What Are Chrome Extensions? 

Google Chrome extensions are add-ons to your browser that allow you to complete multiple functions without leaving Google Chrome. Chrome extensions modify your browser's functionalities by adding new features to the program or modifying the existing behavior of the browser so that you can perform tasks easier or get more out of the websites you visit.

Many web applications create Chrome extensions for their software. Some examples you might be familiar with include: Grammarly, Word Tune, Nimbus, 1password, etc. Some of these extensions run continuously in the browser's background while others are used for specific one-off tasks.

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Why Accountants and Bankers Need Chrome Extensions 

Extensions can save your time as a banker or an accountant by helping you access relevant information without having to search for it. Some extensions even allow you to customize them with your own preferences or settings. 

These days, many people have multiple tabs open at once while they're working. For example, when they're banking or doing research on an accounting topic. 

Extensions make it easy for accountants and bankers alike to search for information that pertains specifically to their industry without having to type in multiple different keywords every single time they want new content related to one particular topic (like "accounting"). They can use them to automate mundane tasks, add features to existing ones, and improve the overall efficiency of their workflow.

For example, there are extensions like Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor that help prevent common spelling and grammar mistakes in documents and emails. There are also extensions like Todoist that help accountants manage tasks, deadlines, and projects in one place. 

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What Accountants Should Look Out for in Chrome Extensions

Accountants have a lot on their plates as it is. Between working with clients, managing bookkeeping, payroll, and staying up-to-date with regulatory changes, the last thing you want to do is add another responsibility. Although Chrome extensions can make browsing easier, they can also be dangerous. 

Here's what accountants should look out for in Chrome extensions before they install them.

  1. Authenticity and safety: Is there a website for the extension? If not, that may be a red flag. If a company is building an extension for the public to use, it should have a website with information about who built it, what it does, and how it works. If there isn't one, it’s better to skip it as there's no way for you to know if it's safe without knowing where it came from.
  2. Functionality: You want an extension that will perform the functions you need and nothing else. If you're looking for an invoicing tool, don't install an extension that also allows you to integrate your social media accounts with your browser or manage your emails in a side panel. You'll end up being overwhelmed by features and functionality that just aren't relevant to what you need it for. Ensure that you read as many reviews as you can find to familiarize yourself with the extension before installing it.
  3. Price: Some extensions are free, but some have a monthly fee or even a one-time cost. Be sure to read the fine print before installing anything that requires payment. Also, it can be easy to make the mistake of thinking that more money will mean more functionality and reliability. Of course, this isn't always true and sometimes even free extensions can have more function than ones that cost money
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Best Chrome Extensions for Accountants and Bankers

1. Google Finance

The Google Finance chrome extension provides real-time financial updates on the stock market, currency conversions, and cryptocurrencies. You can create real-life portfolios and stocks watchlists, track their performance over time, and get customized news updates based on your portfolios.

It also has features like the Google Finance Stock Screener which allows you to compare stocks using different metrics to make the best investment decision. In addition, you can use another feature–Google Finance Domestic Trends–to see how economic trends are reflected in search queries across a variety of key US industries. 

The Google Finance Chrome extension is free and easy to install. 

2. Honey

If you'd like to save money while shopping online, then the Honey chrome extension is worth installing. Honey is a free chrome extension that allows you to find and automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart at checkout in one click. You can find coupon codes for different items including pizza, furniture, clothing, and the like. 

It also compares sellers so you'd find the best price for items on your wishlist. In addition, you'd enjoy promo codes, price tracking, and price history tools which provide more chances for you to save. 

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3. Fyle 

Need to monitor how much your business spends every month? The Fyle chrome extension is exactly what you need. It helps you track and manage expenses right from your Gmail account. Fyle also automates the expense approval workflow, helping you to save time and minimize errors. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Fyle extracts expense data from receipts and automatically transfers the information to the expense form. 
  • Next, it compares the invoice to the information in the expense form, to make sure there are no disparities.
  • Fyle automatically checks the invoice to make sure it’s in line with active company policies before submitting it for approval. 
  • It immediately reconciles the receipt with corporate card transactions.

Pricing: $25 for 5 users 

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4. Keepa

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker that helps you monitor price fluctuations so you can catch the best deals. It has price history charts where you can view price drops on different items across all Amazon sites. 

