough demand for a product before investing time and money into sourcing and marketing it to customers.
  3. If you don’t do your product research, you won’t know if the market is saturated with similar products already, which means there’s not enough room for yours to succeed.
  4. If you don’t do your product research, you won’t know what kind of competition there is in the niche or industry that you’re entering into. This can lead to some major losses on your part. Down the line when other sellers start offering similar goods at better prices than yours they’ll take away the potential profit you’re looking into.

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What are Product Research Tools?

Product research tools help you find hot-selling items and decide whether or not you want to sell them. They help you look at how much people are searching for a particular item and how much it costs to actually buy that item for resale.

Product research tools can also show you if an item is being sold on platforms like Amazon and eBay, so you know if it’s already available elsewhere. Some product research tools will even tell you what the current listings look like, so you can see what people are doing right (and wrong) in their listings.

They’re incredibly helpful for anyone who is drop shipping because they allow you to:

  • Find the best products for your store
  • Identify trends, even if you’re not an industry insider
  • Get real-time data on demand and popularity for any product
  • Get real-time data about sales volume for any product

Finally, some product research tools can show you which products have high-profit margins. This is important because it helps you figure out which items will make the most money when they’re sold at a higher price

How Do You Pick the Right Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

Dropshipping is a great way to get into e-commerce without having to worry about the expense of buying, storing, and shipping products. But how do you pick a dropshipping product-research tool?

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First of all, it’s important to choose a tool with a good reputation in the industry. There are lots of tools out there, but they all have different functionalities and use cases, so you must do some research on what people are saying about the tool before committing to it.

Then, you want to look at what kind of features the tool has and if they align with your end goals as an entrepreneur. For example, if you’re trying to find products that will do well in certain parts of the country (such as cold climates or hot climates), then a tool that can help you segment your market by region can be a useful feature for you.

To narrow down your options further, consider whether the tool has any other bells and whistles that may not be essential but would still be nice to have (for instance, an interface that’s easy on the eyes).

Finally, think about how much money you’re willing to spend on this type of service—some tools cost more than others because they offer more advanced features

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Best Tools for Dropshipping Product Research

ShopInspect is your one-stop shop for product research. You can use it for free if you just want to browse, or if you sign up for a paid membership you can narrow down your choices by suppliers and location, as well as get access to even more detailed information about each product. 

You’ll be able to see how many units are being sold each month before you make a decision, and if that number isn’t enough you can even find out how long it takes for the manufacturer to replenish their stock.

The tool is really easy to use, too. Just type in a product, and the tool will tell you what other similar products people are buying on Amazon and Aliexpress, so you can find something good without all the hassle.

If you are a drop shipper or an e-commerce store owner, you need tools that can help you carry out research and get important information from customers. Formplus is a platform that helps you create forms for surveys, customer feedback, and much more.

With Formplus, you can easily integrate your eCommerce store with the form builder. With this integration, you can add a contact form to your website and create online payment forms for your online shop. These forms are customizable and can be used to collect payments from customers directly on your website.

Formplus also has a Chrome extension that enables users to create forms from anywhere on the web; simply activate the plugin, then click on any input field or button on a webpage, and select “Add to Formplus”. The Chrome extension  makes gathering information from potential customers a breeze

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Formplus also has a WordPress plugin that allows users to create and embed forms made with the Formplus form builder directly into their WordPress sites. With this plugin, all user data collected in the embedded form will be stored in Formplus’ database without having to install a third-party app or service on your WordPress site.

Formplus also has an extensive collection of pre-built templates that can be used for collecting leads, conducting customer research, and gathering customer feedback.

DropshipSpy is a great tool for researching what’s selling and what isn’t on e-commerce marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. You can search based on keywords, price range, and category to find out which products are selling the most. The tool makes it easy to find products that are trending in your niche or that you can use to target a new one. You can also see how much revenue each product has generated for its sellers and which ones have been successful at driving traffic to their listings.

It’s also important to see how much revenue each product has generated for its sellers as well as which ones have been successful at driving traffic to their listings before deciding whether it would make sense for you to sell them too. 

Commerce Inspector is an easy-to-use tool that will help you to find products that are very likely to be profitable. You can quickly evaluate product ideas and figure out which ones would do well in your Shopify store.

