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Sales Lead Form Template

Use this sales lead form template to swiftly gather useful market insights and information that can help you convert your sales leads into customers. You can modify this template to suit your organization's peculiar needs in the Formplus form builder.

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Sales Lead Form Template template



Form Fields

You can collect a variety of information relevant to your sales lead conversion using the dynamic form fields available in the form builder. With over 30 available form fields, Formplus allows you to collect data and form responses the way you like.

You can include a table field in your form or place form fields in a row so that form respondents can add rows as they fill in their responses. Formplus also allows you to hide fields or set form fields as read-only. 

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to Others

Send automatic email notifications to important shareholders and team members immediately a form submission is made. You can also attach a Word or a PDF copy of the form submission in the email so that your team members stay updated with your form responses. 

Similarly, Formplus allows you to create and send custom messages as autoresponder emails to form respondents immediately a form submission is made. You can include information about your sales campaign or your organization's product in the autoresponder email.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

Formplus allows you to add team members and other important collaborators to a shared account so that you can work on your sales lead form and process responses together. You can assign roles to your team members, grant or restrict permissions to your form, folders, and responses. 

As an administrator, you can track any changes made to your sales lead form through the audit trail. The multiple users feature works with an audit trail that enables you to monitor the changes made to your form, reports, and responses.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

You can save and view your form responses and file uploads in your preferred external cloud storage system including OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. Formplus allows you to receive file uploads directly in your external cloud storage account and organize file uploads into different folders. 

You also receive unlimited file uploads directly in your sales lead form. Formplus allows you to collect file uploads of any size in your form and you can even add specific form fields for renaming received files and organize these files in folders.

Analytics and Reports

You can generate custom visual reports for your form data using the reports summary tool. Formplus makes your form analytics even easier by allowing you to create custom graphs and charts summarising the data gathered in a particular form field. 

Formplus also has a form analytics dashboard that displays form metrics for your sales lead form. In the analytics dashboard, you can view useful insights on your form including the total number of weekly or daily submissions and the total number of form views.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Customize your sales lead form URL by adding your organization's name to it to make it appear more professional. Sharing your form via a custom subdomain is a great way to promote your organization's brand by keeping your brand name in the minds of your target market. 

Custom subdomains confirm the authenticity of your sales lead form as respondents can ascertain that the form is from your organization; especially when you share the custom URL via email. This helps to build their trust in your brand.

Prefilled forms and Email Invitation

Prevent duplicate submissions in your sales lead form by restricting form respondents to a single entry. Invite form respondents to fill out your form via email, and once they've submitted your sales lead form, you can prevent them from having access to it again. 

Formplus allows you to cut down on your form submission time by pre-filing your sales lead template with URL parameters. Once a form respondent accesses your sales lead form via the custom prefill URL, the form fields are automatically filled out with information collected via the URL.

Mobile-Friendly Forms and Conditional Logic Forms

Formplus forms are mobile responsive and can be filled out on any electronic device including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The form builder is also mobile-responsive so that you can create your sales lead form on the move from the comfort of your mobile device. 

Conditional logic improves the accuracy of your form responses and reduces the time spent in filling out your sales lead form. It works by hiding or showing form fields based on the information filled in by form respondents so that form respondents only view fields that are relevant to them.

Seamless Workflows

Formplus helps you to easily share form data with your team members and seamlessly manage workflow and communication within your organization. With the Formplus workflow feature, you and your team can easily view, edit and process form responses interdependently.

Form customization

Tweak your sales lead form to reflect your organization's image with a range of form customization tools in the form builder. Formplus allows you to modify the outlook of your sales lead form to make it even more appealing and professional. 

You can add your company's logo to your sales lead form and you can also add background images or change the form's color and theme. Formplus also allows you to create unique styling options for your form and you can tweak the form layout too.

Google Sheets Integration

Formplus allows you to automatically update form responses in your Google spreadsheet without having to import or export form data. With Google sheets integration, you can easily sync form responses with your spreadsheet so that team members can view and process form responses as they come. 

Google sheets integration makes it easier for you to share form data with your team members and collaborate on form data. Now, your team can easily stay up to date on submissions in your sales lead form and you do not have to import or export any data.

Embed forms and Multiple Sharing

Formplus offers multiple form sharing options for you. You can share your form link on your organization's social media pages via the Formplus direct sharing social media buttons. 

You can also share your sales lead form via QR code. Every Formplus form has a unique QR code that can be printed, downloaded or displayed on your website and social media pages so that form respondents simply scan to fill. 

Formplus allows you to embed your sales lead form into your organization's website but adding the form shortcode into your site's HTML. You can simply configure your sales lead form to display as an iframe of pop-up on your website. 

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