Here are some other things you can do with this software: 

  • Set up price watch and availability alerts.
  • Get notifications on mouth-watering daily deals.  
  • Compare and track international Amazon prices.
  • Import your wishlists 

Pricing: Keepa has a free version with limited features while the paid version costs $17.50 per month. 

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5. Chrome Currency Converter

Chrome currency converter enables in-page currency conversions at standard exchange rates. This means you can automatically convert prices of items from one currency to the other using current rates, and without leaving the page. 

Chrome currency converter supports more than 160 currencies and easily detects ambiguous currencies in different formats. Other features include: 

  • Whitelist or blacklist domains
  • Standard rates pages
  • Quick converter pop-up
  • Easily toggle between converted and original prices 

Pricing: Free 

6.Finance Toolbar—Real-Time Stock Tracker

Finance Toolbar helps you stay up to date with the stock market. You can add all stock you want from NASDAQ, S&P Dow Jones, Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, etc, and view updates in the real-time stock tracker below your address bar. 

Finance Toolbar updates stock values automatically as changes happen in the stock market. If you want to know more details about any stock, you can click on the name. This will give you access to a new page with detailed information and a stock graph. Other features of the application include: 

  • Bitcoin currency value tracking
  • Real-time stock information
  • Add and remove updates from your favorite stocks

Other applications useful for bankers and accountants include: 

7. Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches.

Google Pay works with credit or debit cards from participating card issuing banks on any NFC-enabled Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or higher for in-store purchases. Cards can be added to the app by manually entering card information; from the user's Google account, after purchasing on Google Play or adding a card to Google Wallet; or by scanning the card's barcode. 

Outside of the US, Google Pay also supports PayPal accounts. In addition to tracking in-store payments, the app lets users send and receive money from friends and family through their contact list (similar to Venmo), even if they don't have the Google Pay app installed. 

Users can then choose to withdraw the money with a debit card or bank account, keep it in their Google Pay balance for future use, donate it to charity through Google.org, or "cash-out" with a gift card instead.

Pricing: Free

8. Credit Karma

Credit Karma Chrome extensions is a free service that provides free to its users. It lets you access your credit score and credit report whenever you want, even if you don’t have the credit karma app on your phone. You also get notifications when something changes on your credit card or on your report.

The extension can be added to your Chrome browser, and it shows up as an icon in the top right corner of your browser window. You can download the extension for free from Google’s Chrome Web Store, or by going to the Credit Karma website and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page that says “Free Credit Score”.

Pricing: Free

9. GoodBudget (Easy Envelope Budget Aid)

Accountants and Bankers can use Easy Envelope Budget Aid extension now GoodBudget for their budgeting. The extension helps you manage your budget as you shop online by automatically identifying the merchant of the site you're on and showing you how much money you have left in your budget category for that merchant. 

You can also add and remove merchants, and see how much money is left in each of your categories. It also gives you a visual representation of how many days you have left in your budget period so you know how much money you should be spending daily. 

Pricing: $8/month

10. Intuit’s Mint 

Intuit’s Mint extension is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you stay on top of your finances. It takes just seconds to install and is compatible with most of the major web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari 5 or newer.

Intuit’s Mint Chrome extension will show you the latest updates to your account. You can check on your budget and get alerts when you go over it. It also helps you see where you’re spending money and what activities are costing you the most. You can even set goals for yourself so that you’ll be aware of how much money you’re saving or spending each month.

Pricing: Free

How Formplus can Help Streamline Your Accounting

Accountants and bankers can use Formplus to improve their efficiency as Formplus lets you create all types of forms, including payment forms for clients. Formplus is also a great solution for accountants and bankers because it allows you to collect money electronically without the need for paper or added trips to the bank. 

Formplus also lets you create surveys that give you insight into your client base, so you can better serve them and learn how to improve your own services. Formplus is a form builder that comes with powerful tools to help you collect information and make data-driven decisions. These tools are beneficial to accountants and bankers who need to collect and manage large amounts of information.

As an accountant or banker, you can use Formplus to:

  1. Create a custom online loan application form
  2. Build a client onboarding form for your customers
  3. Collect customer feedback and testimonials on your banking services
  4. Collect payments for projects and services


There are many great Chrome extensions accountants and Bankers can use to make their work more efficient and save time. With the right research, you should find some great ones that perfectly match your work needs.

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