A proxy server is an internet-connected device that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the website you’re trying to access. It’s not just a way to hide your IP address, but it also allows you to bypass any restrictions or limits that might be in place on the website you’re trying to visit.

There are many different types of proxies available online. Some are free, while others are paid-for services that offer more advanced features and anonymity than the basic ones (such as Hidester).

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite proxies for online surveys in 2022 below:


The Best Proxies for Online Surveys In 2022

  •  Residential Proxies (Pros and Cons):

 Residential proxies are the most popular type of proxy for online surveys. They are typically used by those who live on a specific block or within a specific area. There are many advantages to using residential proxies, including their affordability and their ability to be used in highly secure environments like corporate offices and government institutions. However, residential proxies have some drawbacks as well. They are often slow and not always completely reliable, which makes them less ideal for some situations than other methods of data collection. In addition, if you want to collect data from multiple countries at once, residential proxies may not work as well as other methods because they each require a unique IP address that needs to be shared among all users accessing the same website or page from different locations around the world. 


       The Pros:

  1. They are cheap. The average residential proxy costs $5 per month, which is pretty affordable. You can also get proxy services for free using your current internet connection.
  2. They’re fast. Most residential proxies have connections that are faster than 10 Mbps, so it’s unlikely that you’ll start with a slow connection. If you do, there are other options available to you.
  3. They don’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Most residential proxies offer easy-to-use user interfaces that make it possible for even a novice to use them without any trouble at all!


     The Cons:

  1. You can’t change their IP address or port number once they’ve been assigned one which means that if someone else uses the same address as you, they’ll be able to see what you’re working on or what sites you visit frequently. 
  2. You should disable this feature if possible, but it may not always be possible depending on the type of proxy service offered by the company offering them (some companies may charge extra fees associated with changing your IP address or port number).
  3. They’re also not always reliable.

  • Datacenter Proxies (Pros and Cons):

 If you’re looking to get the best possible results from your online surveys, you may want to consider using a datacenter proxy service. This type of proxy service is designed to make sure that your survey data is sent to the destination server without any problems. It will also help ensure that your responses are secure, which can be very important in this day and age when hackers can easily access personal information from anywhere in the world. Datacenter proxies can be used for a variety of different purposes including customer satisfaction surveys and other types of research surveys. When using datacenter proxies, you’ll be able to collect accurate information about users without worrying about security issues or getting hacked by hackers who may try to steal your data or spread malicious software on their computers.

The Pros:

  1. Datacenter Proxies are the best proxies for surveys in 2022 because they are the most reliable. Datacenter proxy providers are very good at keeping their servers running and not crashing. This means that when you’re doing your survey, you can expect your results to be accurate and fast.
  2. They also have a large number of people working on their servers so this means that even if one person is having issues with their computer they can be helped quickly by another person.
  3. Datacenter Proxy providers have a lot more control over who is allowed to access their server than other types of proxy providers do. They can only let people access the site if they have been approved by a Datacenter Proxy provider first which makes it safer than other types of proxy providers where anyone could just walk up and use their server without permission from anyone else involved in running it.


The Cons:

  1. With Datacenter Proxies, you can only use one proxy per survey. If you want to use different ones for multiple surveys, you will need to use a different proxy each time.
  2. You need to be sure that your survey uses HTTPS when using a datacenter proxy. This is because Datacenter Proxies must connect through their own servers instead of directly through the internet. This means that if an attacker was able to intercept your connection then they could see what pages you are viewing and what information they contain.


How To Choose A Quality Proxy Provider For Surveys?

When you’re looking for a proxy provider for surveys, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best services possible. Learning about what to look out for will help you make an informed decision about which proxy provider is right for you.

  • First, be sure of the security. The last thing you want is for your data to fall into the wrong hands. Security is the most important factor when choosing a proxy provider for surveys. When you’re running a survey, you want your data to stay safe, and you don’t want someone else getting access to it while they’re poking around on your computer. A good proxy provider will have a secure system in place that allows them to keep your data safe from outside threats or hackers. Look for proxy providers who have strong privacy policies and aren’t storing any kind of personally identifiable information (PII) about their users.
  • Next, is the number of available IP addresses. An ideal proxy provider will be able to provide you with a number of IP addresses in case one of them goes offline or becomes too busy with other users uploading large amounts of data at once. This way, if one of the machines goes down temporarily, users won’t lose their work because they couldn’t upload it before it happened. They’ll still be able to get their jobs done as long as another machine is available for them to use instead. If there are not enough IP addresses available, this can make things difficult if you need to change or expand your team’s activities over time.
  • Finally, the loading speed and customer support. Most proxies offer free trials so that users can test them out before committing themselves to a longer-term relationship; however, some may charge extra for this service. Many companies also offer 24/7 support from real people who can answer questions quickly and accurately.


Survey Proxy Vs. Social Media Proxy

Survey proxies are used by researchers to collect data from large groups of participants. These proxies can be individuals who pretend to be other people. They are hired as “survey takers” and there is usually no direct contact with the researcher. The survey is then completed by proxy and the results are analyzed afterward by the researcher.

Social media proxies are used to hide your IP address while you’re surfing the web or doing other activities on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.  They allow you to access sites that would normally be blocked based on your location.

Social media proxies are also used by companies or organizations that want to collect data from users on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is done without having to ask users for permission directly, or if they agree to provide information on their accounts via these survey tools. 



After analyzing the best types and the pros and cons of the ideal proxies for surveys, the following conclusion can be drawn: the ideal proxies for surveys are those that allow you to make your survey as user-friendly as possible. 

The goal of every survey is to get a clear understanding of the answers that people give, so the more simple and more intuitive a survey is, the better. Therefore, always seek out for your survey, proxies that will help you collect the most data and get the most accurate results.


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