In addition to collecting relevant data, having access to this data when and where it is needed also contributes significantly to building better business processes.

Formplus helps businesses build efficient processes, and has therefore, launched the Zapier integration to make this better. With this integration, you can now automatically send your form responses to over 2000 apps. Yes, 2000!

What this means is that you not only get to move your forms online but also your entire business process. We promised to move you to a paperless office after all. 

You can now build better workflows and connect your forms with all the apps you use―including Slack, MailChimp, and Salesforce, just to name a few.

Automating Workflows with Zaps

Do you want to automatically send form responses to third-party applications with ease? Then, you just landed in the right place. Zapier allows you to create actions and triggers that perform tasks even when you are asleep.

Send Formplus Form Responses to MailChimp

See how we created a zap that automatically sends form responses to Mailchimp. When respondents fill our Sales lead form, we automatically send their details to our email marketing list on Mailchimp.

To send your form responses to MailChimp, go to Settings>>Integrations>>Add new Formplus form respondents to MailChimp email lists, then click on Use this Zap

In this case, the form response is the Trigger that starts the Action of adding their details to your email list in Mailchimp. You can also specify the fields that should be added to the email list on Zapier.

You can use one of the various Formplus integrations templates on the Zapier website, or create your own with ease.

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