Commerce Inspector uses a unique algorithm based on product reviews, historical sales data, and other information from Amazon and eBay to predict whether or not a product will sell well on Shopify.

The tool is free for up to 20 searches per day, but if you want unlimited searches, you can choose from one of two paid plans

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All factor is a tool that allows you to select products from all of the top suppliers in one place. So instead of having to go to each supplier and look for new products, All factor does it for you and presents them all in one place.

All factor lets you see the profit potential of each product, allowing you to find the best ones. You can also add filters to your search, so you can narrow down your search for specific types of products. It is also a great tool if you are a beginner. It’s free and easy to use. You can search by keyword or category, and it will show you the results in a nice table. They have a live chat feature if you have questions or need help with your research.

FindNiche has more than 300 million products from AliExpress and gives you the information you need on each one so you can make an informed decision about what to choose. It tracks sales rankings for various products in order to determine which are considered “hot” at any given moment, then pulls keywords from those listings that might help you find related niches.

It uses Amazon data to show you top-selling products in a given category or keyword search so that you can find an underserved niche or create an item with more demand than supply (what business people call the “blue ocean”). It also analyzes the past performance of similar items.

Thieve.co is a great place to get started because it can give you the information you need to make sure your products are going to be more likely to be successful. The first thing it does is help you narrow down your product choices based on some very specific criteria so you’re only looking at items that have a potential for success. For example, Thieve lets you set your desired profit margin and filters out products that don’t meet that margin. It also helps with market saturation when it comes to finding your product niche. 

This is because Thieve allows you to select categories that you want your products in and then narrows down the options even further by only showing products available in those categories with less than 25% market saturation in that category or niche-level competition score (which indicates how competitive each product’s niche will be). After all these filters are applied, what’s left is nothing but products within your chosen categories

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Ecomhunt is a tool that helps you find the best products for your dropshipping business. It can help you find the hottest products trending on social media platforms.

Sell The Trend allows you to search for the hottest dropshipping products from the past couple of years, which means you can get in on those trends early and still be able to make a profit. You can also enter any trend or product into its search bar and it will give you all the information about how well it’s selling these days, whether or not it’s profitable, and what markets it would do best in (based on your target audience), and more.

You can view samples of products in different categories so that you have an idea of what types of things people are looking for before they even start shopping around online themselves. This way, when they go looking for something specific like “blue jeans,” they’ll see your site first because their keyword search matches up exactly with what we’ve already found out about potential buyers’ interests

AliExpress Dropshipping Center tool makes it easy to research and source popular products at wholesale prices. With this tool, you can find products that are already selling well, or you can use the search bar to enter a specific product you’re interested in to see more about its popularity and success on the platform.

There’s also a “Sellers” tab that allows sellers to browse through the most successful dropshipping companies and interact with them directly.

How to Find the Perfect Dropshipping Products

Researching products is the most important part of any dropshipping business. If you have a product no one wants, your business isn’t going to get far. 

So how do you find the perfect product? Look for products that are easy to source at lower prices than your competitors. 

You also want to make sure your product isn’t too expensive for most people to buy or you’ll lose sales. Ask yourself if the product is something people will be interested in buying. 

If you’re not sure, try doing some customer research and see what others think about it.

Dropshipping FAQs

  • What are some of the Benefits of Dropshipping?

You don’t need to buy large quantities of inventory upfront. Instead, you can test different products on your site and only buy more when there’s proven demand. You don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders or managing your inventory. When you sell products using dropshipping, you can take advantage of an existing supplier’s expertise in warehousing and order fulfillment. That means less time spent on logistics and more time on growing your business.

You can start an e-commerce business with little to no startup costs and run it from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. All you need is a laptop, some time, and passion for what you’re selling.

  • What are some popular dropshipping products?

When it comes to dropshipping products, there are 2 main rules to follow: don’t sell something that requires special skills or training, and don’t sell something that requires an ongoing subscription. Some of the most popular products sold via drop shipping include books, jewelry, phone accessories (like cases), makeup, and even watches.


Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to start an online store without ever handling inventory. Instead of purchasing a product in bulk, storing it in a warehouse, and shipping it out to customers yourself, you simply partner with a wholesale supplier that will ship products directly to your customers for you.

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