Content spinners and article rewriters have become quite popular and are quite a mystery for many, especially in the light of online plagiarism. While they aid seamless content creation, they are sometimes seen as unethical in light of google’s firm stance on plagiarism 

In this post, we will discuss content spinners and Article rewriters, their uses, pros, cons, the 12 best Content spinners, and how Formplus can help writers.

What are Content Spinners and Article Rewriters?

Article rewriting is the art of creating new content by replacing words or phrases of an original piece with words closest in meaning. Articles are spun to make the content seem like a new piece to avoid plagiarism detection.

This software application is used to automate this process. It ensures that various forms of original articles can be produced quickly and in a short time, which are then presented as original pieces. This usually involves finding an article and replacing the phrases, words, or sentence structure with synonyms to make it appear different in a bid to avoid being detected as plagiarized work by Google.

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Uses and Benefits of Article Rewriters

Despite the varying perceptions of article rewriters, there are tangible uses and benefits of article rewriters. Article rewriter software adopts advanced AI algorithms for creating plagiarism-free content.

Some of them include;

  • Speed

 One of the challenges of content creation is meeting deadlines. It can be pretty daunting. The time spent researching and rewriting with new words, especially when content for various topics across multiple niches is required, can make this process slow.

A major benefit provided by automated article rewriters is speed. The internet is rich with content and so using article rewriters to create fresh content from online articles would help speed things up. Various forms of content can be derived from one article in no time.

  • Error-Free Content

Typos and human errors are familiar with content writing, and often time, editing and proofreading are required.

However, with article rewriters, clean, error-free content is achieved effortlessly, and anyone can create grammatically accurate content, even when English is not the first language.

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  • Pocket Friendly

The demand for original plagiarism-free content has spiked, and like every other thing, content creation is determined by the laws of demand and supply. The higher the demand for content writers, the higher the price. Also, the cost of hiring good content writers can be steep, especially for start-ups or newbies to the content writing space. Article rewriters save the day by generating multiple unique contents at a minimal cost.

  • Plagiarism-free content

Creating unique articles can be demanding for even the niftiest of content creators. With the advanced AI algorithm adopted by article rewriters, there is one less thing to worry about when using article rewriters, which is plagiarism.

Article rewriters utilize automation and intelligence to decipher content and reproduce it plagiarism-free.

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It is widespread knowledge that plagiarism-free content is one of the keys to the favorable ranking of websites by Google. This kind of content can optimize your websites and articles and help provide the required visibility for your brand.

Disadvantages of Content Spinners and Article Rewriters

As the name implies, spinning an object would increase the speed and make it seem like an entirely different object. Still, it reverts to its original state after the momentum is lost and can be easily identified. The same goes for most free content spinners and article rewriters.

Here are some of the disadvantages of article rewriters.

It Affects User Readability: When surfing the internet, sometimes we stumble on articles with great headlines that pique the interest of the reader. However, on a closer look, you have difficulty reading the content.

Unlike content created manually, the author can tell which words combine well. However, some content spinners and article rewriters do not have this feature, decreasing the readability of the content created.

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Sometimes the words used do not match the content, especially for the free content spinners, because synonyms are used to replace words in the rewritten article and the result is mechanical. The natural flow that should be experienced while reading is lost.

Guideline Adaptability Issues: Another disadvantage of Content spinners is the inability to get them to conform to SEO /content guidelines as per individual clients’ requests. This implies that more time is required to review each piece of content and adapt them to each client’s policies and templates.

Low-Quality Articles: Content spinners and article rewriters usually churn low-quality articles. For instance, an article rewriter would change “efficient power output” to “hardworking power result”.

The inconsistencies would impact any brand perception negatively and could convert your site into the one-stop destination for poorly written content. While you end up with unique, plagiarism-free content, you might also create content nobody reads.

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However, when you opt to use a content spinner or article rewriter, it’s best to check the output by studying the essential functions of an article spinner. Here is a list of the best content spinners available on the internet.

Best Content Spinners

1. SpinRewriter

 Price: 47$-497$ 

Spin Rewriter is the world’s most sought-after article rewriter, and it is a powerful rewriting tool that can create 500 unique articles in 45 seconds. Unlike most other content rewriters, which cannot decipher that some English words could represent the same meaning. 

Spin Rewriter, with its unique use, emulated natural language for its ENL semantic spinning technology, which analyses an entire article to understand its meaning, concept, and application similar to the way a human mind would.

The result is more accurate, and numerous variants of unique content are compatible with Google’s principle to rank content quality.

With its robust ENL semantic technology, Spin Rewriter doesn’t just spin words; it can spin sentences and phrases.

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The new version of Spin Rewriter features expanded integration that allows users to incorporate stock photos, videos, and images and can offer the same experience on mobile and desktop versions. The onboarding process is seamless for new users, especially with the availability of 10 free tutorial videos for newbies. Spin Rewriter is suitable for anyone in the content space, irrespective of the niche.

You can check out  Spin Rewriter’s current offering of a free 5days trial, and subsequent 60% off on the yearly subscription sign-up fee, for new users on their website.

2. The Best Spinner


The Best  Spinner is a powerful article rewriter with unique offerings that would be sure to stimulate the interest of content creators and content marketers alike. Unlike other content spinners, it offers seed content across multiple niches that can be spun multiple times to produce a 90% unique article.

Furthermore, it offers audio conversion and can translate content into 14 different languages. In addition to this, “The Best Spinner” offers a media-rich range, which means that users have access to over 1000 free high-resolution images pre-sized for individual preferences.

