The email reminder feature allows you to remind your respondents about their pending form submissions. This helps you get more responses before your set deadline. 

You can send email reminders to respondents who have only partially completed your form or remind those you have invited to fill your form via an email invite. 

Here’s how to send an email reminder to respondents when you have partial submissions;

1. Visit the partial submissions on the responses page of your form

2. Select the respondents you want to remind by clicking on the checkbox beside them

3. Click on send reminder

4. Choose to customize the sender’s address, email subject and/or content. Here, you can preview your email before sending

5. Click on send and your respondents will get a notification email with a link to your form.

Send follow-up email reminders to respondents who received your form link via email

Here’s how to do this;

1. Go to email on the share section on your navigation panel and scroll to your email invite history

2. Click on resend email invites

3. Uncheck any respondents you want to exclude and click on send

4. You’ll get a confirmation response that your email invitation has been sent

Kindly note that the email reminder feature is only available on the Professional, Platinum, and Enterprise Plan.

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