The Best Spinner is suitable for content creators, blog writers, and anyone who wants to create content. It currently has over 92,000 users and is compatible with Mac, Pc, and Tablet devices.

Its features also include transforming written content into audio for podcasts and radio. The Best Spinner offers direct publishing to WordPress, and there is no free trial, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can review the full range of the functions of The Best Spinner here at

3. CleverSpinner

Price: 9.90$ /monthly

Clever spinner is an article rewriter that can churn out content with a human touch due to artificial intelligence technology. Its features include Copyscape and API integration and generating content in 10 seconds.

It also offers an editor function that provides a suitable interface, where words can be replaced automatically with the available suggestions without manually doing it. Clever spinner employs advanced machine learning models to provide high-quality content. It rephrases sentences and amplifies existing content by enriching text and presenting similar ideas differently. It is suitable for content writers and SEO professionals. 

4. QuillBot


Quillbot is an article rewriter software that merges various editing tools to produce content. Its features include a paraphraser, plagiarism checker,co-writer, summariser, and citation generator. The focus is on paraphrasing and providing a summary, and it is suitable for writers and students alike. It has an array of writing modes that the users can adapt, depending on their content’s use and target audience.

5. Spinner Chief

Price: 0$-718$

Spinner chief also falls into the category of best content spinners for 2022 due to its natural language and Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology enables it to analyze content to produce unique, easy-to-read content in minutes.

Some of its key features include niche spinning and batch spinning. 

It supports over 20 languages, allows direct publishing to blogs and websites, and offers a free version and 3 options for the paid version. It is currently the only spinner that has a team version option, which makes it ideal for small businesses and content creators; you can see all its features here at

6. Copymatic


Copymatic has been described as the ultimate writing software, unique Artificial Intelligence technology that converts and allows users to customize their requests. Unlike other spinners with a copy and paste option. Copymatic has a consultative approach to creating content, similar to what you would do if speaking to a human content writer. Users can explain to the AI what problems they are trying to solve, and it uses this detail to produce readable content. It supports long-form blogs, landing pages, Ad copies, product descriptions, and social media-friendly content. 

It is a one-stop shop for content marketers and bloggers. Copymatic makes automation seamless by facilitating upselling, follow-up emails, and required copies. It also offers a translation service for over 108 languages, and all the details can be seen here at copymatic-review.

7. SpinBot


SpinBot is an intelligent content spinner, suitable for students, writers, content marketers, and professionals.SpinBot can churn out unique, human-style articles that are SEO friendly with its unique text spinner and paraphrasing tool technology. SpinBot also offers direct integration of the software into your website. New users can check out their website here at

8. Word AI

Price: 27$-57$

Word AI is an article rewriter automation tool that employs Advanced Machine Learning Model technology to create unique content similar to one produced by a natural person. It is suitable for students and content marketers as it enriches texts, amplifies the meanings, and has plagiarism-free content in minutes. Full details of this article rewriter can be found here at

9. ChimpRewriter


ChimpRewriter is a unique article rewriter that adopts the AI and Natural language processes technology that can create advanced original articles in diverse languages at the speed of light. Its unique technology allows it to comb the web and search for content, videos automatically, and images converted into plagiarism-free content for users.

With its ability to integrate seamlessly with advanced SEO tools, it’s an SEO specialist’s dream come true. There is a 14 day trial for first-time users, and it can be accessed on their website here

10. ContentProfessor

Price: 19.95$ Monthly

Content Professor is a unique content spinner that rewrites articles and provides users access to over 100,000  original articles. It is easy to navigate and can produce SEO-friendly articles in minutes.

It is ideal for content writers, with its vast array of searchable content and direct rewriting technology.

11. SEO Tool Station

Price: Free

Seo Tool Station is the one-stop shop for SEO article rewriting. It offers a full bouquet of various SEO tools. The tools are  Article Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, Keyword Position Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Robots.txt & Sitemap Generator, Website Reviewer, Page Speed Checker, and a wide range of SEO tools.

It is suitable for advanced content creators and SEO professionals, as it offers content tools, tracking tools, website tools, backlink tools, and many other related tools. You can see all the options here

12. Article Rewriter Tool

Price: Free

Article Rewriter Tool is a free content spinner suitable for new writers and users who already have a massive database of articles and would love to have new variants of these content.,with minimal effort.

It is one of the excellent content spinner tools that offer great results for free at

How Can Formplus Help Writers?

Formplus is a unique software/service application that uses online forms to facilitate data collection. These forms are developed with the aid of intelligent and user-friendly form builders. 

It is ideal for content writers and can help them gather information about the targeted reader persona. With Formplus builder, users can customize the form to collect specific data they need. Data retrieved via the forms are stored on the cloud, thereby providing access on the go. 

It is widespread knowledge among content writers that to create quality content that would be sought after, pain points must be addressed, and answers to all questions users might have must be provided.

Formplus has a simple user interface with drag and drop functions, so no coding knowledge is needed to use this application.


  • Is Article Rewriting Legal?

Article rewriting is legal if it is done within the provided guidelines, such as not breaking any copyright laws.

  • How Do You Rewrite An Article Without Plagiarizing?

Firstly, read, understand, and rewrite using your own words. Secondly, give credits, and acknowledge sources.

  • Can Google Detect Spun Content?

Yes, Google can detect spun content simply because another software can detect anything created by software because they all use the same AI principle.


Rewriting produces original content by summarising an existing one in a way and manner that avoids plagiarism. Content spinning and Article rewriters are software that automates the process of rewriting in other to produce content faster. The result of this process usually varies, depending on individual content needs.

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